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                                                                                     Twister Pram
                                                                                     Newborn bassinet converts into
                                                                                     seat holding up to 17kg. One hand
                                                                                     release and “Twist” function allows
                                                                                     baby to face you or the world
                                                                                     quickly and easily.

                                                                                                SAVE $200
                                                                                                 $   399

                                                                                   Grey Swirl

                                                                       0 - 8yrs*

White                                    Steel

Changetable                   SAVE $20                             SAVE $30        Techno                                SAVE $30
                                         Luxi Crown
                                79                                  359                                                        119
4 lockable wheels                                                                  6 height & 3 recline positions
Bath with plug & drain         $         9 recline positions       $               Double tray with cup holder              $
Handy storage shelves                    5 shoulder slot heights                   High design to sit at dining table

                               Wednesday 1 August - Sunday 26 August 2012        Shop online at                                                *All ages are approximate.
                                                                                                             Not all products available online.

                                                  Lunar XLR                                                                           Quest
                                                  Newborn to 17kg                                                                     Newborn to 20kg
                                                  7.9kg weight                                                                        One hand recline
                                                  4 position recline                                                                  4 seat positions
                                                  Includes rain cover                                                                 Front swivel and
                                                                                                                                      rear fixed wheels
                                                  Black                                                                               Black/Silver

                                                          BEST BUY                                                                          SAVE $50
                                                              $99                                                                            $  329

Charcoal                                              Green                                                  Black
Green                                                                                                        Grey

Maxima                              SAVE $20          Adventurer                             SAVE $20        Profile                             SAVE $30
                                        79                                                       169                                                     149
Newborn to 17kg, 8kg weight                           Newborn to 17kg, 8kg weight                            Newborn to 17kg, 7.5kg weight
Multiple position backrest           $                One-touch brake, rear suspension       $               Lockable front swivel wheels and        $
Lockable front swivel wheels                          Lightweight aluminium                                  Travel System compatible

Black                                                 Black                                                  Duex-Diamond

Odyssey Twin                        SAVE $30          Duo Twin                               SAVE $40        Tandem                              SAVE $50
                                     199                                                       229                                                    279
Newborn to 17kg each seat                             Newborn to 17kg                                        Newborn to 17kg rear seat
5 position recline                  $                 Multi position recline. Fits through   $               6mths to 15kg front seat                $
Lockable front swivel wheels                          standard 780mm doorways                                Compact fold, 11kg weight

                                                                                                                            Storm Cover
                                         Toybox Twirly                                                                      Universal
Stroller Caddy           SAVE 20%        Whirly Toy               BEST BUY           Buggy Hook             SAVE $7         Stormcover fits most         SAVE 30%
Secure zipper pocket
2 bottle holders               15
                               $         Soft spiral toy easily
                                         attaches to most prams
                                                                     $  19           Strong & lightweight
                                                                                     aluminium hook
                                                                                                             $12            prams to protect your
                                                                                                                            child from the weather
                                                                                                                                                          $ 12
Gift Registry, Gift Vouchers and Lay-By Available
                                                                                         15% OFF Bugaboo Donkey

                                                                                                WAS $1999

                                               WAS $1649
                                                                                                  $ 1699                                           WAS $2199

                                                   1399                                                                                                1869
                                                                                   Bugaboo Donkey is the convertible stroller that grows
                                               $                                   and flows with your family. Whether you have one child,
                                                                                   two children or twins, one stroller fits it all.


Black                                                        Grey                                                                                              Black Circles

Package                               SAVE $100              Urban Prestige                   SAVE $40             Acclaim                                SAVE $30
                                          399                                                    449                                                           319
Newborn to 22kg, 11.5kg weight                               Newborn to 20kg, 6.3kg weight                         Newborn to 17kg, 9kg weight
Fully reclining seat                      $                  Reversible handle                $                    Multi-position backrest fully               $
Adjustable handle                                            Cosy boot cover                                       reclines. Reversible handle

                                                                                                                   Introductory Offer
                                                                                                                   Price after
                                                                                                                   catalogue $299

Stone                                                        Shadow                                                Citrus
                                     Exclusive to
                                    Baby Bunting

