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  VOL 1 ISSUE 12 RAIGAD PRICE Rs. 2.00                                                               AUGUST 12 - AUGUST 18, 2012                                                                                         PAGES 8

      AT SHEMROCK                                Cidco planned kharghar node,
                                                  but neglected the post office
                                                                                                                                                                                                         PHOTOS: VINCENT SEBASTIAN


 KHARGHAR: Shemrock the first
 playschool in India since 1989 with its
 learning ladder first in its kind in
 Shemrock, basically first step towards the
 Childs educational journey with learning
 unique things in a broad concept and in a
 fun filled and learning made easy for the
 tiny tots.
     Innovative school aiming at a positive
 change in the Childs growth for a better and
 brighter future. With the uncountable
 activities organized for the kids at
 Shemrock, they seem to enjoy every bit of
 their play school with learning made fun. A
 parent from shemrock also added by say-
 ing, she has witnessed a lot of changes in
 her daughter after joining shemrock right
 from saying prayers before food eating         VINCENT SEBASTIAN                                                                          them & the facility they have a single toilet that is brocken where you can also drink
 manners to being active in all that she did                                                               the water and it is in a bad condition . They are so thankfull and greatfull to Cidco
 was really a great change she found in her                                                                                                office which is in the same premises that they get the drinking water from there &
 daughter.                                      KHARGHAR:Navi Mumbai the city of the 21st century has kharghar as the best                 sometimes they often use their toilets.
     The principal concluded adding social-     node and is a fastest growing place. Kharghar, the poly centric pattern of planning            Kharghar is growing now day by day it has reach upto sec-35 Taloja till Taloja
 ization is the greatest benefit of a good      and development adopted by the city and industrial development corporation of              Jail only 13 Postmen are serving the full kharghar they is a requirement for more
 preschool experience, it allows a child to     Maharashtra ltd. ( CIDCO) for Navi Mumbai has not ensured the proper balance               postmen and also the office staff.
 interact with his/her peers and also pro-      to the kharghar post office which is today facing so many problems and is in the               They are ashamed and we were shocked to know they don't have a locker to
 vides emotional intellectual development of    very bad condition.                                                                        keep the cash which is peoples hard earned money and at the lapse of security it
 a child. The transition to formal schooling         Kharghar post office a place where all kharghar people have to go once in a life-     becomes a great problem for them. Kharghar Post office has no proper sitting
 is made easy.                                  time but after all the pains and problems the Kharghar Post office staff still gives       arrangement for the people who come outside and having a small veranda it
                                                you a pleasant smile on your face ,there are so many problems they are facing cur-         becomes a great problem, and the windows are broken and sometimes due to rats
  Shemrock 9146513813                           rently inside as they work from 9.30 to 5.30 pm they don't have a proper chair to          the cable wires are eaten up by the rats and the computer don't work because of
                                                sit for them and their surrounding place inside is very less all post thing like parcels   that the staff has to listen but after all this the postmen and the office staff give all
   >> INSIDE >>>>                               and letters are all overthe post office.                                                   the Khargharites a good smile and welcome them.
                                                     They dont have a proper place to sit down and have thier lunch and when they              The new Supritendent Mr. Warund who has recently joined the Panvel post
  PAGE 3: Apeejay school cele-                  come back from distribution of letters to the office no place to rest & also there is      office will do something for the kaharghar post office.
                                                no proper & separate line for drinking water .                                                 We request Cidco people and the new postofficer to give kharghar a new bigger
  brate Janmashtami in a symbolic
                                                      The most important thing washroom there is also ladies staff working with            place with all the facilities.
  PAGE 4: ENJOY HOME TASTY FOOD                                                                                              Yadavs from Tamil Samajam also celebrate

                                                                                                                                           Kanha Janmashtami in Kharghar
                                                                                                                            VINCENT SEBASTIAN                                    in Mardas as there were shloks and puja was
                                                                                                                                           recited in tamil .
                                                                                                                                                                                    President Parmashivan Yadav, Joint pres-
                                                                                                                            KHARGHAR:Gokul ashtami programme                     ident , Chairman Yadav, Sec- Mariappan
                                                                                                                            is a real fun. Many people from Yadav Parivar        yadav, Phoolyadav, Treasurer Murugan Yadav
                                                                                                                            from Tamil Samajam wait because this hap-            Joint Treasurer Solai Yadav and the entire
                                                                                                                            pens once a year .                                   Yadav parivar prayed for the peace and happi-
                                                                                                                            All families of Yadav Parivar were seen in           ness of the world and there should be more
  PAGE 5: Easy day market opens                                                                                             kendriya vihar sec-11 where there were cele-         and more business. Also many outsiders were
  now at Kharghar.                                                                                                          brating the Kanha Janam mohotsav. It was a           invited for this function. It will commence by
                                                                                                                            pleasant evening where you can feel as you are       August 10th morning after the dahi handi.
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  2     AUGUST 12- AUGUST 18, 2012                                                                                                                              

