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Why “The Taunt Pen
                                                                                      Inside this issue:
“What do I call you?        pages of your suffering     don’t you even dare!
Fountain pen, font          notebooks, write a          She is the rule setter of
pen…”                       review of a book you        this writing pad”.
                            finished with your bed                                    Little Voices
 “tuk tuk- “, my pen                                    Thus was the dreamy
                            sheets over your head                                     Speak up               2
made a mocking sound                                    talk of the puzzled Miss
                            and a bright torchlight
from within and snarled-                                Writer. Though friends
                            held at hand.
“why! The TAUNT                                         know her better by the
pen!”- wasn’t too tough     And that is not enough,     tag~ Editor in Chief!         Poetry                 3
miss writer!                share you art works, or
                            your fun comic strips
                                                        .                               vantika
                                                                                      Avantika             4
There you go! That’s the
                            with us. And of course                                    Is it just the "PEN"
story behind my birth-
                            the little tickling jokes
students with uniforms                                                                That is mightier?    4
                            that are born inside
and backpacks, students
                            classrooms…                                               Silent Aphrodite     4
without uniform, plus the
stylish backpacks.          “Enough!”
                            “Enough! shouted
                            Taunt Pen. “If you do all
And now- can I say, I am                                                              Short Stories          5
                            the rambling here My
for the students, by the
                            “haughty Miss Pencil will                                 9th august 2010        6
students and of course
                            miss the intro!”
with the students.
                            Oops! Here comes Miss
 So you can pour out
your minds and hearts
                            Pencil- appease her you
                                  -                                                   Book Reviews           7
                            must, woe her –you
over me- spare the back
                            should, displease her
                                              her-                                    And God Made a
                                                                                      Mistake                8
                                                                                      review                 9

                                                                                      Your Random
                                                                                      Scribblings           10

    Meet The Team
       Editor in chief- Shreya Chatterjee                   If you think you got poetry, short stories
Assistant Review Manager- Sohini Chakraborty                plotting in inside you mind, write a mail and
                                                            send us at:
          Illustrator: Radhika Gooptu
                                                                     © All copyrights reserved @

                                                                                               ePaper Jul y 2012
                                                                                               Volume 1, Issue 1

                    LITTLE VOICES SPEAK UP

At the risk of sounding about thirty years older than I actually am, kids today are just not as
creative. Right now I sound like most parents, don’t I? But researchers say they are finding exactly

In a 2010 study of about 300,000 creativity tests going back to the 1970s, Kyung Hee Kim, a
creativity researcher at the College of William and Mary, found creativity has decreased in recent
years. Since 1990, children have been less and less creative. They are also less humorous, less
imaginative and less able to elaborate on ideas, Kim said. Is modern society the one to blame here?
Experts say creativity is innate, so it can't really be lost. But nature and nurture go hand in hand.
These kids need to be encouraged to bring the best out of them. "It's not that creativity can
necessarily disappear," said Ron Beghetto, an education psychologist at the University of Oregon.
"But it can be suppressed in particular contexts."

So where’s the problem? Is it because library footfall has dropped drastically in the last decade? Or
that the TV viewing hours has skyrocketed? Or is it the new demanding school curriculum that’s at
fault? At an age, where originality, in every field of life, is at its lowest point, it’s important to,
firstly recognize the importance of creativity and originality amongst kids and secondly, giving
them the opportunity to explore that by promoting the arts. India is still to narrow-minded when it
comes to the arts, especially as options of profession. That, in my opinion needs to change. And the
sooner, the better. Or we may lose our identity forever.