Avoca                                 BEST BUY               Rebel Q                          SAVE $100            Edge 4                                 SAVE $30
                                              99                                                  599                                                          269
Newborn to 20kg, 7kg weight                                  Newborn to 32kg, 12.9kg weight                        Newborn to 17kg, 8.5kg weight
Compact fold                              $                  Reversible seat                   $                   Compact fold with full recline          $
Parent tray with cup holder                                  Travel system compatible                              Lockable front wheels


                                              not included

                                              Snack Pod
Pram Liner                                    Features 2 cup holders                   Phone Pod
Suits most prams             BEST BUY         with rubber grips to
                                                                       SAVE 40%        Universal phone pod        SAVE $7           Bump Rider                     SAVE $40
Reversible terry towelling
& brushed cotton
                              $20             accommodate different
                                              size cups
                                                                         $ 10          clips onto your pram
                                                                                       or shopping trolley
                                                                                                                   $ 12             Easy to install stand-on
                                                                                                                                    board for prams
                                                                                               Shop online at

                                                                                                    4yrs to 6-8yrs*                                            4yrs to 6-8yrs*
                                                                                                            Nevada                                                   Red/Charcoal

                                                              Hi Liner                             BEST BUY             Ezy Up                                SAVE 30%
                                                                                                         175                                                        119
                                                              Height adjustable headrest                                Suitable from 14kg to 26kg
                                        4yrs to 6-8yrs*       Side impact protection                 $                  10 headrest height positions             $
                                                              Slide Guard. Includes messy mat                           Deep side impact protection

  Multi-height harness                 SAVE $70
  High backrest and large
  absorbing side wings for
  side impact protection
                                       $                                                            4yrs to 6-8yrs*                                                    0 - 4yrs*
                                                                                                               Slate                                                     Jet Black
                                                                                                              Raven                                                            Red
                              Protect your Children                                                                                                                     Steel Grey

                                Accredited car seat
                              fitting at Baby Bunting

 For booking information
 call your nearest store
                                    $  30                     Vario Max
                                                                                                   BEST BUY
                                                                                                                                                              SAVE $50
                                                                                                        129                                                       399
 WA installation by KidSafe       Monday to Friday
                                                              Height adjustable headrest             $                  Compact design for smaller cars        $
                                                              Includes seat saver mat                                   Hassle free harness & messy mat

                                        6mths to 6-8yrs*                                          6mths to 4-6yrs*                                                     0 - 4yrs*
                                                    Nevada                                                Steel Grey

Maxi Rider                                 BEST BUY           Complete Air                         SAVE $30             Safeguard                             SAVE $50
                                                                                                                        Converts from baby car seat
                                            275                                                       299                                                          199
Converts from forward facing                                  Featuring Air Protect™ Technology
harnessed seat to booster                  $                  Height adjustable headrest            $                   to toddler car seat                     $
Side impact protection                                        QuickFix™ Harness System                                  Retractable sliding stabilising bar

                                 SAVE 20%                                 SAVE $10                                     SAVE 20%                                     SAVE 20%
                                                Protecta Plus                              Car Seat
Travel Tray                        $ 15         H-Harness
                                                                           $ 59            Gripper
                                                                                                                        $ 15           Houdini Stop                    $15
                                                                                                                                                         *All ages are approximate
Gift Registry, Gift Vouchers and Lay-By Available
                                         0 - 4yrs*                                                  0 - 4yrs*
                                           Charcoal                                                 Grey Waffle

Convertible                        BEST BUY             Haven                                 SAVE $30
                                       148                                                       249
Rear facing/forward facing                              Convertible rearward to
convertible seat. Maximum          $                    forward facing car seat                $
recline for greater comfort                             Deep contoured side wings

                                         0 - 4yrs*                                                  0 - 4yrs*            0 - 4yrs*                             Nevada
                                         Grey Circles                                                    Pewter                                                   Navy
                                                                                                         Cocoa                                                  Praline

                                                                                                                      Multi position headreast        BEST BUY
                                                                                                                      Contoured side wings
                                                                                                                      for valuable side impact

