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					According to Genesis how did sin come into the world?                    2KU

According to the account given in Genesis 3 Adam and Eve were tempted by the

serpent (devil) and ate fruit from tree of knowledge. The one rule that God

gave them was not to eat the fruit from that tree (Genesis 2). As a result of

this disobedience Adam and Eve are banished from the Garden of Eden and

are alienated from God, each other and all of creation. This is how original sin,

entered the world bringing with it suffering, evil and death. This original sin

is passed on to all humanity who share in Adam and Eve’s alienation. All

humanity can therefore be described as having a fallen nature.

Describe what Christians understand by freewill 4KU

Free will is gift to humanity from God and Adam chose to misuse it as told in

Genesis 3. It allows humans to choose between good and evil. God give

humanity this ability to ensure that they would not live a robotic existence

being forced into a relationship with him. Rather, it enables humanity to

choose to love and follow God. Human beings are ‘free persons’ made in the

image and likeness of God. As a result of this free will humanity often choose

to turn away from God, misusing this gift and causing sin and suffering to enter

the world. Misuse leads to sin and suffering and will impact on a person’s

ultimate destiny – heaven or hell.

Explain two implications of belief in freewill for Christians.           6AE

One implication of freewill for Christians is Salvation. Free will allows the

Christians to turn towards God and enter into a loving relationship with him. In

doing so out of their own free will they will overcome the alienation caused by

the fall, develop a closer relationship with God and live their life in accordance

with his will. This will ultimately lead to life in its fullness with God.

Another implication of freewill for Christians would be the idea of original sin.

Christians understand that it is as a result of free will that sin has entered the

world. As a result of Adam and Eve’s abuse of free will all humanity are now

affected by original sin and this means that all human relationships with God are

broken and because of this Christian will recognise that they must attempt to

restore this relationship.

Another implication of freewill for Christians would be final judgement.

Christians will understand that they will be judged in accordance with their

actions. God will judge them on the free choices that they made in their lives

and knowing this a Christian will they will try to make good choices in order to

be judged as blessed and share eternal life with God in the heaven.

Another implication of freewill for Christians would be personal responsibility

Christians know their role in the creation of sin and suffering and as a result

take responsibility and in turn seek forgiveness and be more inclined to live

their life in accordance with God’s will. In being held accountable for their

actions they will strive to act well throughout their lives.

What do Christians understand by the term ‘resurrection’?                  6KU

Resurrection can refer to the resurrection of Jesus Christ three days after he

died or to the general resurrection of all humanity. Christians believe that

there is a life after death and that when they die they will experience a

spiritual resurrection and this will be followed by a physical resurrection at

the end of time. Their resurrected spirit and body once reunited will then

spend an eternity in heaven or hell.

Jesus is believed, by the majority of Christians, to have risen spiritually and

physically into heaven. Some Christians believe that he rose merely

spiritually and not physically and will explain the empty tomb and visions of

Christ in various ways – the body was stolen, mass hallucinations. Christ’s

resurrection is considered by most traditional Christians to be the beginning of

a general resurrection of all humanity.

Explain at least two ways in which resurrection is important to Christians.


Resurrection is important to Christian as it gives them hope of life after

death. Without the resurrection this life would be all there was and for many

the comfort that there will be a new life in Christ is necessary in order to give

meaning and purpose to their present life.

Resurrection is important to Christian because it provides confirmation of

Jesus divinity. This event proves that Jesus was no mere human but rather

he was fully divine and fully human. Such a fact helps people’s faith, confirms all

his early actions and teachings. It also offers hope for a new life in Christ.

Resurrection is important to Christian because it provides atonement. In rising

from the dead Jesus is the New Adam who has defeated evil and death and

has allowed humanity to be restored to God once more

What do Christians mean by sacraments? 4KU

When Christian’s talk about sacraments they mean something that is an outward

sign of an inward spiritual grace, like a mother hugging her child, an act that

shows her inward love for the child. Sacraments were given the Christian

Church by Christ while he was on earth. In most denominations there are only

two sacraments, baptism and communion. In the Roman Catholic traditions

there are seven [two above plus reconciliation, confirmation, marriage, holy

orders and sacrament of the sick.]. Sacraments are carried out by the priest

or minister. In a baptism ceremony the priest will baptise the baby with holy

water as a sign of cleansing them from original sin. In marriage or holy

orders the person takes vows before God.