                                                                            ~by Our Junior Reviewer

                                                                                         ePaper Jul y 2012
                                                                                         Volume 1, Issue 1
           ~by Surabhi Bhattacharjee
                  ~by Nandini Garg
                   ~by Parna Sarkar

                                       ePaper Jul y 2012
                                       Volume 1, Issue 1
AVANTIKA                           Avankita
                                                                             The brain that directs the hands
                                   polish a tone for the tongue
    ~by Surabhi Bhattacharjee                                                to pen down do carry the value.
                                   leaves a space .
                                   ---------------------------------------   Or is it just the "pen" that is
                                   --------                                  mightier ?
Avantika my daughter
                                                                             The body cells n tissues that
is now on her own way              *Lakhi ----the goddess of wealth
                                                                             work in unison to write do carry
to be a                            pachali -----lament to worship
                                                                             the value.
                                                                             Or is it just the "pen" that is
The museum of my voice                                                         ightier
                                                                             mightier ?
full of Hindu words
twirling in brown co lour                                                    The surroundings that make the
language                                                                     environment do carry the value.
utter the name                                                               Or is it just the "pen" that is
Avantika                                                                     mightier ?
burn with ancient love
With perfection of desire          Is it just the "PEN" that is
under skin lazy hunger.
                                   mightier ?
                                                  ~by Nandini Garg
My daughter Avantika
who attempts to hid the                                                      Silent Aphrodite
                                   The papers on which 'pen' writes
blood strain of her skirt                                                                 ~by Parna Sarkar
                                   on do carry the value.
between the soporific
                                   Or is it just the "pen" that is
Hum of Lakhir panchali.*1          mightier ?                                Aphotic clarion night……
when                                                                         Exquisite dreamy flight….
Sweeper with his brownish red      The query arises as to why the            Celestial body far away high
brooms                             paper is deprived of its credits.                               a
                                                                             Confused in dreams and act as a
                                   Or is it just the "pen" that is           spy…
Cleaned the blood
                                   mightier ?                                With single grace of radiance…
between heel and toe
jackal, vulture ,crow, and hyena                                             Love to see the world with great
                                   The paper is not really praised           patience….
lumbering for prey
                                   for its actual worth.                     Entangled with circles all
Discover the slacken of deep       Or is it just the "pen" that is           around….
hunger hushed                      mightier ?                                Makes lovers heart drowned…..
                                   It is not that the paper's value          Almighty moon…..
Last fall, things depart
                                   was null.                                 I want to meet u soon….
                                   Or is it just the "pen" that is           Love to mingle…..
Affection                          mightier ?                                As loving single….
devotion                                                                           star
                                                                             Let’s start the Utopian journey
Longing for,single life            The hands that hold on the pen            along with god almighty
beneath the talons -tear           do carry the value.                       With the name of
cover under hungry death           Or is it just the "pen" that is           “Aphrodite”….
And here my daughter               mightier ?                                In the name of Swan so
                                                                                          ePaper Jul y 2012
                                                                                          Volume 1, Issue 1
9th August, 2010


                   ePaper Jul y 2012
                   Volume 1, Issue 1
Short Stories
  “A short story must have a single mood and every sentence must build towards it.”