Ezy Switch                         SAVE $50             Lifestyle                             SAVE $40
                                       199                                                         299
Includes mat, head hugger                               3 recline positions. Contoured
and shoulder pads. Large side      $                    side wings with EPS liner provides     $
wings for superior protection                           added side impact protection

                                                                                                                                                        Exclusive to
                                                                                                                                                       Baby Bunting
                                       0 to 6mths*
                                         Waffle Grey

                                                                                             6mths to 6-8yrs*                                                   0 - 4yrs*
                                                                                                    Grey Circles                                                   Shadow

Capsule                            SAVE $30             Ezy Combo                             SAVE $30              Convertible Hera                      SAVE $50
                                     249                                                           199                                                     399
5 point safety harness & high                           Convertible booster                                         Air Protect™ Revolutionary Side
side walls. Removable capsule      $                    2 position recline                     $                    Impact Technology                     $
allows easy transfer of baby                            Harness and tether strap                                    QuickFix™ Harness System

                          SAVE 25%                                 SAVE 35%                                        SAVE 20%                                   SAVE 20%
                                         Deluxe Baby                                 Car Roller                                      Baby in Sight
Bump Belt                     29
                                         View Mirror
                                                                       $ 6           Shade 2pk                       9
                                                                                                                    $ .95
                                                                                                                                                               $ 16
                                                                                              Shop online at
BABY CARRIERS                                                                                                                                Cream only

                                                        Black only

                                                                                                           Infant Insert
                                                                                                           Required in carrier from
                                                                                                           newborn to 3-4mths                SAVE $6
                                                                                                           Offers universal head
                                                                                                           support & promotes                 $
                                                                                                           optimal spine development

                                                                                                      Original Baby Carrier
                                                                                                      3 carry positions –                   SAVE $30
                                                                                                      front, back and hip
                                                                                                      Use up to 20kg                         $


                                                                                                                                             Organic Tan
 Miracle Baby Carrier
 Perfect fit from newborn to approximately 15mths
 New adjustable design, ergonomic waist belt
 and back support
 Black                          SAVE $30            Baby Carrier                       SAVE 25%       Soft Baby Carrier                     SAVE 20%
                                $ 169               Front carry position for infants
                                                    from 3kg to 12kg. Comfortable
                                                    padded shoulder straps
                                                                                        $   59
                                                                                                      Face in or out, 3.5kg to 15kg
                                                                                                      Padded waistbelt, shoulder
                                                                                                      straps and leg openings
                                                                                                                                             $   119
                                                                                                       Army Green



Original Baby Carrier BEST BUY                      Hip & Sling Carrier                SAVE $14       4 in 1 Baby Sling                     SAVE $20
                                       115                                                  55                                                    59
From newborn (3.5kg) to 11kg                        Fabric comfortably forms to                       From newborn up to 15kg
Small, safe and user-friendly       $               shape and weight of infants         $             Padded shoulder pad & safety            $
                                                    Perfect for discreet nursing                      clip, machine washable cotton

                                                                                                                                              Bosom Buddy
                                                                                                                                                  Gel Pack

                        2 in 1
                        Harness Buddy
                        Doubles as a harness and
                        backpack. Large range of
                        assorted designs


                                  BEST BUY          3 in 1 Coverall                    SAVE $5        Nursing Cover                         GREAT VALUE

                                        29                                               24                                                      45
                                                    Converts from shopping trolley                    Cotton nursing cover with
                                     $              cover to playmat to high            $             RigiFlex™ neckline & adjustable         $
                                                    chair insert                                      strap. Soft terry towelling corners

Gift Registry, Gift Vouchers and Lay-By Available

                                                                                                                                     OR MORE
  Joey Pouch Swaddle
  Soft waffle cotton. Allows baby to sleep in               SAVE 20%
  their natural position with arms up
  White, mocha, blue and pink                                 $

                                                           GroEgg Room

                                                                                                                                    ALL ONLY
Sleepsack Swaddle                        SAVE $6            BEST BUY
Swaddle two ways
Newborn 0-3mths, small 3-6mths
Colours and sizes may vary
                                              $               $   59
                                                                            Grobag 2.5 Tog Sleeping Bags
                                                                            Offer applies to 2.5 tog only
                                                                            Styles, sizes and colours may vary store to store
    Halo Cotton 10 Piece Starter Set

