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									Belly Dancing Jewelery

Written by Charlie Reese
Saturday, 04 October 2008 00:37

Using Belly Dancing Jewelry by CharlieReese

Using Belly Dancing Jewelry

 Belly dancing jewelry is often though of as flashy and sometimes tacky. This is usually because
some amateur dances tend to overload on the belly dancing jewelry in their enthusiasm to look
like the real thing. The truth is that authentic belly dancers don't wear a lot of jewelry and will
vary their jewelry according to the type of dance they are performing.

 Keep the jewelry simple and every time you are considering using a piece of jewelry stop and
think about how it affects your routine and movements. You want to feel comfortable while
dancing and don't want to have something hurt you in the middle of a performance.


 Having a headdress as part of your costume is definitely a bold and dramatic statement. It
looks very regal and exotic and is a unique piece of belly dancing jewelry. You can buy a
headdress that looks very similar to what Egyptian queens were portrayed as wearing.

 Usually these headdresses are made of coins or beads that involve an amulet draped on the
forehead with beads and chains that go through the hair. Before buying a headdress remember
that anything that is heavy can feel uncomfortable when you are dancing.

 Worse still a headdress might actually be dangerous. If you are using a veil or scarves in your
routine then beware your props getting caught or tangled in your headdress. If you have chosen
to keep your headdress in place with pins or combs then watch out for your beautiful headdress
falling off during your performance!

Bells and Jewels

 Wearing anklets and bracelets with bells on them are an accepted form of belly dancing
jewelry. These pieces of jewelry can enhance your show and create a pleasant tinkling sound
when you move. Belly chains with small bells are another form of belly dancing jewelry that can
enhance your performance. The belly chain will attract attention to the form of your body and
hips while you perform.

 There is another form of belly dancing jewelry that has created some confusion among
beginner dancers. This is a jewel in the navel. Old Hollywood movies that feature harems or
belly dancing often portray dancers with jewels in their navels.

 Traditionally belly dancers in the Middle East do not wear this form of belly dancing jewelry. It is
completely a Western invention. It's best to avoid this form of supposed belly dancing jewelry if
you are serious about being authentic.

About the Author:
Charlie Reese is a part time dance instructor and ballet teacher. He enjoys giving a live psychi

Belly Dancing Jewelery

Written by Charlie Reese
Saturday, 04 October 2008 00:37

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