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Marketing E-books for the Online Marketing Purpose.For the newbies who are new in this online market and for those who are looking farward to earn online from home or making it a part time job.Great Opportunity for those who really want to learn strategies and Techniques of Online Marketing.

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									Front page secrets-Sever Crashing Traffic

© Disclaimer: product is for informational purposes only and there is no guarantee to an increase of income whether stated or implied. Results vary from individual to individuals and results are dependent on multiple of variables such as effort put in, amount of time dedicated, and current knowledge and resources. Author is no responsible for damages or misuse of information. is in the top of my favorite social media sharing networks. I find it way too easy to get on the FrontPage, and also find the quality of traffic simply the best out of all of the other social media sites. It’s extremely hard to get decent click through with your adsense ads from traffic from digg. However, not the same can be said with propeller. One time I got click through around 10% and received mindshare of visitors and I wasn’t even on the FrontPage for a long time… just an hour or two! So, propeller is a lucrative social media site for these reasons and below I will give your tips on how to make the use of it. I would recommend using it to get some of your important sites on the FrontPage, but don’t keep submitting the same url on the FrontPage everyday. After a while it will start to look obvious and can possibly get your website banned from the network. I will give you some tips on how you can monetize off the network and not submit your own website url.

“You have 24 hours to death…!” According to the current algorithms of propeller, after you submit the story you have the remaining time of 24 hours to get your story on the FrontPage, so the quicker you do it the better. The story could stay in the network forever but to stay on the FrontPage nay one story only has 24 hour duration. This is great because you could constantly get visitors to your old stories from individuals that search through tags and channels in the network. Once the 24 hour duration is up, that story gets bumped off the FrontPage until the second page, the once you are off the second page to the third, and it will keep going back through all of the other of pages.

So, each story you submit will have twenty four hours maxed to get on the FrontPage! A lot of individuals would ask me, how many visitors I could get once I get on the FrontPage, and the answer is, it simply varies. It could be in the low hundreds, or in the multiple thousands, but free traffic is FREE traffic so you might as well take it. If you get on the FrontPage you will also get a temporally back link from a current pr 7 site which will help you out in the search engines temporally.

The most important factors that matters to how much traffic you will get on the FrontPage:
-How long you stay on there: If your story gets on the FrontPage in a couple of hours, and rises to the top and stays there then this will increase your chances of getting the most exposure on the FrontPage as opposed to being on the FrontPage for just an hour or two. Ten to fifteen hours on the FrontPage could equate to server shattering traffic…seriously. So, keep in mind that this is highly time sensitive. The quicker you get on the FrontPage the better. -Your position on the FrontPage: Getting on the FrontPage of Google is good, but what is the first url that you would most likely click on when searching? The first url and the ones above the fold? Presto! The same exact scenario applies on propeller. As again, getting on the FrontPage is great, but there is one major problem. There is a huge difference between the stories that is towards the bottom of the page compared to the stories that is on the top of the page. Trust me, I have been in both positions and the difference in traffic is well almost to that of the difference between decimal points. There are 25 slots on the FrontPage, and the higher you rise equals the better chances of your story getting the most views feeding the highest number of visitors to your sites. -Quality of your content: The quality of your content will still matter because well, if your content is garbage or pure promotional then it will get what is known

in the social media world as “negative votes” or sinks. Users have the ability to vote your story content up, but, they also have that uncanny ability to vote your story’s content down as well. So, if your content is garbage your story will get negative votes which will effect the positioning of your story in propeller. The more sinks you have the more your site will get pushed down in propeller which means that it could go off of the FrontPage or even deleted if the members complain. So, take the effort and make your content enriching and engaging. Usually, I find that content written in a story type of manner works the best. Just think of submitting your content to this network as a press release. You want the content to be engaging and also informative, without being promotional. In addition, make sure to take the time to check over your content for grammatical and typographical errors. One client I got on the FrontPage content wasn’t well written and his story received a lot of negative comments for its poorly structured content. So, to avoid the public humiliation make sure to proof read your content before submitting it! -Comments: propeller also weighs the amount of comments that s story receives in their algorithms but to tell you upfront it is on their lower side. It doesn’t get as much weight as how many votes a story received. With that being said comments attract a lot of traffic and also social proof. The more individuals that comment on your story will not only aid in boosting your story up the system, but it will also help your site receive more traffic and I believe that it could help with your search engine rankings, but this is something that I speculate. The reason for that is because once you get on the FrontPage of propeller your site will receive a link from a website with a high page rank. That one link could send massive boosts in the search engine for that url. So, for example, if you have a blog that is about weight loss, and the story url on the blog