                                                            BEST BUY
  Consists of 2 sleepsuits, 2 singletsuits,                                                           Joy Collection
  2 vests, 2 bibs, hat and booties                            $   35                                  Silver, pink and blue print

                                                                                                 Scoop Purchase
  with foot
  Pink, lavender blue
  & white only

                                                          OR MORE
                                     HOT PRICE                                                                                          ALL ONLY
                                         $    10            Cotton Rib Bodysuits, Tees and Leggings White, Pink & Navy                   $15
                                                                                    Shop online at
COTS & FURNITURE                                                   Mocha

                                                               +                                                           = Free    mattress*
                                                                                                                                  *Buy the Capri cot and Turin
                                                                                                                                   change table to receive a
                                                                                                                                  FREE Tasman Latex Mattress
                                                                                                                                          Value $199
 Capri Cot                                                              Turin Change Table
 One-handed drop side mechanism
                                                   SAVE $70             Safe high sides to protect baby from rolling off
                                                                                                                           SAVE $50
 Easily converted from cot into a junior bed or
 chaise lounge. Concealed safety slide system
                                                   $   329              Four wheels for easy mobility including brakes
                                                                        on the front two wheels for safety
                                                                                                                           $   149

                                                               +                                                           = Free    mattress*

                                                                                                                                *Buy the Harriet cot and Bella
                                                                                                                                change table to receive a FREE
                                                                                                                                Grotime Inner Spring Mattress
                                                                                                                                         Value $129
 Harriet Cot
 Newborn to toddler bed                            SAVE $100            Bella Change Table                                 SAVE $50
                                                    449                                                                        199
                                                                        Middle slide out draw for easy access
 One handed lift and knee drop side
 Slide out drawer                                  $                    Four wheel castors, two with locking brakes         $

                                                               Heritage Teak
                                                                 Soft White
                                                                English Oak

                                                               +                                                           =         Free
                                                                                                                                *Buy the Classic cot and Classic
                                                                                                                                 change table to receive a FREE
                                                                                                                                Kangaroo Innerspring Mattress
 Classic Cot                                                                                                                               Value $99
 Quality solid Araucaria Qld timber. Adjustable    BEST BUY                      Classic Change Table                      SAVE $80
 base height for high or low position, one
 handed dropside                                   $   545                       Quality solid Araucaria Qld timber
                                                                                 Features middle slide out shelf
                                                                                                                           $   269
                                                               Heritage Teak
                                                                 Soft White

                                                               +                                                           =
                                                                English Oak

                                                                                                                                  *Buy the Royal Sleigh cot and
                                                                                                                                Sleigh change table to receive a
                                                                                                                                FREE Boori Inner Spring Mattress
                                                                                                                                           Value $159
 Sleigh Royale
 Boori craftmanship shines through in the Sleigh   SAVE $200            Sleigh Change Table                                SAVE $100
 Royale. Features a roomy integrated drawer,
 quality solid Araucaria Qld timber                $   899              Middle slide out draw for easy access
                                                                        Four wheel castors, two with locking brakes
Gift Registry, Gift Vouchers and Lay-By Available
                                                Black                                            White


Peuter Luxe
Travel Dome                         BEST BUY    Travel Cot Light                   SAVE $66   Chloe Bassinet                     BEST BUY
                                       129                                          329                                              129
Carry bag & self inflatable                     Light & easy travel cot weighs                Retractable wheels turn
mattress. Quick ‘pop-out’ &          $          only 5.3kg. Suitable from          $          bassinet into rocker               $
easy-to-fold assembly                           newborn. Easy to unfold                       Suitable from birth to 8kgs

                                                                                              Mini Zebra only

4 in 1 Portacot                     SAVE $50    Portacot                           SAVE 30%   Hush Bubba Bassinet                SAVE $40
                                         99                                            49                                            129
Folds into the supplied carry bag               4 sided soft mesh walls for                   Suitable from birth. Designed
for simple travelling & storage.      $         easy viewing, quick & easy fold,    $         with lockable castors to keep      $
Easy to clean soft padded fabric                weight limit 15kg                             bassinet in place and for safety

