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									What do we believe about intervention?

   All stuednets have a right to a free and appropriate
   Timely
   Effective
   Appropriate
   Schoolwide assessment to determine needs of all learners
   Mainstream into our broad, balanced IB curriculum-an
    inclusive society is the most effective means of combating
    discrimination (pg. 24, #5,doc 2)
   Should be monitored and evaluated
   Help the student fulfill their potential as confident,
    independent, knowledgeable individuals
   Should be a safe, trusting environment
   Should created skilled and skillful members of the
    community (pg. 24, doc 2)
   Should prepare all students to live and participate in a
    global society
   Respect and value all cultures and traditions
   Children learn differently and have different learning
   Should be differentiated for success
Why does IAT exist?

   To assess, identify and provide academic and behavioral
   To show growth in general education classrooms
   To provide ideas for accommodations for general
    education teachers for differentiation
   So all students can fulfill their potential
   Monitor and further evaluate the growth of the IAT
   Federally mandated per NCLA and IDEIA
What does intervention look like?

   Assess all learners at the BOY, MOY and EOY
   Reading-DRI, TPRI, F & P
   Math-district benchmarks, EDM assessments,
   Stanford, STAAR
   To provide continuity and minimize disruptions of
   IAT will be communicated to the parents at the initial
    teacher conference, explaining the tier process and IAT.
    This will be done prior to referral. Parents will be updated
    after every meeting. CP will be cc’d on all communications.
  1) Teachers refer struggling st. to the IAT
  2) Teach completes the student concerns profile and parent
     conference form, gathers work samples and submits to the
     Chair Person (CP), who creates a folder.
  3) Teacher makes an appointment with the CP to attend the
     IAT meeting to discuss concerns
  4) IAT provides support, recommendations, interventions
     and assigns a tier.
  5) IAT assigns a time to review (once interventions are in
     place, approx. 4-6 weeks)
  6) After 4-6 weeks, teacher returns to IAT (makes an
     appointment with the CP) to report progress. New
   recommendations may be generated, may continue on
   same plan, may be exited or may be referred doe 504 or
   special ed.
7) At the beginning of each school year, CP meets with every
   grade level and shares all tier folders with new teachers.

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