                                                                                 ~ Edgar Allan Poe

9th August, 2010~ Ritesh Agarwal
Hiya was staring at the screen with   He hung up! He had said he lived       Rits went on to some thread of
a blank mind awaiting a reply from    near that graveyard. It felt a tad     conversation but Hiya’s mind
Rit (Ritesh) who was lurking in the   strange.                               was preoccupied. ‘Do you
small chat window. It was 2am but                                            believe in ghosts’ (his voice
                                      Hiya kept thinking about it for a      was still ringing in her ears).
Hiya seemed reeling under a spell
                                      long time....apparently lost in her
as she immersed herself in talking                                           ‘Yes, I do,’ she threw him a
to this unheard, unseen stranger      thoughts.
                                                                             powerful look...her eyes lit up
whom she had bumped into a few        The impending day arrived. He          in a fiery determination.
hours back in Yahoo Messenger.        looked sweet as Hiya approached
                                      him. With luscious red lips, jet       The next moment Rit found
Night grew deeper and the eerie                                              himself falling on the
                                      black hair and a warm flickering
darkness was complete by the time                                            ground....a violent storm
                                      smile, he seemed a womanizer as
she logged off. A strange fondness                                           brewing in his head. He looked
                                      Hiya found herself succumbing to
had developed for this perfect        his murderous charms. Before she       up and found himself staring
stranger. He seemed bewitching.       knew it, she found herself walking     vacantly at the empty air where
She smiled to the darkness as she     into the cemetery alongside him as     Hiya was standing only a
hit the pillows....there was a                                               moment ago. Something
strange tug at her heart which                                               glistening on the ground caught
seemed agonising yet sweet.                                                  his gaze. Paralysed and
                                         “‘Do you believe in ghosts,’ he     petrified, with a sense of
Over the next couple of days, Hiya
found herself getting drawn to her      broke the silence with a playful     utmost horror, he read the
laptop...forlorn in his thoughts as                 chuckle.”                inscribed words shimmering on
she yearned to chat with him. He                                             the tomb......
was hypnotic; endowed with some                                              Hiya Ganguly
mystical charm. Blinded by his         if a stroll inside a graveyard is a
mysterious charisma, she even          very normal thing to do. As they
                                                                                (17th July, 1985- 9th
exchanged numbers.                     went deeper, a chill ran through            August, 2010)
She found herself calling him next     her spine....the eeriness seemed
                                                                                  She had kept her
evening. His voice seemed hollow       complete as... moon was flirting
                                       with the clouds.                            promise..........
and strangely long drawn as if he
were millions of miles away (yet       Like a bewitching Dracula, Rit
she knew he lived in Calcutta          was casting his spell over
only).... Tentative yet bewitched,     her....she kept swooning as if in a
Hiya sighed, ‘Can we meet?’            trance. ‘Do you believe in
                                       ghosts…?’ he broke the silence
He paused, and then asked,             with a playful chuckle.
     th                                Suddenly, Hiya felt she saw an
‘On 9 August,’ Hiya was firm ‘But      apparition if a pale,
where?’                                smoky ghost floating in the misty
‘Okay, 9 August, 2010....outside       air.....but it must be a sliver of
the Park Street cemetery at 8 pm. I    moon ray- she convinced herself.
hope you shall keep your promise.’

                                                                                              ePaper Jul y 2012
                                                                                              Volume 1, Issue 1
“And God      “The Fallen
Made A        Love”
Mistake”      Rashmi Singh
Mohit Gupta

                             ePaper Jul y 2012
                             Volume 1, Issue 1

Book Reviews~“And God Made A Mistake”
                                                                   Book details

                                                              Author: Mohit Gupta
                                                              Paperback: 224 pages
                                                              Publisher: Leadstart
                                                              Publishing Pvt Ltd; First
                                                              edition (June 1, 2011)
                                                              Language: English
                                                              ISBN-10: 9381115206
                                                              ISBN-13: 978-

 “And God Made A Mistake” written by author Mohit Gupta is the latest sci-fi book which has
 captured the Indian readers market in the recent time. This book is the author’s debut novel and
 selecting the science fiction genre is quite a bold move on the part of the author. Where most
 of the first time writers stick to the tried and tested genre of love stories and life philosophy,
 the author has made quite a gamble. The storyline revolves around the ultimate quest of
 scientists for centuries- the secret to immortality. The concept is nothing unique as many
 authors have already dealt with immortality in their writings. But as the story moves ahead the
 reader will find themselves engrossed with the way the whole plot unveils.

 The story goes somewhat like this- the world is facing its ultimate challenge in this new
 century and it is time that humanity as we know it is conserved. In such a situation emerges a
 scientist who makes it his ultimate mission in life to overcome the challenge of mortality and
 make life an eternal gift. The ultimate gift of the Almighty is life and defying the inherent
 exclusivity of it can have adverse affects. Will god be pleased that his finest creation has
 reached the potentiality of the maker himself or will mankind face the wrath for assuming that
 they can play god?

 Author Mohit Gupta has tapped in the intriguing concept of immortality and given it a new
 turn. The book has intriguing twists and turns and keeps the readers intrigued throughout the
 book. The writing skill of the author is commendable and is easy for the reader to comprehend
 and imagine. The character of Ayan has adequate development and as a protagonist he is just
 perfect. The book is thus highly recommended for those who are looking for a bit of thrill and
 adventure rather than romance when it comes to books.