                                                                                              Moses Basket
Commuter Plus                       SAVE $50    Lullaby LX Portacot                SAVE $40   and Stand                          SAVE $29
                                         99                                         329                                              139
Soft mesh walls, removable                      Luxurious fabrics, toys, change               Soft cotton lining basket
changer and bassinette                $         mat, light & vibration are just    $          Lightweight and sturdy stand       $
Weight limit 15kg                               a few features                                Snug place for a daytime sleep

                                                                                              English Oak
White                                                                                         Heritage Teak

Hampton Toddler Bed                                                      SAVE $50             Bassinet                           SAVE $30
                                                                             149                                                   169
Low-rise for easy access and safety                                                           Made from quality solid
Includes slat bed guards for added safety                                 $                   Araucaria Qld timber               $
Sturdy timber construction                     *mattress not included                         Lockable caster wheels

                                                                                   Shop online at
                                                 25% OFF Living Textiles Essentials

                        Essentials bassinet/cradle and cot size plain fitted sheets, sheet sets, cellular blankets and cot bumpers

                    Living Textiles Essentials Plus Collection                                                                       25%

                         Cot sheet sets, quilt covers, waffle blankets, pram comforters, plush blankets and mini waffle wraps

Cot Size Velour                                                                                      Bath Towel Set
Blankets with Toy                    SAVE 35%          Caterpillar         HOT BUY                                                        SAVE $7
                                                       Bath Pillow
                                          49                                    10                                                             12
Luxury cotton velour pile
Large size fits both cot and            $                                       $                    1x cotton bath towel 60 x 120cm
                                                                                                     1x face washer 30 x 30cm              $
toddler beds

 BEST BUY Cot Mattress                                                               BASSINET
          Protector 2 Pack
    $  29            Standard cot & large cot
                                                 Fitted Sheets 2 Pack
                                                         Bassinet/cradle size
                                                                SAVE $5

                                                    Fitted Sheets 2 Pack                             Embroidered
                                     BEST BUY       & 3pce Sheet Sets                  COT           Cot Quilts                           SAVE 40%
      Bassinet Mattress
                                            12                                            15                                                29
                                                    Cot size
      Protector 2 Pack                   $          SAVE $10                          $              Size: 90 x 120cm, 4 designs
                                                                                                     rabbits, trains, patchwork, circus

Gift Registry, Gift Vouchers and Lay-By Available
  25% Off All Kidsline &
  Cocalo 6 Piece Cot Sets
   Sets consist of: Quilt, cot top, flat sheet, fitted sheet, pillow case & blanket
   Many more designs available in store

                      Baby Farm                                          Caramel Kisses                                                             Bailey

                                                              Deluxe Change
                                                              Pad Covers
Security Blankies                     HOT PRICE               Super soft velour dots change       SAVE 30%    Printed Velour                    EXCLUSIVE
                                                                                                              Sherpa Blankets
                                              12                                                        12                                             15
Ultra soft plush blankie with                                 pad cover. Elasticised edge for
satin edge. Large assortment               $                  smooth tailored fit. Available in     $         Velour face with sherpa backing      $
of styles available                                           blue, ecru, pink, white and sage                Size 76 x 100cm

                                                                                                              Airwrap Deluxe                           SAVE
                                                                                                              Cot Bumper
                                                                                                              Available with 4 sides (all slat cot)
                                                                                                                                                       $   20
                                                                                                              or 2 sides (solid end cot)
  Baby Head Rest                                                                                              Breathable and padded natural cotton outer
  Provides gentle support for
  baby’s head and allows                SAVE $4                                                   HOT PRICE      4 SIDED                         2 SIDED
                                                              Baby Blanket
  natural head movements
  in babies 0-4 mths                      $   35              100% cotton
                                                              Soft and practical
                                                                                                        $         $ 99                             $  65

                                                                  Maternity Cushion
                                                                  100% cotton cover with
Mombo Deluxe Pillow                                               polyester filling. Shaped to
For feeding, lounging,                HOT PRICE                   comfort and support expectant                                                 SAVE $10
                                            45                                                                                                      49
propping or sitting                                               mother during 2nd and 3rd trimester
Removable vibration pad                   $                       of her pregnancy                                                                $
Machine washable slip cover