In What ways do Christians put their faith into action? 4KU

A Christian may put their faith into action by going regularly bible study in

order to learn more about Jesus and his life. They may also go weekly or even

daily to mass or a religious service to praise and thank God for all they have.

Christians are also expected to talk to others about Jesus and help them to

come to understand the Christian faith. A Christian should also be ready to

stand up for their beliefs which sometimes may be hard. They should be

willing to work with those most in need in their society following Jesus’

example. Christians should also put their faith into action by standing up for

what they believes is right either by becoming involved in politics to change

their society or by using their talents to help people.

Give a description of the human condition in Christian teaching 6 KU

According to the account given in Genesis 1 God created humans in His own

image  and made them the stewards of his creation. He also gave them the

gist of freewill. Adam and Eve were the first humans to be made and to

receive this gift but they were tempted by the serpent (devil) and ate fruit

from tree of knowledge therefore misusing the gift. As a result of this

disobedience Adam and Eve are banished from the Garden of Eden and are

alienated from God, each other and all of creation. This is how original sin,

entered the world bringing with it suffering, evil and death. This original sin

is passed on to all humanity who share in Adam and Eve’s alienation. All

humanity can therefore be described as having a fallen nature, living in a

constant state of temptation.

What are the main benefits and difficulties of Christians becoming involved

in social action? 8 AE

Christians will experience many benefits by becoming involved in action against

social action. They will ultimately help those in need throughout the world. In

loving and acting for their neighbour they will relieve the suffering and pain of

many. In doing this they follow Christ’s command to love ones neighbour and in

sharing God’s love they will be able to help establish and share in the Kingdom

of God both here on earth and finally in heaven. Acting in such will make

others more inclined to and likely to hear the word of God and the Church will

inevitably grow in number and strength.

However, there are difficulties that go hand in hand with such action. It can be

difficult for a Christians, with family, work and other commitments to find the

time and energy to participate in such activities. They may find that devoting

all their time to such actions would hinder their spiritual development. They

may find the demands of a materialistic and secular world at odds with the

Christian demand to love selflessly and help others and as such struggle to make

the right choice, to help those in need. For some such activity will be difficult

as it means siding with one group of people over another, perhaps even alienating

them, and this may seem contradictory to Christ’s message to love all of

humanity. Others may argue that they do not have the right to interfere with

what happens in another country and as such they have no place taking action

for these people. It may be dangerous to get involved with some campaigns to

eliminate social injustice and Christians can find themselves in difficult and

dangerous situations. For example, Oscar Romero, was killed whilst saying

Mass as a result of his actions on behalf of the oppressed in El Salvador.

What does a Christian believe about the nature of God?                           4KU

Christians believe that God is a personal God. This does not mean that God is a

human being, but that God has "personality" and the capability of both

relationships with other personal beings. Christians believe that God created

the world and all that is in it [Genesis 1]. He created the world as an act of

love and when humans rejected His love [The Fall] God found a way for them

to heal their relationship with Him, through Jesus. Christians also believe that

God is omnipotent and omniscient therefore whatever you have done in your

life God will know about it. It is God who will sit in judgement of all humankind

because God alone is wholly good and pure but Christians also believe that God

is merciful and if a person is truly sorry for their sins God will forgive them.

Why is freewill an important concept for Christians?                         4 AE

Freewill is a gift from God which allows humans to choose to do

good or evil. Christians believe they should use their freewill to heal

the alienation between God and humans caused by the Fall.

Christians trust they will be judged fairly by God and will have

Eternal life in heaven if they try to make the right choices in life.

Christians believe that misusing freewill causes the pain and suffering

that is in the world.

What is the Christian concept of ‘stewardship’?                             6 KU

Christians believe that God made humans in His own image and that He gave

them the responsibility of stewardship over His creation. This means that

Christians have a special responsibility to look after the world and to look

after each other. They see the world as God’s creation and therefore it has

not to be abuses or misused but cared for as God has instructed them to do.

