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									Marshall Douglas
      Master IBO
Momentum Is a Network’s Best Friend
• Where do you see Momentum in action?
   • Team Events and Team Calls
   • Get Close to the Heat
   • The Closer to the Heat, the Greater the Impact
• Momentum is the visual evidence that cements
• It’s the opportunity to harness the effort of the most
  successful and productive team members.
The Visual Evidence of Momentum
 Four Things That Turn an IBO Into a Builder:

1. Belief that significant opportunity can happen for me

2. Belief that there is a support system to plug into

3. Belief in the Solidarity and Uniqueness of the

4. Belief that the rewards are worthy of my efforts
Momentum Is A Wave - Ride The Wave!
                   A Wave Lifts and Carries Whatever It Touches…

The Momentum Value Proposition: The display of momentum gives my new
person more credibility, belief and motivation than I can offer.

   For more information on Spring Blitz and other local meetings visit:

Belief Drives Commitment: Momentum brings the Tangibility of Do-ability to
your new person.

       Your new person sees others no sharper than him moving on....
               that is something you cannot offer/substitute.
         Momentum Provides the
        Ultimate Value Proposition
• The more you harness it, the faster you grow.
• The less you use it, the harder you work.
• The display of momentum shows my new IBO more
  credibility and belief than I can offer.
• Why would you try to build a business alone or in a
      How To Leverage Momentum
            On Your Team
• Create “Rise Tide” Promotions.
• Use the Team Push to help someone hit their next
• The Nascar Concept: Get a push, then be ready to
  give a push!
• Counsel Up-team.
• Use “Sweeten the Pot” Promotions.
          Tap Into Momentum With
               the End In Mind
What are you looking to accomplish?
  • Help seven personally sponsored IBOs.
  • Rise to the rank of Silver or above!
  • Seven personally sponsored reach Silver or above.

       You are now eligible for every Rank of
        Compensation Qivana has to offer!
 "Hang out with mediocrity and you won't grow. Stretch
yourself. Hang out with performers and your expectations
 will increase. The only person capable of improving you
 is you. The only person capable of limiting you is you !"

                    Walter Reynolds

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