                                                                                                  Shop online at

   FlutterBugs Gym

   Jungle Play Gym

                                                 Bouncer                             SAVE 25%           Dots & Spots                         SAVE $50
                                                 Dots & Spots
                                                                                          29                                                      79
                                                                                                        6 speed & 2 position recline
                                                 Soothing vibration to calm baby      $                 Detachable toy bar                    $
                                                 Two playtime toys                                      Folds flat for easy storage

   Safari Activity Gym

                                                 Comfort & Harmony                                      Comfort & Harmony
   Bright Starts &            ALL ONLY *         Bouncer Florabella                  SAVE $30           Swing Florabella                     SAVE $50
   Playgro Gyms
                               35ea                                                     69                                                        99
                                                 7 calming melodies plus soothing                       6 swing speeds. 6 calming
   * Pictured products only   $                  vibrations. 2 engaging plush toys    $                 melodies with volume control &        $
                                                 2 recline positions                                    auto shut off, 2 recline positions

Ingenuity                                        Comfort & Harmony                                      Comfort & Harmony
Cradle Swing                  SAVE $30           Bouncer Sandstone                   SAVE $30           Swing Sandstone                      SAVE $50
                                  169                                                   69                                                        99
Seat rotates 180°                                7 calming melodies plus soothing                       6 swing speeds. 6 calming
10 melodies & nature sounds    $                 vibrations. 2 engaging plush toys    $                 melodies with volume control &        $
to soothe baby                                   2 recline positions                                    auto shut off, 2 recline positions


Timber Playpen                                                 BEST BUY               Plastic Playpen                                        BEST BUY
                                                                   69                                                                          119
Solid timber frame                                                                    Rounded edges and corners
Simple to assemble                                              $                     Indoor or outdoor use                                   $
Durable corner connectors            Play balls not included                          Extension pack sold separately

Gift Registry, Gift Vouchers and Lay-By Available

                                                                                                                         TOY SPECIAL*

Garden                                                   Sleep Sheep
Musical Mobile                     BEST BUY              on The Go                             SAVE $20
                                          29                                                        39
Soothes babies to sleep with                             Easily attaches to stroller or car
a soft, gentle wind-up lullaby        $                  seat, 7 inch size for easy travel        $
4 adorable plush characters                              4 nature sounds

Happy House                        SAVE 45%              Piano and Drum                       HOT PRICE
Super Mat
                                          25                                                          15
                                                         Little Tikes Tap-a-Tune lets
Super-soft mat 150 x 100cm             $                 your child take their first steps         $                   * Selected products only
Plenty of room for baby to play                          towards musical superstardom


                                                                                                                     2 in 1 Snug
Activity Road Rug                  SAVE 30%              Flip Out Sofa                         SAVE 20%              Secure Swing                  SAVE $10
                                        20                                                          39                                               49
Lightweight activity rug                                 While stocks last. Lightweight &                            T-bar rotates down for easy
Size: 100cm x 133cm                   $                  portable, a perfect addition to          $                  loading and unloading          $
Hardwearing easy to clean                                any child’s room                                            Ages 9mths to 48mths

         Pink                                                         Primary
                                                                                                 Lady Bug

                                                                BEST BUY                                                                           SAVE $30
Walkabout                                                                               Ride N Rolls Bumper
3 fun toys, 3 position height adjustment to grow with baby
Easily folds for storage
                                                                    $ 59                Soft for a comfortable ride. Wheels are omni-directional
                                                                                        allowing your child to spin and twist
                                                                                                                                                    $   79
                                                                                               Shop online at

Sleep Easy Digital                                                                                      Sound and

Audio Monitor                        SAVE $30   Digital Sound Monitor                   SAVE $10        Movement Monitor                     BEST BUY
                                          69                                                 69                                                      179
Digital technology, LCD                         SC310 Digital technology                                ACS201 – 2 movement pads with
temperature display, up to 300m       $         Parent talk back                         $              adjustable sensitivity. Reverts to       $
range, 2 way communication                      Soft glow night light                                   battery during power failure

Sleep Easy Compact                              Baby Sense 2 and                                        Sound and Movement

