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					Bebo Traffic Secrets 2008
Author – Aaron Lamont (Monti)

The information contained within this ebook is for educational purposes, if you wish to apply the ideas that you read from this ebook then you understand that you take full responsibility for your actions. I have tried to make this ebook as accurately as possible. There is no guarantee that you will make the exact same earnings as what I have, however I can tell you that if you apply the methods within this guide then you will certainly see results either close or better than my examples. It is up to you to take action from the information contained in this ebook, this is not a get rich quick scheme and depends entirely upon how much effort you put into your promotions. Any examples shown are from earnings that I have personally achieved when using this method.

This is not a free ebook you do not have redistribution rights or the right to resell this product

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Table Of Contents

Introduction Choosing A Product To Promote Which Keywords To Target Getting Setup With Bebo Adding Content To Your Profile How To Write To Your Bebo Blog The Power Of Using Video Make Your Own Niche Related Bebo Template Adding Bebo Friends, Groups Sending Traffic To Your Bebo Page Get Your Bebo Page On Google Within 30 Minutes Advanced Method – The Next Step Conclusion

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Welcome to Bebo Traffic Secrets, first of I would like to thank you for purchasing my ebook. Within this ebook I will teach you exactly how you can profit from Bebo and run a profitable affiliate campaign. What the heck is Bebo? Bebo is basically a social networking website pretty much the same as Myspace and Facebook. When you signup for Bebo you are given a profile page where you can promote yourself or as we are going to do promote affiliate products. Now there are many advantages to using Bebo over Myspace, the first one being that with Myspace there are currently hundreds if not thousands of affiliates promoting at any one time which makes it very hard for newbie affiliate to make any money from these networks, whereas with bebo there would probably be only a handful of affiliates. Am sure you can start to see that this leaves a huge playing field for you the affiliate to go into Bebo and dominate literally any niche with ease. The best thing about running a campaign is that you can get setup within 30 minutes and start making money, its really that quick. You can also see the results that I achieved using this platform at the end of this ebook, ok with that said lets get on to the tutorial.

Choosing A Product To Promote
Ok so before you head over to Bebo and get registered the first thing you are going to need to do is find out what product to promote. Head to Clickbank and if you have yet to register get signed up. If you are new to clickbank the next thing you want to do is search for a product to start promoting, you can do this by clicking on the marketplace link at the top of the page. You should now be faced with the same example as below.

Now most people would advise you to choose a product that you have a passion for others would say that it doesnt matter but you have to be passionate enough to promote the product or else you will lose interest. With that said in the keyword search field type in a niche that you are interested in for example gardening and hit enter.

Now as you can see you are faced with a lot of results but how do you go about choosing which product to promote? Heres what the search results mean: $/Sale – How much commission to be made per transaction, as a general guide I usually would recommend promoting products with a minimum of $20 payouts. Future $ - Recurring monthly commission, could be from a subscription website % Sale – Percentage commission, once again a rule of thumb that you should stick to is to pick products with a payout of 75% or more to make it worth while. %Refd – This tells you were the sales are coming from, for example if the %refd is below 50% it could indicate that the vendor is selling more of that product than an affiliate, I usually avoid these and stick to % around 70+ Grav – How popular a product is, it also shows how many affiliates are promoting that particular product. Although it is not an exact figure it gives a good indication of how well it is selling. I stick by it that if there is a lot of affiliate promoting it then I follow the crowd. However I recommend that you go for a gravity around 80+ if you are a newbie as products with higher will mean tougher competition.

Another factor that you should always consider is how well the sales page looks, after all if you arent convinced yourself to buy a product or if you feel that the sales page is sloppy then chances are that visitors to that website will think the same and not buy anything. If you click onto view pitch page you can see the sales page for yourself. There are a few key things to look for here, firstly check over testimonials and see how good peoples opinion of the product are, also at the bottom of the page check to see if the vendor accepts any alternative methods of payment other than clickbank, the reason for this is that if you are working hard to send traffic through your affiliate link and there is another method of paying and the customer chooses that then you will not get paid. Once you have found a product that meets all the essential criteria you will need to create your affiliate link. Click on create hoplink and enter your clickbank username that you signed up with and you will be given a little code.

Copy and paste the top code into a blank wordpad document as this is the link that you will send visitors through your bebo page to. The product that I decided to promote was Adwords Profits 2 because it met the criteria that I needed and I was convinced to buy, if you wish to use this product then use this code The next thing that you need to do is make up 3 short articles around 300 words based upon the niche you have choosen so that you can add them to you bebo blog. To get some ideas just go to the sales page of the product that you are promoting or go to ezinearticles and get 3 articles as long as you provide link banks to the original author, I would recommend however that you put the article into your own words or you can get someone to write articles for you.

Which Keywords To Target
Ok so now that you know which product you are going to be promoting its time to find out which keyword is best to promote in order to receive good organic traffic from the search engines. There are paid keyword tools that you can use but I prefer to get as much as I can for free so go to in the search box enter in a keyword relating to your chosen niche so if you were targeting gardeing type in gardening and get these results.

