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									      Michigan Go Local
An Update for Health Sciences Librarians

         Linda A Draper, MSLS
            Project Director

MHSLA Conference 2007: Lunch and Learn
           September 27, 2007
              Bay City, MI

              Michigan Go Local
                         MGL Credits
   Director, Shiffman Medical Library
   Principal Investigator
   Librarian, Science & Engineering Library
   MGL Project Director 2004 - Jan. 2007
JILL TURNER – Librarian, Reviewer
SUZANNE VAN PELT – Librarian, Reviewer
KRISTINA CROFUT – Librarian, Selector
SHIRLEY LANGEBARTELS – Library Science Grad Student, Selector
  Plus…many WSU staff and students, librarians, public health
  professionals and health information consumers have contributed

                      Michigan Go Local
              What is Go Local         ?

• National Library of Medicine (NLM) initiative –
  connect consumers to local health services
• Continuum from health information in MedlinePlus
• Goal – develop dynamic directories of health
  service organizations
• Indexed with controlled vocabulary
• Developed at state/local level

                  Michigan Go Local
                    What is Go Local          ?
Part of a Synergy…
                                      …Supports the
 Consumer Health
   Information                         other Part
 • Applies to all health
               MedlinePlus       Go Local
                                      Consumer Health
                                      • Specific to a locale
                                        or community

                           Michigan Go Local
                     Consumer Health Topic:
                         Breast Cancer
MedlinePlus: CH Info        Go Local: CH Services
  – News                      – Cancer Clinics
  – Interactive tutorials     – Oncologists
  – Drugs                     – Support Groups
  – Treatment info            – Providers of wigs and
  – Literature search           prostheses
    (PubMed)                  – Radiologists

                      Michigan Go Local
Michigan Go Local
Michigan Go Local
Michigan Go Local
Michigan Go Local
Michigan Go Local
Michigan Go Local
               Go Local History
•   North Carolina – 2003
•   Missouri – 2004
•   Indiana & Mass. – May 2005 (1st to use NLM system)
•   Utah & Nevada – Jan 2006
•   MICHIGAN – Jan 2007
•   Minnesota – July 2007 & Illinois – Sept 2007
•   Currently 23 projects (20 states) online & growing!
•   MedlinePlus Milestones

                      Michigan Go Local
Current Go Local Projects
          = 23

Michigan Go Local
Michigan Go Local
           What Does NLM Provide to
              Go Local Projects?

•   Database and Web-based interface
•   Technical support
•   User testing
•   Link checker (weekly)
•   Geo mapping
•   Usage statistics (monthly)
•   Evaluation assistance … coming

              Michigan Go Local
NLM Provides: Vocabulary

•   Health service terms (170+)
•   Health topics (300+)
•   Subset of MedlinePlus topics (700+)
•   See references
        (e.g. Breast Reconstruction
              see Breast Diseases)

      Michigan Go Local
          Additional Go Local Resources
• Listserv
• Conference calls (monthly)
• Face-to-face (annual Medical Library Assn.
• Resource page General information
• Extranet Go Local projects sharing resources:
  training, presentations, more

                  Michigan Go Local
            More About Go Local

• Continuous learning process
• NLM incorporates suggestions
• Projects exchange ideas
• Many paths to achieve goal

                Michigan Go Local
           About Michigan Go Local

• 2nd largest Go Local project (area & population)
• Coordinated by Shiffman Medical Library
• Applied to NLM May 2004; accepted August
• Launch completed January 2007
• URL:

                 Michigan Go Local
                  Michigan Go Local

• Provide 0.5 FTE project director
• Identify, select, and index health services
• Maintain and update database
• Submit quarterly reports to NLM and GMR
• Outreach and promotion
• Provide customer service

                  Michigan Go Local
             Pilot Project: First Steps
• User Friendly Manual : A guide and resource for persons
  living with HIV/AIDS
• Online resource from Detroit Community AIDS Library
• Detroit area directory of 200+ agencies
• First data entry: UFM data + hospitals + health
• Interest from state health department officials for
  statewide directory

                    Michigan Go Local
Getting Started: Documentation

       • Style guide
       • Selection guidelines
       • Training materials

      Michigan Go Local
Getting Started: Promotion

 • Website
 • Blog (Michigan was first!)
 • Conferences
 • Health fairs
 • Community events

  Michigan Go Local
          Project Director Responsibilities

• Train staff
• Determine priorities
• Assign tasks: broken URLs, audit, etc.
• Review & approve records
• Prepare Quarterly Reports to NLM & GMR
• Promotional plans