  Orange day celebrated with fun
   and frolic at Sanjivani school
 In order to make the Colour concept every month, colour day has been celebrated by Tiny
 Toddlers of the Sanjivani international school kharghar
 SONJA DSILVA                                                                                                                       showed the combination of                                                                                                       red and yellow becomes
                                                                                                                                    ORANGE". She along with
 KHARGHAR: In order to make the                                                                                                     the students made a beauti-        Friendship day celebrated in a very
 Colour concept every month colour                                                                                                  ful-floral Decoration and          colourful manner with the tiny tots
 day had been celebrated by Tiny                                                                                                    Rangoli with the petals.           of Sanjivani International School.
 Toddlers. All the students had come                                                                                                    Vrinda        Malse the
 dressed in the orange outfit. As
 Orange is known for vibrant children
                                                                                                                                    Principal inculcated the pos-
                                                                                                                                    itive aspects of this colour -
                                                                                                                                                                       A FRIEND IN
 were looking energetic. Children
 appeared as energetic, warm, and as
                                                                                                                                    Joyous         ,Self-confident
                                                                                                                                    ,Enthusiastic Independent ,
                                                                                                                                                                       NEED IS A
 bright as the sun. Children carried
 different flowers of Orange colour
                                                                                                                                    Sociable         Constructive
                                                                                                                                    ,Creative . But orange is such
                                                                                                                                                                       FRIEND IN DEED
 like Sunflower,Rose,Tulip Marigold                                                                                                 a good colour for us in many
 etc.They also brought various objects                                                                                              ways. It stimulates and ener-      SONJA DSILVA
 related to orange colour and teachers                                                                                              gizes us, and is warming. It is
 made the cutout's of various objects                                                                                               an excellent colour for cre-
 like-Pumpkin,orange,Carrot,Ice-                                                                                                    ativity.                           KHARGHAR: Friendship day was
 Cream Cany etc.Floweres and                                                                                                            "Orange is the colour cho-     celebrated with great fun and colour
 vegetables of Orange colour were dis-                                                                                              sen to represent Harmony           at Sanjivani International School ,
 played. Because orange is also a                                                                                                   Day. The continuing mes-           Kharghar. The sanjivanites made
 citrus color, it can conjure up                                                                                                    sage of Harmony Day is             their day a special day with the cele-
 thoughts of vitamin C and good                                                                                                     'Everyone Belongs'. It's           bration with friendship bands.
 health.                                                                                                                            about community participa-         Friends are Forever, and to celebrate
     Radhika Vikas a Class Teacher-                                                                                                 tion,           inclusiveness,     their first friends' in life, the small
 Play Home(RUBY) explained as                                                                                                       celebrating diversity, respect     kidos exchanged Friendship bands
 "Orange can be found in nature in                                                                                                  and a sense of belonging for       and expressed love for their friends
 the changing leaves of fall, the setting The children of Sanjivani International school celebrating the orange day at their school everyone"             Sundari      and gave a big hug to their dear ones.
 sun, and the skin and meat of citrus premises with their teachers ! This initiative is taken up to make to make a colour           Subramanian the coordina-          It was a time to reach to all their
 fruit. They also demonstrated and concept every month.                                                                             tor added.                         friends who add lots of similes and
                                                                                                                                                                       colours to their days.

     Janmashtami at Euro Kids
                                                                                                                                                                       The importance of friendship day in
                                                                                                                                                                       the life of a child is very much as type
                                                                                                                                                                       children tend to learn a lot from a
                                                                                                                                                                       tender age, they get to mix around
                                                                                                                                                                       and are very particular and keep an
 MAITHILI VAZE                                                                                                              ancient Puranas and our traditions.        eye on the happenings around them.                                                                                               The enthusiastic teachers had deco-        The mere friend's circle that they
                                                                                                                            rated the matka which was tied on the      meet in their childhood plays a huge
 KHARGHAR:Janmashtami the                                                                                                   ceiling. The children were made to         toll till they leave school and become
 birth of Lord Krishna is celebrated                                                                                        touch the handi which made them            independent. Hence the value of
 with a great zeal and enthusiasm not                                                                                       aware of the festival.                     friendship day is a need to be
 only on roads but also in preschools.                                                                                          This event brought awareness           explained to these small children and
 Euro kids Kharghar celebrated this                                                                                         among the children about traditional       the importance of friends.
 festival in a unique way on August 9,                                                                                      customs while enjoying the pranks of       Students were excited to wish their
 2012. Hundreds of Kanhas and                                                                                               Lord Krishna. The children took inter-     best friends in their own special way.
 gopikas came down to celebrate this                                                                                        est and as a part of their activity they   Children made Friendship Day Cards
 festival.                                                                                                                  made crowns and decorated the pots.        to thank their friends for their won-
     All the tiny tots were dressed in                                                                                      The teachers also took great efforts to    derful presence in their life. They
 colorful attire. They won the heart of                                                                                     make the little ones know more about       exchanged the Friendship Bands
 the audience by enacting various roles                                                                                     Janmashtami by enacting plays,             with one another.
 of Sri Krishna from childhood as                                                                                           singing Krishna songs, telling stories     The principal Vrinda Malse added,'
 Nathkhat Bansi, Makhan Chor and                                                                                            to them and much more.                     Plant a seed of friendship; reap a
 speaking chaste Hindi dialogues.                                                                                               Their children depicted from their     bouquet of happiness. Help your
 Dressed in the attire of Krishna and     The children were really looking cute and were very excited on this               attire the real 'Kanhas' surrounded by     friends when they are in need. Be a
 gopikas, they spread the message of      auspicious occasion.                                                              the 'gopikas.                              True friend”.
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                        Apeejay school celebrate
                     Janmashtami in a symbolic way
 The small a tiny tots of Apeejay school Nerul celebrate Janmashtami in a very festive and symbolic manner