Now you can see a list of keywords from the search results. In general you want to aim for a keyword that has 100 searches. Its ok having a list of keywords but you need to see how much competition there is for that particular keyword. Take the first keyword in your list and go over to google and type it in with quotes around it like so “gardening” and look at the search results. You need to go through each of your keywords from the search results in free wordtracker until you find the competition in google under 30,000 for best results the lower the number the better but to find results less than 10,000 is great. Here is one that I found from searching through the gardening keywords, “raised bed vegetable gardening with a competition of 2430 pages within that same keyphrase. Although the searches are small of around 20-30 per day you can use this keyword.

Once you find a good keyword with low competition stick to it. If you can only find keywords were the searches per day are around 30+ try and find at least 2 more to use aswell. With your chosen keyword you should now use them within headings, titles use it in all your tags when uploading videos, social bookmarking and within your rss feeds.

Get Setup With Bebo
Now that you have choosen your product to promote you need to get setup with bebo. Go to and at the top right click onto signup and fill in the following form. When you are signing up be sure to use your real name as bebo will not allow you to have any nickname.

Adding Content To Your Profile

Now you are set, as soon as you have submitted your details on signing up you will brought to a page like about where you can edit your profile. Change the name field into your chosen keyword of product name like I did above. For your tag line you can have anything related its basically a sub heading and then click on 'hide my age' as its not relevant. In 'Me, My Life, And I' its where your main description on your choosen product goes. If you follow what I do you can extract benefits from your affiliate sales page and use various features of your product also to fill this in, note that you are limited to the amount of characters that you can use so choose the most important factors of your product.

Next thing that you need to do is in the 'These Are A Few of My Favorite Things' section change the first box to 'Find Out More' or 'Website'. Get back the clickbank hop link that you copied into the blank notepad and paste it into the box below the first header. The rest of the other boxes in this section you can delete. If you wish to get more traffic you can also link to any blogs or other websites that you have. Public Profile Settings:

In order for you to be able to receive traffic to your profile page you need to make sure that the 'Make my Profile public' is checked. Another feature of bebo is that you can target specific age groups depending on the affiliate product that you are promoting, for my product I just left it set at the default 'Any'. Make sure to check 'hide profile views' as its not needed, there is a stats checker that only you can see when you log in to keep check though. The rest of the profile page you can either leave blank or fill it in if you wish, I left mine blank. Then click on save.

You now have the option of adding a photo of your product to your profile page. You can get all the pictures you need on the sales page you chosen, if you scroll to the bottom of the sales page you should see a link that says affiliates or webmasters make money. Simply right click on the picture you want to use and save it to your desktop and then on the bebo page click onto browse and search for the picture that will be shown on your new profile. Click on upload and your done. If you are not brought to your new page then at the top left click on all. Its looking pretty plain at the moment so next thing we need to do is click onto modules just below your new profile photo.

Its just a matter of click and dragging the modules you do not want to use over to the right hand side. Move all the modules so it looks like below.

When you are done click on save new order.

How To Write To Your Bebo Blog

Next thing we need to do is to submit the three articles that you have written to your bebo blog. To do this at the top of your profile page click on blog and then copy and paste your article into the following form along with a releated heading. Do this for each of your articles. Remember when writing each of your articles to include links back to your clickbank affiliate page. Instead of putting the ugly hoplink code up you can either put up a link to your own website, blog etc or you can use to shorten your clickbank link.

The Power Of Using Video
Adding your own video to bebo is essential as it provides huge amounts of traffic. You can submit audio and pictures on youtube or even use your webcam to record a simple video. With video being watched all over the world and and having millions of users you will miss out on a surge of traffic if you choose not to make your own video. If you are unsure do a google search for how to make my own video, its pretty straight forward and can be made using the most basic of tools and also with windows movie maker. You dont even need to spend a penny to get video recording equipment. For example you can download Camstudio for FREE which allows you to make screen recordings, you could give your review of the product that you are promoting by recording the website and talking over the top of it. When you create your video use suitable tags relating to your niche and remember to use your keyword. Submit your video using free video submission tool at its keeps track of all the views and statistics.

If however you dont want to make a video you do not have to but take my word for it that you will miss out on a lot of traffic which will affect your earning potential. At the top of your bebo profile page click onto video and in the video box click on upload video. Now if you have made your own video and already submitted it on youtube you can use the url when you watch the video, just copy and paste it into the bebo form.

If you didnt make your own video dont worry you can still go to youtube type in your product name or the niche that it is in and choose a suitable video to use on your bebo profile page.

Bebo Templates
Now that you have added content to your new bebo page you need to make the template of your profile page relevant to the product that you are promoting. I have provided a tutorial below for you to follow in order to create your own theme. You can have a bebo skin made by my team at Check out my profile skin that I design to relate my page to Adwords Profits 2.

• • •

Open Photoshop Click File Click New

When the new box pops up use the pixel width 760x40 this is for the navigation bar which is the top of the bebo skin. You need to create separate pieces to make your complete bebo skin.

