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									Aries sign in the ascendant

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

If Aries is strong and in the ascendant, the native is a man of fierce anger; a greedy person with little
character who travels in foreign countries; a weak man who has little happiness and speaks in a
blundering fashion.

One whose body is afflicted by (illness connected with) bile and wind and by diseases of the eye; a
man clever in business whose righteousness (dharma) is corrupted by temptation; a jealous person
who causes destruction among others possessions; one who is cowardly, despondent, fickle, and

A man who is parted from his father and mother or from his brother; one who walks swiftly and is
gluttonous; a man with few children whose character is opposed by his brothers and friends; one who
possesses various moneys.

A famous person whose wealth is secure and immense; one with bad relatives; a man of good conduct
whose nails are ugly and whose enemies are conquered; one who gets a lame and rude wife who
comes from a bad family or who desires her own people.

A man whose wealth is increased by the commission of evil deeds, and whose happiness is enjoyed by
diminishing and wasting (that wealth); one who dies because of blood, fire, and sword, or from the
breaking of his body, or because of diseases arising from poison and bile.

Note- Thus, by means of the twelve portions (bhaga) when they are in the ascendant- (the Dvadash
amsa) which are like the twelve signs and are such things as of water, of wood, movable, or fixed – as
by means of the distinctions caused by the lords of the signs and the signs themselves, are to be
described (the natures) of men.

Whatever sign is joined with its lord or with a planet which has its exaltation in it, or is aspected (by
such a planet), or is strong on its own, that sign is said to have the greatest influence, having regard
for its place; the opposite of this (is said) by others.

The Pure Aries native

He is very much of a firebrand or battering-ram. He will forge his way through life with courage,
daring, energy and initiative and enterprise. He is the true pioneer. His one-pointed-ness of aim
makes him direct and unable to use subtlety. He is incisive and often satirical in speech, cutting in

He goes ahead by assertive aggressiveness, caring little for the feelings of others.

His attitude has been described as “Me first.”

In love, he is passionate, with strong sexual feelings.

Overstress or misuse of these traits will mean selfishness, crudeness, egotism, pugnacity, bad temper,
foolhardiness, churlish behaviour.

Inhibition of his natural traits will be caused if subjected to deadening routine and a sedentary life,
bringing violent reaction.

As a child, the Aries will be tough, rampageous, noisy, very full of beans, using a lie sometimes if it
puts him foremost. Though he must be disciplined, he should be allowed plenty of outdoor life and
games to work off his spirits. He cannot be over-tamed.

Physical Characteristics

If unmodified by other factors, various features may be evident. A longish stringy neck like a sheep. A
look of the symbol `Y’ in the formation of eyebrows and nose. Well marked eyebrows. Ruddy
complexion. Red hair. Active walk.,


The head may be injured. Cuts, burns, and scalds are frequent. Headaches occur. Their cause is often
from the kidneys.

Way of living

The Aries is at his best in any sphere where his natural urges can be reasonably expressed. He is
therefore better as boss, even if only in a small way; better where noise and dash are not objected to;
better where initiative is needed, better where cutting tools are used.
He would be well placed in any business which deals with metals or machinery, as an employee in
crowded noisy”. Works,” as a soldier (so long as activity and not routine predomionates), or as a
surgeon, butcher, or writer of satirical works.


These should be all that are active, competitive, and even hazardous. All those which need the use of
cutting tools, wood carving, grafting.


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