gets submitted to propeller and on the FrontPage, then that blog url could spike up in the search engines for that keyword if and only if that content is related to that keyword. That’s why I would highly recommend individuals make use of seo copywriting, which is the practice of writing words that attract individuals, but also sticking in keywords that will make your content more relevant to the search engines. **Secret Seo Tip: Make the title of the blog post on your website url seo rich, BUT, you make the title of your story on propeller super attractive and here is the catch, you don’t have to worry about sticking in any keywords if you don’t want to, because what matters is that the url you submit contains the proper keywords because that url is the one you want boosted in the search engines. There is no rule that both of your titles have to be the same, so you can show two completely different titles if you have a hard time coming up with a title that is both attractive and also keyword rich.

What propeller cares about the most? The two things that propeller weighs the most with ranking stories on the FrontPage is most defiantly votes, then comes how quickly the votes were gathered. You should be able to get on the FrontPage of propeller relatively easy with just 30 votes if you acquire the votes quickly, like in 2-3 hours. Even though some stories may have way more votes then you, those stories will usually be on the FrontPage a lot longer then you as well which kinds of cancel out that factor. So, remember its all about time sensitivity, the quicker you get votes the better. However, getting 100 votes in 30 minutes will look quite suspicious but I will explain ways around this later.

White Hat Tactics
Step One: Add the top users What’s cool about propeller is that every time you submit a new story, your friends will automatically be notified of it. So, the more active friends you have on the network, the more chances you will have of having individuals that read your story which is exactly what you want. However, lets back up one second, I said active users right? Well, according to propeller they have hundreds of thousands of users which is a lot. But, if I’m willing to take a guess they probably have about 1/10th of that number are the really active users. By that, I mean individuals that add new stories, vote on new stories, comment and constantly log into the network daily. If an individual logs into a network once every four months, they will not have much time to vote on your story. So, it’s not necessarily the number of friends you have, but more on the lines of how many friends that actively use the network and will see your story, and more importantly possible vote on it. So, that’s why after you submit the story you should notify the top users that your story has been submitted. The top uses of propeller are listed on the homepage The top users are listed under the “Top Propeller Contributors” text. Add all of these individuals as your friend my clicking on their profile username and adding them as a friend. These users are on propeller constantly so when you submit new content you will increase your chances of individuals flocking over to your stories. Step Two: Add more friends Once have added the top users you can then start searching for users that submit and vote content similar to yours by browsing through the channels in propeller. If an individual engages in the same content as you then they will most likely have

no problem voting on the content if they like it. You can also add other users as your friend’s as well even if they don’t show no past history and voting or submitting content that is related to that of your website’s theme. Step Three: Reciprocal voting Once you have added friends you will now need to submit your story. Once your story is submitted you will then need to do reciprocal voting with individuals who story is already on the FrontPage. A lot of these individuals may also be added to your friend list as well, it doesn’t really matter. What you do is you browse through the stories on the FrontPage and vote on the story and then message the story submitter and tell thee that you enjoyed reading their content and if they can take the time to read and vote on your story then you would appreciate it as well. A sample message that I send them looks something like this: “Hello {username}, interesting story you got, I voted on it. I also have a story up and would highly appreciate it if you would take the time to read and vote on it. The story is here: Thanks. {Your username}.” Its nothing complicated, and make sure to link to the story url that is in propeller. Copy and paste the same message to story urls that you vote on.

Black hat techniques The above methods are simple and work to get votes but it can take more time once you are getting started and don’t have all that many friends. Remember, its all about time sensitivity, so you will need to collect votes quickly to get on the FrontPage. So, if you’re not collecting votes in quick enough time then here is the black hat approach. Keep in mind that some marketers may not agree with these types of

tactics so if this is not for you then you can keep using the white hat approach because it does work, it may just take a little bit more elbow grease. However, to get on the FrontPage you DO NOT have to use the black hat techniques at all, it just helps secure your spot on the FrontPage when you are doing this the first couple of times.