Digital Video Monitor                SAVE $20   Digital Video Monitor                   HOT PRICE       Monitor - 2 Parent Unit SAVE $50

                                      179                                                 299                                                    249
Full colour 4.6cm LCD screen                    Infant respiratory monitor with                         ACS402 Digital technology,
with night vision, voice activated   $          SC700 Digital Video Monitor             $               2 movement pads, up to 250m              $
camera function                                 2.4” colour screen with night vision                    range, temperature display

                                                                                                                                             Nasal Aspirator

                                                                                                           Complete Grooming Set

                                                                                                                              Brush &

                                                                                                         20%                  Comb Set

                                                                                                            *                    Tweezers &
                                                                                                                                 Nail Clip Set
Vicks Vaporizer                      SAVE $20            20% OFF
Natural Steam therapy, relieves
cold and flu symptoms, unique         $             VICKS Thermometers                                    *Selected products as shown
design to avoid scalding

                                                                                                        Set 3 Piece
                                                                                                        Soft on Gums, includes
                                                                                                        2 massage brushes
                                                                                                        and 1 soft nylon brush
                                                                                                                                             SAVE 60%
                                                                                                                                                     $   3

                                                *Limited stock of bonus case pictured

Humidifier                                      ThermoScan
Elephant or Frog                     SAVE $30   Ear Thermometer                         BE QUICK                                             HOT PRICE
                                                                                                        Icybite Ring Teether
                                         49                                                 94                                                       4
Helps relieve coughs, colds,                    Fast accurate measurement,
congestion and flu symptoms           $         easy to read LCD display                 $              Helps provide comfort and                    $
and supports easier breathing                   Auto-off after 60 seconds                               relief whilst teething

Gift Registry, Gift Vouchers and Lay-By Available
GATES & SAFETY                                                                                                      Connect with us
       Dream Baby                                                                                          

    Home Safety $3 each                                                                                    

                                                          Safe Bed Guard                     SAVE 45%   Cot Teething Rail                    SAVE 20%
                                                                                                  25                                              39
                                                          Lightweight reinforced frame                  Protects babies precious teeth
                                                          tube with padding, adjustable       $         Non-toxic, pvc free, phthalate        $
                                                          security strap to hold in place               free, bpa free, halogen free

                                   *Pictured items only

                                   ALL ONLY               Twilight Ladybug                   SAVE $10   Twilight Turtle                      SAVE $10
                                           3                                                   49                                                49
                                                          Projects a stary night sky                    Projects a stary night sky
                                         $                Soothing glow helps ease fear       $         Soothing glow helps ease fear         $
                                                          of dark, 45 minute sleep timer                of dark, 45 minute sleep timer

Sure Shut Axis Gate                SAVE $30               Swing Back Gate                    BEST BUY   Numi Dark Wood Gate SAVE $30
                                         89                                                       65                                          169
One-handed opening                                        Suitable for doorways & hallways              Slides onto and locks into low
Suitable for openings                 $                   75cm tall. Opens 75-82cm with       $         profile wall mount. Adjusts to fit   $
75cm to 82cm                                              optional extensions up to 282cm               openings 66cm to 101cm

                                   BEST BUY                                                  SAVE $30     Aluminium Gate
Retractable Gate                                          Hallway Wide Gate                               Slides onto and locks into low     SAVE $30
                                          75                                                      99                                          169
Fits narrow to wider openings up                          Suitable for doorways & hallways
to 140cm, suitable for doorways,       $                  75cm tall, opens 97-108cm with      $           profile wall mount. Adjusts to
                                                                                                          fit openings 66cm to 101cm         $
hallways & stairs.                                        optional extensions to 308cm

                                                                                             Shop online at

                                              Digital Electric                                  Newborn Starter Set
  Single Electric                             Steam Steriliser                                  Great to get you started
  Breast Pump                      SAVE $70   Pack includes a cup & 260ml          BEST BUY     Set includes; 2 x 125ml bottles,     GREAT VALUE

                                       179                                               135                                              39
  Soft massage cushions                       bottle, unit works quickly and                    2 x 260ml bottles, 2 extra
  trigger natural let-down,        $          continuously, keeping contents         $          newborn teats, a soother                 $
  electronic memory.                          sterile for up to 24 hours                        and bottle brush