 SONJA DSILVA                            'Janmashtami'. The students of                Krishna with the flute. The traditional            Classes I to V also performed a short         'Handiphod' was celebrated with chil-
                                         dance drama, which depicted some              dren making a human pyramid to
 NERUL: The day that marks the scenes with dialogues held between                      break the handi, containing sweets
 birth of Lord Krishna, fondly called as little Krishna and his mother                 and goodies. All the boys were dressed
 Janmashtami, has a special place is Yashoda. The students of Classes IV               as Gopalas and girls as Gopis, and
 everybody's heart and was celebrated and V then performed the popular tra-            there was euphoria in the air.
 with a lot of joy and happiness on dition of 'Dahi Handi' wherein they                          At the end of the celebra-
 August 9th, 2012. A special assembly formed a human pyramid to reach the              tions, the Principal, Shri Rakesh
 was organized for the primary classes pot of curd that was hung in midair at          Joshi, wished everyone on the occa-
 on this festive occasion.               a considerable height. Finally, amidst        sion and expressed that festivals teach
            The students of the primary a vibrant folk dance, little Krishna           us to spread goodwill and cheer
 section of the school participated with climbed up the pyramid and reached            among all. He said that the main sig-
 great enthusiasm in this programme. the pot, shattering it to have the curd,          nificance of Janmashtami is to
 The programme began with a devo- much to the delight of the audience.                 encourage goodwill and to discourage      In the Pre-Primary Section, a skit depicting Krishna's birth followed by
 tional song dedicated to Lord Krishna              In the Pre-Primary Section,        badwill. Krishna Jayanti also celebrat-   girls dressed as Gopis dancing around the little naughty Krishna with the
 by Kaushal S. of Class V.Anupama a skit depicting Krishna's birth fol-                ed togetherness. The holy occasion        flute. The students of Classes IV and V then performed the popular
 Warrier of Class V delivered an inter- lowed by girls dressed as Gopis                brings people together.                   tradition of 'Dahi Handi'
 esting speech on the significance of dancing around the little naughty

   Bharati Vidyapeeth College of                                                       JANMASHTAMI AT KHARGHAR SCHOOL

  engineering welcomes freshers
 Orientation program was conducted for the
                                                                                             Janmashtami for the kids
 fresher's that marked the beginning of new                                            SONJA DSILVA
 era of Engineering                                                          

