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					• Shaun Tan’s picture book, The Red Tree,
  immerses the reader in the nameless girl’s
  journey to find herself and where she is
  meant to be. This emphasises her
  yearning to belong.
• Select one double page spread and
  provide a detailed description of how
  belonging is represented in the text:
  symbolism, colour, images and the
  significance of the written text.
                        Picture Book
The poem presents issues of                 Poem by Robert Gray
  belonging and not belonging
  through Gray’s representation     The Meatworks
  of the abattoir compared to the
  natural environment.
Explore the persona’s reaction
  the workplace? To the feelings
  associated with the job?

Auditory and tactile imagery
  “bellowing, sloppy yards” is
                                    Gray builds upon his imagery of disgust:
  used effectively to present a     “grinding around inside it, meat or
  hellish working environment       not-
                                    chomping, bloody mouth-”
  and to convey the fear and        The machine is personified as a “chomping
                                         bloody mouth…” spitting blood; its sole
  noise of the pigs.                     purpose to destroy.
The migrant leaves his
home land and
feels a sense of
alienation as he is
confronted with a
surreal environment.
Lack of written text
makes this picture
book disorientating for
the reader.

An Imaginary Life (1978)
        Roman   poet Ovid exiled to Tomis in
        Emotional, intellectual and physical
         impact of displacement.
        Ovid is ostracised by language and
        Language- vividly descriptive

        self questioning narrator

        use of present tense

8/11/2012   4

• Adolescent
• Retrospective narrative-
  limited time frame
• Moral revulsion against    How is the concept of
  anything ugly…acute        belonging explored in this
  responsive to beauty and   text?
                             Belonging to a school-
  innocence.                 Belonging to a family-
• Slang, idiomatic,          Belonging to a peer-group-
                             Belonging in your own skin-
  colloquial language,
  informal schoolboy
• Picaresque- rich in

Into the Wild, Sean Penn, 2007
• Both characters are alienated from their
  home and choose to leave. (Disconnection)
• In their search for inner peace, both main
  characters find a sense of belonging
  through nature.
• The search for their own road drives these
  two main characters and has implications
  for their sense of belonging.
 Extended Responses
 Conceptual
- The thesis or line of
- In response to the
- The framework and
  drivers for extended
- Integrates the response
- Support and challenge
            The Simple Gift
• The language used is broadly colloquial to
  make the verse novel more appealing to
• Set in the fictional town of Bendarat
• “another state/miles from home…”the
  distance Billy travels to arrive in Bendarat
  is significant in being far enough away
  from his father to ensure that he can make
  a fresh start
     Developing a Thesis
 Strong opening paragraph that introduces a clear
  line of argument or thesis that directly addresses
  the question.
 A response that is driven by a thesis connected to
  the question. Each successive point must further
  the thesis through textual analysis and support.
  Support or even challenge then thesis through
  the analysis of the text/s.
 Precise topic sentences that are connected to and
  build on the thesis.
• Caitlin does not like to conform or to be
• By comparing himself to a satellite in
  Caitlin’s orbit Billy clearly expresses the
  attraction he feels towards her
• Explore the concept of belonging through
  the following places: Longlands Road,
  Wentworth High, Westfield Creek,
  Bendarat, carriage 1864, Caitlin’s Home,
  Wellington Road
      Developing a Thesis
 The human experience: Overarching idea first….
 When developing theses students should consider
  that the notion of belonging is never fixed. It is
  constantly shifting depending on the individual’s
  experiences, emotional state and relationships with
  self and others.
 They need to consider how humanity’s flaws and
  qualities challenge and enrich belonging.
 Regard belonging as an ambivalent notion. Explore
  when and why individuals move between belonging,
  indifference and alienation.
• Issues such as grief, loss, homelessness
  and young love are explored
• Billy enjoys the imaginary escape and
  insights provided by books
• He displays independence and strength of
• For Old Bill, the death of Jessie has left
  him completely incapable of going on with
  his previous life.
 Overarching through the
  question to specific lines of
 Supporting the thesis with the
  reasons why the student has
  arrived at this point of view.
 At least two – three supporting
  arguments used to further the
  thesis that addresses the
  question in the essay.
 E.g. The greatest barrier to
  belonging is the self: our
  perceptions, assumptions and
  degree of self-efficacy.
• Old Bill loses his sense of belonging
  to his family, his past, his work and
  his town…
• Tragic events can completely change
  a person’s sense of belonging
• Billy and Caitlin experience a
  physical, emotional and intellectual
      Lines of Arguments
 We spend our lives trying to belong to self, a place
  and others, not realising that it is our perceptions
  and attitudes that enable us to belong.
 When we begin to understand the forces that drive
  us to belong we develop empathy for others and
  personal insight.
 The simple act of unquestioning friendship and
  kindness nurtures the notion of belonging.
 When individuals experience a strong connection to
  a place the notion of belonging is strengthened and
• Through the process of belonging
  characters are transformed
• Billy has no conventional sense of
  belonging to his family unit
• For Billy and Caitlin, mutual desire for
  escape from the significant adults in
  their lives proves a platform for
 The pressure to belong and
  conform has the potential to
  threaten individuality and
  independent thought.
 Belonging to a community or a
  group is not always a positive
  thing. To maintain the
  cohesion, power and authority
  of the community or group,
  individuals could be forced to
  conform and suppress their
  individuality. Freedom and
  independence can become
  casualties of conformity.
* knowledge
* awareness
* insight
                          Area of Study 2009
                              * nurture
                              * sustain
                                                      •   Association
* empathy                     * promote               •   Attachment
                              * foster                •   Acceptance
                                                      •   Integration
                                                      •   Closeness
                                                      •   Raport
                                                      •   Fellowship
  Understanding nourishes belonging ...
  a lack of understanding prevents it.