 This is the first book for author Mohit Gupta. He is an electrical engineering student from NIT
 Kurukshetra. He is an avid reader; enjoys puzzles and loves to travel.
                                                                             ~by the review team

                                                                                 ePaper Jul y 2012
                                                                                 Volume 1, Issue 1
    Book Reviews~“The Fallen Love”

                                                                    Book details

                                                          Author: Rashmi Singh
                                                          Paperback: 198 pages
                                                          Publisher: Pigeon Books Ltd
                                                          Language: English
                                                          ISBN-10: 9382025078
                                                          ISBN-13: 978-9382025078

      There is no greater feeling than love. It has the power to turn one’s life upside down. Maybe
      that is the reason that humans are drawn to the idea of a perfect love story like moth to a
      flame. Author Rashmi Singh talks about love in her book “The Fallen Love”. She paints an
      intricate picture of love and life and how it defines the lives of the people who are touched by
      The more you want a simple life without any complication the more it seems that you are
      haunted by all the unruly elements in nature. The types of undesirable happenings that enter
      into your life prove that the more you want peace the more sleep you are going to end up
      losing. The question always revolves around love- whether found or lost, betrayed or
      honoured. The story centers on the experiences of women who face it all and survive to tell the
      tale. The protagonist of the story Rohan learns valuable lessons of love, life, friendship and
      survival from the women he encounters. Shilpi, Radhika and Madhuri are the women who tell
      us their story through the protagonist. It is an intriguing read and will keep you entertained.
      You will be able to connect to the story more if you believe in the phrase “ a man is known by
      the company he keeps.”
      Now, the most important question is why you should read the book? Love stories are plenty in
      the market and there are sub genres to cater to individual tastes. This book however has a fresh
      perspective to explore- the idea of getting an insight into the emotions of women through the
      eyes of a man is certainly new and will get the readers intrigued. The author has impressive
      writing style and manages to keep the reader interested. She deals with different facets of life
      that will give you food for thought and yet this is just a story.
                                                                                 ~by the review team

                                                                                        ePaper Jul y 2012
                                                                                        Volume 1, Issue 1
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        Your Random Scribblings ~ Soham Battacharya
        My conscious is my heaven. My                                                    Devendra*, I will die of loneliness.
                                                something you will never share
        conscious is my hell. I can try to                                               Die of loneliness. Die of
                                                with anyone. Ironically what you
        explain how but I will never know                                                loneliness.
                                                need is plus one. But a closed box is
        why. Shadows are the Gods that
                                                closed one and no one can see the
        follow you around. Shadows are
                                                dark emptiness in it till it is opened   * Devendra Obi Banhart (born
        the Gods that abandon you when
                                                and then light from the sun fills it
        the lights are out. Believe me when                                              May 30, 1981) is a singer-
                                                up. But no light
        I say I will find a lie in everything                                            songwriter and visual artist from
        you say. It’s just easier that way.     Break away from your survival-           Houston, TX, USA.
        You cried all last night and I did      mode. And search for alternate
        nothing to make it all right. I, not    existences. String two notes
        used to human touch was so unsure       together to make a poem. How are
        of how to react. And I fell in love     things out of your comfort zone?
        in my dream. I beg you please.          Light a cigarette and throw the
        Don’t forget me. A situation of         matchstick away and let someone
        confusion. Swirling paints in the       catch it for you. Sometimes what
        head. Tasteless mouths but hungry       you think unimportant is the most
        stomachs make you feel like a dead      important thing in your life. But
        animal. And as your reflexes slow
                                                why don’t you surround me and
        down you begin to wonder how
                                                revolve around me? I’m an
        you’re going to survive without
                                                endangered breed. Much like
        this. An unspoken dependency,

                                                                                                              ePaper Jul y 2012
                                                                                                              Volume 1, Issue 1

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