 MAITHILI VAZE                                                                         KHARGHAR:The auspicious festi-                                                          val of Janmashtami marks the birth of
                                                                                       Lord Krishna. It was celebrated with
 KHARGHAR:. The beginning of                                                           great enthuasism and galore in the
 another new era in Bharati Vidyapeeth                                                 School Assembly at Sanjivani
 College of Engineering started with ori-                                              International School . The students
 entation program for first year students                                              were all colorful and dressed as Radha
 as well as their parents which was                                                    and Krishna. Janmashtami is the fes-      Janamashtami marks the birth of Lord Krishna. It was celebrated with
 marked on August 6th. The chief guest                                                 tival that marks the birth of Krishna .   great enthuasism and galore at Sanjivani International School .
 for the function was Nilesh Sawant, the    pus. Dr. M Z Shaikh, instilled faith in    The children got to see the glimpse of
 head of technical training in SIEMENS      students about their bright future and     the childhood of Krishna during a         Krishna, Deviki, Vasudev, Karaavas,      dressed as Krishna, Radha and
 Industry. Amidst his presence, he          informed them of the credit and grad-      special assembly to commemorate the       Incarnation of Krishna, Iskcon tem-      Gopikas. Their efforts were appreciat-
 warmly briefed the students about the      ing system introduced by the University    occasion.                                 ple, Krishna updesha to Arjuna and       ed by Principal Madam. Most of the
 requirements in the industry and the       of Mumbai. There was a thorough pres-          Little kindergardeners performed      Sheesh Naag .                            children wore beautiful crowns which
 importance of interdisciplinary skills.    entation done by Dr. Bhawna Ruchi          different songs and dance. It was a            "We respect all religions and to    were      decorated with mirrors,
     The occasion was graced by the         Singh, assistant professor, and commu-     mesmerizing moment when the stu-          prove this a celebration was arranged    sparkles and peacock feathers. When
 presence of Dr. V J Kadam, Director        nication skills, which informed the        dents formed a pyramid for the Matki      for the students on account of           the "Matki Fodd" event took place
 Navi Mumbai Campus, Bharati                gathering all about the institution. The   Fodd event.This musical representa-       Janamashtami.The Dahi Handi cele-        children along with the teachers
 Vidyapeeth, Prof. B Reshamlal, Jt.         gathering was addressed by all the         tion also included dance recitals by      bration of God's playful and             chanted "Govinda Ala Re Govinda
 Director and principal, BVIT and Dr. M     heads of the departments who warmly        the children along with their teachers    mischievous side, was enacted by         Aala Re "They had a good time-
 Z Shaikh, Principal of BVCOE. On one       welcomed the students to Bharati fam-      accompanied by bhajans.                   forming a pyramids to reach a high-      Sundari Subramanian-Co-ordinator.
 hand Dr. Kadam talked of glorious          ily.                                            The premise was decorated with       hanging        pot      of      butter       "Janmashtami serves as yet anoth-
 achievements       of    the     Bharati        The students and parents shared       buntings, flowers, swings etc.            /Banana/Chocolates which was bro-        er reminder to seek the Lord or one's
 Vidyapeeth and efforts put in the field    their enthusiasm with a record atten-      Students from Pre-School participat-      ken with a coconut by the Youngest       true self, the ultimate truth , which
 of education; on the other hand Prof.      dance. They were welcomed and              ed with great enthusiasm. Teachers        LORD Krishna" Vrinda Malse-              alone can bestow true bliss' added
 Reshamlal assured the students of their    informed about the practices, rules and    narrated the important incidents          Principal.                               Usha Nair-Class Teacher-KGL-SAP-
 safety and growth on and off the cam-      regulations of the college.                from the Lord's life. The birth of Lord      "The children were brightly           PHIRE.
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 4                                               AUGUST 12 - AUGUST 18, 2012                                                                                     

         Tasty food at Bawarchi
 Enjoy the home food at the Bawarchi Multi Cuisine at Nilgiri complex on Uran Pada Highway
 VINCENT SEBASTIAN                                                                                                                                                      PHOTOS: VINCENT SEBASTIAN

 SEAWOOD: The mouth watering
 delicacies at Bawarchi           Multi
 Cuisine kitchen at Nilgiri Complex .
 A famous joint for delicious and
 subsidize rate food. Martin D'Souza
 and Jennifer D'Souza are the proud
 owners of Bawarchi.
    Bawarchi also take orders for
 events and birthdays and in contact
 of office of special orders specialized
 lunch thalis are used. This famous
 food joint is open from 7am to 1pm.
    Right from the home made thali
 to Chinese to biryani be it non vege-
 tarian or vegetarian, all types of
 food items are available here.
 Martin the owner a food lover him-
 self who keep a thorough check and
 sees that the quality and quantity is
 good and also the cleanliness.
    Shubham Goyal a student of
 SIES College a regular customer
 and foodie at the bawarchi says, the
 food is of good quality and the
 quantity is very sufficient. The vege-
 tarian      Thali     has     basically
 homemade food which tastes so
      This is not just it very soon a
 variety of fish items are going to
 begin at Bawarchi. Independence
                                                                                                     BAWARCHI MULTI CUISINE KITCHEN
 day special food items will be avail-                                                               CONTACT - Martin Dsouza 022-32199143/
 able at good quantity and quality.

      Discount on the Eve of Independence                                                                                          Independence day
                                 Day at Four Points                                                                             celebrated with regional
 A ravishing Mouth watering Independence Brunch at the Four
 Point Sheraton, Vashi.           PHOTOS: VINCENT SEBASTIAN