What impact does the belief in stewardship have on the lives of

Christians?                                                                 4 AE

Christians believe that it is the duty of humans to protect and look

after each other. Therefore they should be involved in organisations

that help and protect the most vulnerable members of society.

They should try to use their talents to help others rather for their

own gain . Christians believe that they should act as God’s agents

on earth which means protecting the earth from damage such as

environmental pollution so many Christians would support organisations

like Greenpeace.

Describe what Christians understand by the term “sin”.                           4KU

A Christian would describe sin as turning away from God  and using their

freewill to do the wrong thing. Sin first came into the world when Adam and

Eve disobeyed God. Every time a person chooses to disobey God’s commands

they continue the alienation that began in Genesis 3.

Explain the relationship between sin and other aspects of the human
condition. 4AE

Christians believe that when sin entered into the world through the Fall,

suffering and death came too. This means that humans instead of living in

harmony with God, they live a life filled with suffering, illness and death. 

Christians believe that sin leads to alienation from God  which means that

human’s lives are not only alienated from God but their relationship with each

other and the natural world is also damaged. Humans by themselves cannot

repair these relationships but they believe that through the death and

resurrection of Jesus their relationship with God is healed.

Describe the events surrounding the resurrection of Jesus.               4KU

Jesus died an agonising death on the cross after being tortured. His body

was taken down from the cross and taken to a nearby tomb for burial. After

the Sabbath was over some of the women followers came to the tomb to care

for His dead body. When they arrived at the burial site the tomb was empty

and the body was done. The women were very distressed but then someone

spoke to them and told them not to weep. The women realised that it was in

fact Jesus who was speaking to them and they went to tell the apostles the

news. The Risen Jesus then appeared to His followers several times for

example the Road to Emmaus and to the disciples when He invited Thomas to

place his finger into His wounds. His followers also witness His Ascension

into heaven.

“Belief in the resurrection alone is not enough to lead a Christian life”

Do you agree?                                                    8AE

A Christian life would be a meaningless life without belief in resurrection. The

resurrection of Jesus showed that the gap between humans and God had been

bridged by His death and resurrection. This means that living a life according

to Jesus’ teachings will lead to Eternal Life. The belief in resurrection has

been confirmed by Christian in their creeds as a basic belief. These creeds

were written by the early Christians but there is no mention of living a morally

good life. For other Christians belief in following the teachings of Jesus

would be more important because to believe in the resurrection but not live the

kind of life that Jesus taught would be incompatible. Jesus taught His closes

followers that they would have to go out into the world to bring people to God

and telling of His resurrection was only part of this. A Christian belief in the

resurrection should make the teachings of Jesus more important as it

confirmed His Divinity.

What do Christians understand by prayer?                         6KU

Christians understand prayer as a way of communicating with God. Jesus

taught his followers the Our Father and Christians follow this example of

prayer. Jesus also spend time alone in quiet prayer so they believe that by

spending time in mediating on the teachings of Jesus they have a closer

relationship with God.    Prayer is a major part of any Christian service. In

the Catholic mass they pray for forgiveness of their sins, ask for God’s help in

their lives, pray for the needy of their community and praise God.

“Action is more important than prayer.”                   6AE

Explain at least two ways in which Christians might respond to this


Without prayer a Christian does not have a full relationship with God. It is

through their prayer life that they begin to understand what action they should

take and it gives them the strength to carry out difficult tasks such as

working with the poor. Prayer is the key that inspires a Christian to take

action and without it they may not have the courage to see it through. Praying

together as a community not only brings Christians closer to God and each

other, but also comforts those need it most.

Other Christians feel that too much time spent in prayer uses up time that

could be spent changing lives. It is by action that they put Jesus teachings

into practice. Christians believe that by making a material difference in

people’s lives they help show the Church in a positive way. This in turn would

encourage people to become Christians and join the Church.

Many Christians feel that Jesus’ teaching mean that they should create a

balance in their lives with prayer leading to action .

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