Need multiple of votes I don’t recommend JUST using the black hat approach only because if your content is garbage then you may get on the FrontPage but it will get removed. I would recommend acquiring some natural votes first from your friends, and then using the black hat approach to secure that you will get on the FrontPage of the network. With the black hat approach you will need multiple of accounts with different ips, and preferably accounts with images in it. If a story collects a bunch of votes from users that have no icons in their profile then this is a big red flag. So, accounts that have images in their avatars are a plus idea. I would recommend that you hire a data entry individual on freelance services to take you multiple of accounts at the network with different ips, verify them, and also add an image to the account. Then you can have them vote on stories and also vote on other good stories on the network to stay under the radar. A bunch of new users voting on one member’s story if a red flag, so you can stay under the radar and have them vote on other stories in the network as well. In addition, you can have the freelancer make and verify accounts for your and you then do the voting for the stories, what every you fancy. When adding votes make sure to space them out as a lot of votes quickly will look funny, but a good amount of votes over a couple of hours isn’t too bad. The black hat approach is useful for those new to the network and that want to get on the FrontPage quickly. Once an individual builds up a network of friends then getting on the FrontPage should be easy.

Sell your own traffic service I have made a good chunk with adsense getting lots of visitors to my story pages from adsense, but I also make PayPal cash by selling my assets on the network. Once you have accumulated lots of friends and have gotten on the FrontPage several of times you can start selling your own traffic service to webmasters. I first saw individuals doing this on digital point, and they were selling their services for $97 a pop and much up. I thought to myself that I could do the same thing and also charge lower and it works great. If you take out the risk for the buyer then this will help individuals trust you more For example, guarantee that you will get them on the FrontPage or if not then they will get their money back. This is an easy guarantee to make because if you know what you are doing and have done it several of times then you know it will work and it doesn’t take much effort to get on the FrontPage once you have enough friends. Why I also like selling traffic service is because it will look funny if an individual on the network just submit stories from one url. This is an easy way to get banned from the network as well. Most individuals that done this will get banned so you can sell your own traffic service to webmasters for an affordable price, help them out, and also stay under the radar in propeller. One thing you will need to make sure is that the content is not too promotional. No blatant advertising should be in the story, and the story should offer some substance to the readers. I like to think of submitting stories to propeller as in writing a nice press release story. Don’t accept inquires from individuals that want to promote a story url that is full of advertising. Content shouldn’t be promotional, it should be interesting and also educational. No affiliate links within the content AT ALL.

Website traffic is an extremely lucrative micro market. Just think about it, John Reese made over a million dollars in a day selling a traffic course, so it’s a proven million dollar market on the internet. If he made a million dollars in a day then a business shouldn’t have a problem making a million in a year with a reliable traffic service right? However, selling a tested proven service with a strong guarantee is even more fascinating then selling an information product of any kind because its more credible. Would you rather pay $27 for someone that tells you “how to do something,” or $27 for someone that “will do all of the techniques for you?” A lot of webmasters would choose option 2 because of their very busy schedules. You can take your new traffic service and start making a whole lot of cash marketing to other webmasters or business owners. This is a huge micro market because every webmaster that has a website in essence wants traffic and there are millions of websites in the world and that number will only keep growing! The thing about traffic is that is that webmaster can always use it and after it does down a webmaster will want to use your service again. I have profited greatly from just getting individuals on the FrontPage of propeller and I’m literally giving you hundreds to thousands of dollars by telling you this simple untold secret. Just give a way a free service to 2 or three webmasters, have them do a case study about their increase in traffic, and then use their testimonials on your website to sell your service. The thing is, once you have built up a large share of friends all you have to do is in essence submit a story and you should be on the FrontPage. Selling accounts

Another way to profit off propeller is to sell accounts. This is really strange but for some reason the more active a specific account is on the network the higher its page rank is. Propeller currently has a page rank of 7, so I’m assuming that it can share some of its page rank juice with the accounts under its url. Anyway, a long story short, some of my accounts on propeller has a page rank up to 5, and I didn’t do anything except for participate in the network by actively voting on content, that is it. What’s interesting about this is, when you vote on content the url will show up in the user’s profile url, where the page rank is stored. So, this could be another reason why a lot of votes help a url get boosted in Google, I’m unsure because Google supposedly doesn’t count back links from the same ip. However, what I can saw is that a url with a high page rank is worth something, so you can sell accounts of you don’t need them anymore and make sure that you advertise their page rank. More easy cash ideas.

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