                                                                                         four points Sheraton is giving
                                                                                                                                 indian cuisine at Park
                                                                                         special discounts up to 50%
                                                                                         on the food to the army men
                                                                                         with valuable I-cards.
                                                                                         Independence Day brunch
                                                                                         will be available for just Rs
                                                                                             You will be welcomed in a
                                                                                         very special way by serving
                                                                                         drinks to all the customers
                                                                                         free of cost. The regular cus-
                                                                                         tomers can avail 15%
                                                                                         discount on food and soft
                                                                                         beverages. On this auspi-
                                                                                         cious occasion everything
                                                                                         will be available in tri color
                                                                                         that will resemble our
                                                                                         National flag.
                                                                                             One can find relishing       VINCENT SEBASTIAN                                Independence Day remains as the
                                                                                         and mouthwatering live                  sole national festival in spite of regional
                                                                                         counters that include, noo-                                                   differences .On sixty fifth birth day,
                                                                                         dles, pasta for kids and much    CBD BELAPUR:Independence Day                 Park will be offering lavish regional
                                                                                         more. Turing to the main         is an occasion to rejoice on our freedom     Indian cuisine on thelunch and dinner
                                                                                         course they have tasty soups,    and to pay collective homage to all          buffet at west 1 in addition to that
 VINCENT SEBASTIAN                                      great variety of starters- 2 veg and 2 non veg. Salads will be    those people who sacrificed their lives      Bamboo will have exotic set menus.To                           served in tri colour that may seem to be eye catchy.              to the cause. But it is more than that, it   make it a grand celebration they are
                                                           The soups should not be left alone. So enjoy them with         also marks the coming together of the        also offering 20% discount on food and
 CBD BELAPUR:.On the occasion of Independence Day       bread rolls and sticks that can tempt you to eat more.            whole nation as one country with diver-      beverage at West 1 & Bamboo.
                                                                                                                          sified cultures and traditions.
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           Easy day Market                                                                                                      JANMASHTAMI
                                                                                                                                 in full swing at
          Opens in Kharghar                                                                                                         Kharghar        PHOTOS: VINCENT SEBASTIAN
 New Easy day store opened at kharghar provides you with each
 and everything at a reasonable rate

 VINCENT SEBASTIAN                                                Staples, Packed Food and Beverages, Home and Personal                                     Care, Bakery, Meat and Fish, Kitchen utensils and much
 KHARGHAR: Bharti Retail, a wholly owned subsidiary
 of Bharti Enterprises, launched its third easy day market        The Kharghar store offers an array of services for the ben-
 store in Mumbai at Glomax Mall, Kharghar, near                   efit of shoppers. Shoppers can buy gift cards in various
 Kharghar railway station, Navi Mumbai. It is spread              denominations starting from Rs. 500 up to Rs. 10000.
 across 36,000 sq. feet of well laid out shopping area, easy-     Other services that customers can avail of include Kotak
 day Market offers customers over 30,000 quality products         Credit cards where one can shop and earn points,
 at everyday low prices delivered through an enhanced and         Moneygram for money transferring, Bajaj Finserv for
 pleasant shopping experience. The store will remain open         financing electronic products and Sodexo meal vouchers.
 every day from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm. Car Parking for the
 customers will be free.                                           The store is located at Glomax mall,
    Easyday Market stores are one stop shops that cater to
 every family's day-to-day needs. They offer an extensive
                                                                   Sion-Panvel highway, Sector 2,
 range of good and high quality products, together with an         Near Siemens, Kharghar, Navi
 impressive shopping experience and customer-friendly
 service - all under one roof. Product categories at the easy-     Mumbai, 410210, Tel: 022 39308923
 day Market Kharghar include Fruits and Vegetables,

                   Gopikas and Kanhas of Shemrock                                                                                                        PHOTOS: RUTUJA KADAM

 The children of Shemrock attired themselves as Radha and Krishna on the occasion of Janmashtami
 MAITHILI VAZE                                                                                 ular myth, Lord Krishna                                                                  was born to King
                                                                                               Vasudeva and Devi
 KHARGHAR: Krishna and Radha was felt at the                                                   Devaki       in    Rohini
 Janmashtami celebration in Shemrock School on August                                          Nakshatram on the
 8th. Students attired themselves like Radha and Krishna,                                      eighth day of the fort-
 with a beautiful smile on their faces entered the school                                      night in the month of
 premises decorated with flowers, buntings, swings and                                         Shravana. The celebra-
 pictures of "Makhan Chor" which looked like Vrindavan                                         tions of Janmashtami
 where little angles danced on some Bollywood numbers.                                         take place at midnight,
 The children were made to know the significance and                                           as Lord Krishna made
 importance of this occasion by sharing thoughts of Lord                                       his divine appearance in
 Krishna and narrating the stories to the children that cre-                                   that hour. Lord Shri
 ated a live scenario in the eyes of the children.                                             Krishna is the eight rein-
 Girls resembled like "Gopikas", were first to dance with                                      carnation       of   Lord
 Krishna. Students were given information about the                                            Vishnu, who is one of the
 Krishna's life and his thoughts, which gave concept of Holy                                   three major Hindu Gods.
 book Gita. Special "Matkie" was prepared which was later                                      The life of Lord Krishna
 broken by "Kanha" and his friends, together to get butter is associated with lots of tales of his love, his compassion-
 from it. Whole scene looked like as if Shemrock was ate friendship and his mischievous & the most adorable
 dipped in the colors of rainbows, where kids celebrated childhood was made aware to the children.
 lord Krishna's birthday with their own special way.         Janmashtami was celebrated at Shemrock, with great joy
 Janmashtami, one of the most popular Hindu festivals, and fervor.
 celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna. According to the pop-
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  6     AUGUST 12 -AUGUST 18, 2012                                                                                                                                         