                   Michigan Go Local
                 Selectors & Reviewers
• Search the Internet and print resources for health service
• Evaluate health service information using selection guidelines
• Enter information into site record form
• Audit records as assigned

• Review records for accuracy
• Approve or return records
• Audit records as assigned

                       Michigan Go Local
                    MGL Project Staff
Dedicated MGL staff                Library staff
• Jill Turner                      •   Ramona Douglas
• Suzanne Van Pelt                 •   Alison Fried
• Linda Draper, Project Director   •   Kristina Crofut
                                   •   Ellen Marks
MGL consultant
• Annette Healy

MGL volunteers
• Shirley Langebartels
• Others across the state

                       Michigan Go Local
Staffing: Lessons Learned

   • Time-consuming
   • Attention to detail
   • Commitment
   • Staff vs. volunteers

     Michigan Go Local
             How Are Organizations Added?

• Consult Internet, print directories, suggestions from
  emails & phone calls
• Check selection guidelines
• Enter into database
• Index – geographic service area, type of health services,
  health issues
• Review, revise, approve
• Audit at least yearly or when alerted

                    Michigan Go Local
                   What’s in a Record?

• Name of agency and parent agency
• Address, phone number(s), email
• Link to website (if one exists)
• Brief description (include acronyms, non-indexed terms)
• “Behind-the-scenes” Indexing:
   1) geographic 2) health services 3) health topics

                    Michigan Go Local
Michigan Go Local
               Indexing Challenges

• Goal – avoid too many results per search
• Geographic service area (zip code vs. county)
• # of records to create per organization?
• # of services to index per record?
• # of health topics to index per service?

                 Michigan Go Local
              More on Indexing…

• Indexing terms make Go Local UNIQUE
• Go Local is NOT the same as 2-1-1 service
• Requires high-level librarian skills
• Combination ‘cataloging’ and ‘community health
  reference’ acuity
• Detail-oriented AND customer service friendly
• Attuned to the needs of the community health
  information seeker

                Michigan Go Local
          What’s Indexing look like?
After contact info & brief description are added to a
  record…add the following
#1: Geographic designation (what is service area?)
#2: Determine Local Service (which services are
  offered at this site? 160+ terms)
   e.g. Cancer Clinics
#3: Determine Health Topics (which medical
  conditions or populations apply? 300+ terms)
   e.g. Breast Cancer, Cancers, Women, etc.

                 Michigan Go Local
Michigan Go Local
Michigan Go Local
Michigan Go Local
       Michigan Project Status

• NLM & User testing – July 2006
• Launch successful – January 2007
• 1,116 records currently audited since launch
  (ongoing audit of all records over 1 year old)
• 9,273 records currently approved – as of
  September 24, 2007, 6:17 PM

            Michigan Go Local
          What’s in the database?

• Public health departments
• Community mental health agencies
• Nursing homes
• Pharmacies
• Hospitals and associated outpatient facilities
• Practitioners & facilities (state licensed –
• Libraries… and lots more!

              Michigan Go Local
• MGL home page
  –   Header and Footer
  –   Color Scheme
  –   Logo
  –   Featured Site
• About Us
• Contact Us
  – Send us Feedback or Suggest a Resource

                   Michigan Go Local
Michigan Go Local
Michigan Go Local
                 Go Local Outreach
•   Royal Oak Health Portal
•   Funding from NLM
•   Royal Oak Public Library
•   Beaumont Hospital – Library & Clinicians
•   Wayne State University: Assessment & Go Local
•   Model for public library - health science library

                   Michigan Go Local
                    MGL Challenges
•   Continue database development
•   Maintain and update records
•   Promote Go Local throughout state
    – Medical Libraries
    – Public libraries
    – Public health departments
    – Community groups
    – Others?
•   Evaluation: Local & NLM

                     Michigan Go Local
Annette & Jill – MSHLA 2005 @ Crystal Mt

        Michigan Go Local
Michigan Library Association
     Conference 2006

                Lessons Learned:
                • MedlinePlus is FREE!
                • Go Local is FREE!
                • Quality health resources

   Michigan Go Local
• Ideas for promotion of MGL
  throughout the state?
• Suggestions for improvement?
• Would you recommend
  MGL to a consumer?
• …to a health professional?
• Promote your institution?
• How do you want to participate?

 Michigan Go Local

• MedlinePlus

• Michigan Go Local (consumer interface)

• Michigan Go Local (database – staff entry)

                Michigan Go Local
      Michigan Go Local

Are You Ready…
         to Go Local?

      Contact: Michigan Go Local
           Linda Draper
     WSU Shiffman Medical Library

      Michigan Go Local

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