Sacramento County Municipal Services by ewghwehws


									                                            CALAFCO Annual Conference
                                                      October 7, 2010

Rob Leonard, Director Economic Development and Intergovernmental Affairs
   Sacramento County is unique among
    58 Counties:

    ◦ Largest “City” in the County
    ◦ Serves urban/suburban population of over 500,000
    ◦ Even with three recent incorporations and another
      on the November ballot the County will continue to
      be largest service provider
    ◦ Without changes the service delivery model is not
      sustainable under current economic realities
   Sacramento County provides full range
    of municipal services:
    ◦ Planning
    ◦ Animal Care
    ◦ Regional Parks (local parks are provided by Special
    ◦ Transportation
    ◦ Waste Management (both landfill and collections
      and recycling)
Sacramento County municipal services provided
◦   Engineering Services (Building Inspections etc.)
◦   Code enforcement
◦   Neighborhood Services
◦   Environmental Review
◦   Water Supply and Drainage
◦   Law Enforcement (both patrol and investigative
   County is in the urban development
   Currently updating 1993 General Plan which
    is proposed to open thousands of acres for
    new development
   Without substantial change in direction the
    County will be in the development and
    municipal services business for a long time
   Competition with cities for development
    and associated revenues
   Existing funding model not sustainable
   County General Fund support for Animal
    Care, Regional Parks, Neighborhood Services,
    and Planning
   Nearly all other services dependent on some
    development fee or fee revenue for support.
   Need to be more creative looking to the
Service Delivery Models:
 Functional Consolidation – County and Cities
 Nonprofits
 Contract Services
    Funding Models:
   Complete fee review
   Complete review of development standards
   Looking again at funding mechanisms such
    ◦   CSA’s
    ◦   CFD’s
    ◦   Maintenance Districts
    ◦   JPA’s
    ◦   Open Space Districts
   Revenue Sharing
   Annexations and Incorporations
   Sacramento County is in transition
   Current service delivery and funding models
    are not sustainable
   This is a long term issue -- economic
    recovery not the answer
   Must make fundamental shift in business
   Never let a good crisis go to waste

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