     Employment for 1500 youth
 Wishes of the youth in Airoli node fulfilled as they have got employment opportunity
                                                                                                                                                                                  Fill in the blanks so that each row,
                                                                                                                                                                                  each column, and each of the nine
                                                                                                                                                                                  3x3 grids contain one instance of
                                                                                                                                                                                  each of the numbers 1 through 9
 and now the youths need not worry about their jobs as the jobs hereafter will be
 easily available by the help of the empowerment programs arranged by Ganesh Naik
 MAITHILI VAZE                                    Amit Bhagat, Ganesh Wagmare,               Nilesh Bansode, Anita Bhilare,
                                            Shrikant Awati, was given an appoint-              Ganesh Naik says, "We are try-
 AIROLI: Empowerment program                ment letter by Ganesh Naik.                        ing to improvise the strategies
 was held at Airoli in the Hegade                This program was conducted ear-              for the unemployed. We are try-
 Bhawan by Ganesh Naik and MLA
 Sandeep Naik on August 7, 2012. The
                                            lier in Vashi. Getting a good response
                                            there by employing 2000 youths,                      ing our level best that there
 function was inaugurated by Naik.          hence it was planned in Airoli as well.             should be no one left unem-
 This program was basically conducted
 to employ the youth and they got a
                                            To grab this prestigious opportunity,
                                            all the unemployed from all over
 good response. The vice principal          Mumbai as well showed their pres-
 Jayant Tambde, Shefhali Dani,              ence. This pandal was gathered by a                                                                                                                 ANSWER
 Yogesh Gorte of Sikkim Manipal uni-        huge mob. There was a huge line end-
 versity, Corporate trainer Sunil Raikar    ing at Sector 17, Icchapurti Ganesh
 along with Sachin Adsul, Maitrey           Mandir.
 Riswood were felicitated by hands of             We all know how difficult it is to
 Ganesh Naik.                               get a job immediately after complet-
      Out of 1500 people, majority got      ing the education. So this opportunity           MLA Sandeep Naik says, "After
 'on the spot' jobs and getting the         is given to the youths after their STD          the students complete their stud-
 salary starting from Rs 4500 to Rs
 25000 respectively.
                                            12th only. They also get the opportu-
                                            nity to work as a trainee and then one           ies, it is difficult for them to get
     The program was geared at 10am         can join there to get some experience.            jobs. So we are making a point
 followed by registration, interview              This occasion was a turning step          and seeing that the students that
 and selection procedure, which had         for the unemployed. These also gave a
                                                                                            are hungry for jobs get an oppor-
 continued till 4 o'clock in the evening.
 Various companies had participated
                                            great kick to them for starting of their
                                            jobs and hope these programs are                   tunity to give a kick and start
 in this function. Companies namely         held always and we will see all the              working so that they get experi-
 IT, Management, HR, Engineering,           youths employed and hope they do                  ence by the time they are fully                                                      IMPORTANT NUMBERS
 Pharmacy and Hotel Management
 and more 41 were present on this
                                            well in future.
                                               The people in this program the peo-                         qualified."
 occasion. Majority of these companies      ple were also guided as to which field                                                                                                EMERGENCY NUMBERS
 are from Navi Mumbai itself so the         they would like to work for. Even dis-                                                                                                POLICE                              100
 unemployed staying in this node may        abled need to work and have a good                                                                                                    FIRE BRIGADE                        101
                                                                                                                                                                                  ACCIDENT ambulance                  102
 get the happiness of working in their      future. Sulochana Chaska                                                                                                              Ambulance for heart attack          105
 home town itself.                                                                                                                                                                Lakshadweep Medical            27664696
                                                                                                                                                                                  Nayak Laboratory               27600500

   "BEAWARE" Another school
                                                                                                                                                                                  Shushrusha Heart               27722506
                                                                                                                                                                                  DY Patil Nerul                 39215999
                                                                                                                                                                                  Sterling Hospital, Vashi       27826969

    about such
                                                                                                                                                                                  MGM Hospital, Vashi            61526666

                 bus accident at
                                                                                                                                                                                  Apollo Clinic, Vashi           27881322
                                                                                                                                                                                  Vashi Civic Hospital           27899901
                                                                                                                                                                                  Koparkhairne Muncipal          27543577

  mishaps around
                                                                                                                                                                                  Nerul Civic Hospital          277003760
                                                                                                                                                                                  PKC Hospital             27652476/77/78

                   Kharghar                                                                                                                                                       POWER SUPPLY