                                          * halts
  Demonstrate how your prescribed text and ONE
         * ignorance
         * blindness                      * hinder
                                          * impedes
         * apathy
  other related text of your own choosing
         * hard-heartedness               * hamper

  represent this interpretation of belonging.
Plan …
• ARGUMENT (not just a repeat or rephrasing of the question)

• Names of texts
• THESES (Sub points)
     – Understanding may …
          • Texts; the scenes in which …
     – Lack of understanding can …
          • Texts; the section in which …
     – Sometimes understanding…
          • Texts; the moment at which …
          Area of Study 2009

Understanding nourishes belonging ...
a lack of understanding prevents it.

Demonstrate how your prescribed text and ONE
other related text of your own choosing
represent this interpretation of belonging.
   Issues related to Belonging

When is it unfulfilling to         When can it
                                  be fulfilling
belong?                           to belong?

  Do some people want to     belong?
  belong more than others?   show they do not
  Why/Why not?                How do people

How do people show       Why do people or groups of
they belong?             people want to belong?
* person               * conversation                     * group
* solo
                      Area of Study 2010
                       * meeting                          * partnership
* lone                 * discussion                       * community
* solitary             * participation                    * an individual

    ‘An individual’s interaction with others and the
    world around them can enrich or limit their
    experience of belonging.’     * fertilise
                                                * stall
                                                * confine
                                                                            * restrain
                                                        * develop
                  * environment                                             * control
                                                        * polish
* moment          * place                               * enhance
                         • detailed
    Discuss this view with Association reference to your
* process
* understanding
                  * culture
                  * atmosphere
* feeling                • Attachment
    prescribed text and ONE other related text of
                         • Acceptance
                         • Integration
    your own choosing. • Integration
                                         • Closeness
                                         • Raport
                                         • Fellowship
Plan …
• ARGUMENT (not just a repeat or rephrasing of the question)
The extent to which an individual’s experience of belonging is
enriched or limited by interactions with others depends on the
nature of the encounter and the repationship whith the
person or group the individual meets.
• Names of texts
• THESES (Sub points)
     – Interaction may …
           • Texts; the scenes in which …
     – Limitation can …
           • Texts; the section in which …
     – Sometimes enrichment …
           • Texts; the moment at which …

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