Taurus Ascendant – Benefic & Malefic

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					Taurus Ascendant – Benefic & Malefic

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Benefic – Sun and Saturn

Malefic - Moon, Jupiter and Venus

Neutrals – Mars

Saturn alone is fully capable of independently conferring Raja Yoga effects on the native.

Jupiter, Venus, Moon, if placed in, or conjunct with lords of 2nd or 7th house cause Maraka evil.

Planets for Taurus Ascendant – Karaka and Maraka

Sun- A natural malefic lord of a angle Sun ceases to be malefic and gives good results, if strong, in
regard to comforts advancement amenities, residence, etc. If, however, when it is weak, it would give
mental unrest, disease opposition to the public, disfavor from government and bad relation with the

Moon- Even though being lord of an evil house its affliction would not be a desirable feature in
strength it would give good results.

Mars- As lord of the 12th and 7th houses Mars will give effects of the 7th house. Since it is a natural
malefic it would cease to be so. If strong and well aspected Mars will give nice results in regard to
business matters, wife and government affairs. If weak it will give opposite results in regard to these
affairs and would be particularly bad for health.

Mercury- Mercury will primarily give results in regard to the fifth house where its Mooltrikona sign
falls. If strong it would give success in examinations of all types, success in planning, authorship,
advancement and honour to progeny and the like. If weak Mercury would give the contrary results.
Here also it should be noted that if Mercury is influenced by Venus and Saturn benefic for this
Ascendant and is strong it would give still better results in the financial domain.

Jupiter- Being lord of 8th and 11th it would not be conducive to health affairs particularly when weak.
If Jupiter is strong it would however, be conducive to income and would boost the wealth and honour
of elder brother.
Venus- Venus is lord of the Ascendant and the sixth house. Being lord of Ascendant it should prima
facie give good results. But it is not the case. Since its Mooltrikona sign falls in the sixth house it has
to give the results of the sixth house. Hence it is somewhat bad.

The father of Indian astrology has for the above reasons classified it as bad for Taurus Ascendant
people, hence affliction of Venus would be bad for the health prospects of the native, but somewhat
good for his financial prospects.

Saturn- As lord of a angle and a trine Saturn in its major period and sub period will give nice results
in regard to finances, promotion favour from government, advancement of father etc., if strong, If
very weak it can give contrary results also.


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