                                                                                                                                                                                  MSEDC Call Center       18002333435
                                                                                                                                                                                  Airoli MSEDC ofiice        27691584
                                                                                                                                                                                  BELAPUR                    27571438
                                                                                                                                                                                  KoparKhairne               27545566
                                          School bus ran over a student killing him                                                                                               Nerul

 Robbery took place near Indian bank sec on the spot, the student was from Ryan

 11, CBD Belapur three days ago. The vic- International school Kharghar
                                                                                                                                                                                  Airoli                      27692296
                                                                                                                                                                                  CBD-Belapur                 27571010
                                                                                                                                                                                  Mumbai                      23076111
 tim lost 1 lakh 50 thousand at the spur                                                                                                                                          Panvel
                                                                                                                                                                                  MGM, Vashi
                                          SONJA DSILVA                 we learnt that the bus stop was just
 of the moment                   opposite to the society and hence the                                                                      Lakshadeep, vashi
                                                                                                                                                                                  Ambulance Service
                                                                                                                                      students who got down from the bus
 MAITHILI VAZE                              noticed this and immediately rushed to        KHARGHAR:The incident took                  would usually cross the road together
                                                                                                                                                                                  SUPERMARKETS               the police station where he launched          place when Dhruvin Dhaggal, a Class II      and go home using the lift. In this case,   Apna Bazar                  27892990
                                                                                                                                                                                  D Mart, K’hairane           27548080
                                            the complaint. When the police consta-        student, was crossing the road after get-   when the accident happened, Dhaggal's       D Mart, Nerul               27700154
 CBD BEALPUR: Gurpinder Singh,              ble heard all this they rushed to the spot    ting down from the bus at Arihant           mother, who is a home maker, was at         Food Bazar                  27812616
 captain of merchant navy the resident      and tried to find the footage that could      Krupa CHS at Sector 27, Kharghar, at        the balcony of their house waiting for      CIVIC OFFICE
 of S 3/1, sec 3 CBD Belapur visited        be got from the CCTV camera of the            around 3.30pm. "Seven students, who         his son. As soon as she saw the accident,
                                                                                                                                                                                  NMMC Head Office           27577070
 Indian Bank sec 11 at CBD Belapur at       bank.                                         stayed in the same building, had got        she rushed down and took him to hos-        NMMC Vashi Office          27655370
 around 11.30 am. He withdrew Rs 1.50           Unfortunately the CCTV camera of          down from the bus. While other stu-         pital. Dhaggal was rushed to the nearby     Vashi Ward Office          27655370
 thousand that was robbed unknowing-        the Indian Bank ATM was not working           dents were waiting at the road side for     Niramaya Hospital in Kharghar, but he       Nerul Ward Office          27707669
 ly by a person.                            and they were unable to trace the cul-        crossing the road from the backside of      succumbed to his injuries at around         Koparkhairane Ward         27542406
     Gurpindra withdrew cash and pro-       prit.                                         the bus, Dhaggal tried to cross the road    4.45pm.After the accident, both the         Digha Ward Office          65284962
                                                                                                                                                                                  Vashi Fire Station         27660101
 ceeded towards his car. He sat inside          This is not just it very soon a variety   from the front side. The driver had         cleaner and driver of the bus fled from     NMMC Hospital, Vashi    27899901/02
 the car and somebody told him that         of fish items are going to begin at           already started the bus by then after       the spot. Later, bus driver Pinku Das       NMMC Belapur               27571095
 something is fallen down. Then as he       Bawarchi. Independence day special            which it hit the boy and ran over his       and cleaner Babloo Das were arrested        Commissioners Office       27571095
 turned around to pick it up, and again     food items will be available at good          stomach.                                    by the Kharghar police.                     Water supply department    27562502
 proceeded ahead he noticed that his        quantity and quality.                         The police said none of the parents         The principal Alize Vaz is in a total       MTNL pro                27806070/71
 bag and the person disappeared.                                                          were present at the spot. "When we          shock and was in no condition to com-       APMC Market                27666501
                                                                                                                                                                                  CIDCO Broadline            67918100
     Gurpindra was shocked when he                                                        spoke to the residents of the building,     ment on the mishap.                         CIDCO nerul office         27701617
170612_CITYLINE_07.qxd        10/08/2012      5:33 PM       Page 1                                                                                                                             AUGUST 12 - AUGUST 18, 2012       7
                                                    St Joseph Panvel swimming champ!!!
               by IDA DSILVA                        Suchit Patil of St. Joseph's High School CBSE has won three gold medal in the DSO
    a talented lady with the nack to make
               children wonder
                                                    Inter - school swimming competition at J H Ambhani School Nagothane (Raigad)
                                                    MAITHILI VAZE                      major styles have been established.   the advantage of easy breathing,   medal in the DSO Inter - school
                                                 Freestyle is an unregulated swim-     but the disadvantage of swimmers   swimming competition at J H