Now take out the paint brush and get busy creating a related template, you could also paste pictures of the product onto your page to make up a theme.

When your done making your first piece you need to save it, wait tho Bebo has a file limit size and it has to be saved a certain way. Click "File" Click "Save for Web" A new box appears File Type JPEG Mostly use "JPEG" as this allows for more colours GIF has fewer colours Quality of the image This is how you can fit your file size under the maximum limit. Move the quality bar up or down so that the KB on the bottom left hand side is under the allowed limit.(E.g. 10KB for Navigation Bar)

Here are the pixel sizes and names that they have to be saved as for each piece that makes up a bebo skin.

Design each one in turn until you have completed all the pieces.

Getting Free Traffic Within Bebo (Adding Friends)
Ok so by now you should have got setup with bebo, added your 3 articles, submitted photos and linked to your own youtube video and lastly setup your themed skin. Now we need to get the word out and start bringing in sales. At the very top of your bebo page there is a search bar type in your niche for example gardening. When you run a search you will be listed with a selection of gardening related bebo users or groups. When searching for friends to add stick to only the bebo and groups tab.

In order to add friends click through the picture of the user or link and then click onto become member or add as friend and wait until they add you from their side.

Sending Traffic To Your Bebo Page

In order to start sending more potential customers to your bebo page you need to get listed in the search engines and once again this is a free method. First thing you need to do is get your new bebo url its at the right hand side of your page.

Now with that in the clipboard you should now goto SocialMarker and fill in the form to the right with all your details and chosen keywords. Remember to add curiosity to the heading in order to intrigue the reader to want to find out more and click onto your link.

When you have filled in the bookmark details click submit at the top and you will be taken through each of the 47 bookmarking websites were your information will get submitted. For each website you visit you will need to signup for them however you only need to do this once for each so for your next affiliate promotion you can skip this step.

Another free bookmarking website for you to submit your bebo url to is OnlyWire with two options you have no excuse. After submitting your link to over 50 bookmarking websites your website from this along could be listed in as little as 20 minutes and you will start receiving visitors.

Get Your Bebo Page On Google Within 30 Minutes

The key to getting more buyers is traffic, traffic, traffic. With this next method I started to receive visitors after 22 minutes. Heres how its done. Head back over to your bebo page and click onto your blog at the top of your page.

Can you see that little orange rss icon, this is the magic of how you are going to get tons of free visitors. The good thing about this is that every time you make a blog post those that are following your blog will be notified of updates. Its a good idea to try and add to your blog one post every 2-3 days. First you need to get the link from that feed, right click the icon and click on copy link location. Next step you to take is to submit that link to rss feed websites. Try to submit your link to the full list. Note that you will have to sign up to some of them when adding your feed url, here is the list:

Advanced Method – The Next Step

If you have completed all of the above you will now start to see results of visitors coming either from the friends that you have made through bebo or through the rss feeds that you have submitted. Ok so what should you do next? Continue to add a posting to your blog remember to use your chosen keyword in the text. Its time to move on to the next stage and continue to build your network. What do I mean by this? Google responds well to relevant websites linking to each other so thats what the next step is, to build a network of related websites each linking to each other increasing the position within the search engine rankings. You need to setup new accounts with various other platforms, when signing up make sure to use your keyword that you want to rank well with. Signup for the following platforms:

When you signup for these platforms you will now have 6 websites in total including your bebo profile. The idea here is to provide 5 links from within each site to the other websites using keyword related anchor text. Anchor text is simple the word you use to link to another webpage or website. The content you use to put on your new websites can be the same or you can write new articles and use them, once again add videos, pictures etc. Give different variations of the product for example one website could tell of the bad sides of the product whereas another website shouts about it from the rooftops. When you have completed your new 5 websites you need to get the word out about them so exactly the same as before use and to submit your website. After you have completed this you should submit your new rss feeds to all of the rss directories like before. The links that will show up first on google will likely be video and rss websites that you have submitted to, I can guarantee if you follow this ebook fully step by step that you will have conquered the first page of google its even possible for you to have 4+ out of the top 10 depending on which keyword you have targeted. As you can see from each website you are receiving 6 related links from each of your websites along with your links from bookmarking and all of the rss websites along with the view of the videos you are getting plus the links from video submission which will be you lots of traffic. Please note that this will not work if you chose a highly competitive keyword so make sure when choosing your keyword that the competition is viable.


You should now have a good idea how to use bebo to create affiliate commissions and how to get listed in the top 10 google listings. With everything it takes work to keep your results on the first page of google. What I have found that if your website slips from the first page to create another free platform and link it to all your other websites again and also to keep updating each of your websites as google loves fresh content. I hope you have enjoyed reading this as I have had a great time in writing it, I havent wrote as much since I was back in school. Its not possible to cover eveything in this ebook so some suggestions on were to go next is to look out for information on creating squidoo lenses, hubpages, blogs etc so that you can continue to grow your network of linking websites. Thank you very much for taking your time in reading this ebook Wishing you every success in the future,

Aaron Lamont (Monti)

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