                                          NAVI MUMBAI:Swimming has
                                          been recorded since prehistoric
                                          times. Competitive swimming
                                          became popular in the nineteenth
                                          century. The goal of competitive
                                          swimming is to constantly improve
                                          upon one's times or to beat the
                                          competitors in any given event.
                                          However, some professional swim-
                                          mers who do not hold a national or
                                          world ranking are considered the
                                          best in regard to their technical
 STRAWBERRIES ARE THE ONLY FRUIT WHICH skills. Typically, an athlete goes
 GROWS SEEDS ON THE OUTSIDE.              through a cycle of training in which
 A CUCUMBER IS A FRUIT NOT A VEGETABLE.   the body is overloaded with work in
 WHY? BECAUSE IT HAS SEEDS IN THE CENTRE. the beginning and middle segments
 THERE ARE OVER 1,000 DIFFERENT KINDS OF of the cycle, and then the workload Suchit Patil of St. Joseph's High School CBSE has won three gold medal in the DSO Inter - school
 APPLES.                                  is decreased in the final stage as the swimming competition
 ASPARAGUS COMES IN THREE DIFFERENT       swimmer approaches the competi-
 COLOURS. GREEN, WHITE & PURPLE.          tion in which he or she is to ming style used in swimming not being able to see where they are Ambhani School Nagothane
 BANANAS SHOULD NEVER BE                  compete in. This final stage is often competitions . The front crawl going. It is also the only competi- (Raigad) held on August 3rd
 REFRIDGERATED AS THE SKIN WILL BLACKEN. referred to as "shave and taper"; the stroke is almost universally used tion swimming style that has a 2012.Suchit Patil achieved gold
 WHEN THE DURIAN FRUIT REACHES            swimmer tapering downs his or her during a freestyle race, as this style different start. The swimming style medal in the 200m breast stroke
 MATURITY IT GIVES OFF A CHARACTERISTIC   workload to be able to perform at is generally the fastest. As such the is similar to an upside down front race, 200m back stroke and 200m
 ODOUR.                                   their optimal level. At the very end term freestyle is often used as a syn- crawl. Both backstroke and front individual medley The Principal of
  EATING ALOT OF ONIONS WILL MAKE YOU     of this stage, before competition, onym for the front crawl. The crawl are long-axis strokes. In the school Kalpana Dwivedi con-
 SLEEPY, AS IT ACTS AS A SEDATIVE.        the swimmer shaves off all exposed backstroke, also sometimes called Individual medley backstroke is the gratulated               him       on      his
 ? EATING A GENEROUS AMOUNT OF GARLIC     hair for the sake of reducing drag the back crawl or the upside-down second style swum; in the team achievement.Suchit Patil has been
 WILL KEEP THE FLU AWAY.                  and having a sleeker and more freestyle is one of the four swim- medley it is the first style swum.              selected for the zonal level meet due
  LEAVING SKIN ON POTATOES IS HEALTHIER   hydrodynamic feel in the water.        ming styles and the only regulated      Suchit Patil of St. Joseph's High to his glorious feet, this has made
 AS ALL VITAMINS ARE IN THE SKIN.             In competitive swimming, four style swum on the back. This has School CBSE has won three gold his parents proud of him.

  YOUR RECIPE                                            BEAUTY TIPS THIS MONSOON
            by JUNIOR BAWARCHI
  a food lover and a great cook who is a pro at
                                                                               ENJOY BEAUTY TIPS
                                 2 NOS      EGGS
                                                                                   by Nilufer Isis
                                                                                   a beautician
                                 1 3/4 CUPS
                                 SIFTED FLOUR
                                 2 TEASPOONS
                                 BAKING SODA

 1. PREHEAT THE OVEN TO 350? F (180? C).
 SALT.                                               1. TRY TO KEEP YOUR HAIR DOWN , MOSTLY OPEN OR LOOSELY
 MIXED IN.                                           IT ADDS A SPICE TO YOUR LOOK .
 FOR 70 MINUTES.                                     4. USE A WET LOOK GEL TO KEEP UR HAIR STABBLE IN CASE U
 EAT AND SHARE!                                      A GLOSS ALONG WITH A SMUDGE PROOF LINER .
170612_CITYLINE_08.qxd         10/08/2012       6:04 PM     Page 1

  8     AUGUST 12- AUGUST 18, 2012                                                                                                                      

                                     Iftar Party celebration

 FROM LEFT TO RIGHT- Arji bhai,Gilbert Dsouza, Bento Fernandes, Fr. Louis Kazar, and all muslim friends. Fr Louis Kazar said , it is good to have religious functions where we can interact with
 each other and pray for the Unity and peace for the entire world. Gilbert DSouza took the initiative to bring all the community people together, there were hindus, sikhs, muslims and
 christians present at the Iftar Party at his office premises Nandh Dham, CBD Belapur. Photo and Text by Vincent Sebastian.

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