  Digital Electric Bottle                     Microwave                                         Triple Pack
  or Food Warmer                              Steam Steriliser                                  260ml Bottles
  Easy to use digital display,
  ideal for milk and baby food
                                   SAVE $40   Pack includes 260ml bottle and
                                              soother. Unit Sterilises 4 to 6
                                                                                    SAVE 20%    3 x 260ml bottles designed
                                                                                                for easy transition between
                                                                                                                                     SAVE 40%
  from the fridge, freezer or
  room temperature
                                    $  99     bottles in 2 minutes, contents
                                              remain sterile for up to 24 hours
                                                                                        $54     breast and bottle, dishwasher,
                                                                                                microwave and freezer safe
                                                                                                                                         $   18

                                                                                                                          Pump & Save Bags
                                                                                                                       Pump milk directly into the bag
                                                                                                                      Takes up less space than bottles
                                                                                                                            Reliable and pre-sterilized

                                                                                                                          Calma Bottle 150ml
                                                                                                                          Unique teat design enables
                                                                                                                        babies to drink, breathe, and
                                                                                                                       pause similiar to breastfeeding

                                              B-Well Electric
Swing Breast Pump                  BEST BUY   Steam Steriliser                      SAVE $10                                         GREAT VALUE

                                    225                                                 129                                            24ea
Quiet and compact design                      Designed to support busy
2-Phase Expression Technology      $          mothers. Simple & safe to use          $                                               $
helps get more milk in less time              Easy to clean

                                   25%                        Liquid
                                   OFF                        Cleanser

                                                                                  Breast Pads
                                                                                      12 pack

                                                                                                Duo Pack of
Glass Bottle 240ml or 120ml                     Baby Wipes                          BE QUICK    300ml Bottles                        SAVE 30%
                                                Flip Top 70 pack
                                                                                     3 each                                                  16
Quality glass slim line bottle                                                                  Pack contains 2 x 300ml wide
includes small size teat and a                                                      $           neck bottles with 0-6month age           $
milk flow regulator                                                                             group teats. An ideal starter pack

Gift Registry, Gift Vouchers and Lay-By Available
                                    SAVE 30%         Green

  Messy Mat                            $   10        Sky Blue

                             Pat Mat
                             Sea Creatures                                                         Swing Tray
                             Ideal high chair fun
                             Mat Size 38cm x 23cm
                                                                                                   Feeding Seat                    SAVE 25%
                                                                                                   6mths+, 3 height adjustments
                                     HOT BUY        Yummigo Booster                     SAVE 20%   Swing away tray releases and
                                                                                                   adjusts with one hand

                                           5                                                 39
                                                    Lightweight, portable booster
                                           $        6 months to 20kg                     $
                                                    Handy storage compartment

    Black                                              Beech

Primo Hook                                                                                         Tak a Too
On Chair                             SAVE $10       Vera Booster                        SAVE $10   Booster                         SAVE 20%
                                          49                                                49                                         39
Soft rubber hands to grip                           Foldable booster seat                          5 point harness
and protect the table                  $            3 point safety harness               $         Padded base for comfort          $
5 point safety harness                              Anti-slip points of contact                    Two straps to secure to chair

                                                       Grey                                        Red/Black


HiLo                                 SAVE $70                                           SAVE $30                                   BEST BUY
                                                    Super Slim                                     Cube XT
                                       329                                                   79                                         59
6 months to 6 years old
2 height positions                   $              Super slim and lightweight           $         2 position tray adjustment       $
Very easy to clean surface                          Easy single action fold & unfold               Reversible seat liner

Multi                                               Silver                                         Seventy

Feed and Read                        SAVE $30       Messina                             BEST BUY   Polly                           SAVE $50
                                         149                                              165                                       249
Easy convert from highchair to                      3 recline positions                            7 height positions
playtable. 3 position backrest        $             6 height positions, 15kg capacity   $          3 recline positions             $
5 point harness                                     Suitable from 6mths to 15kg                    Double tray & liner

                                                                                        Shop online at

                                            Buy any
                                         JJ Cole Nappy
                                       Bag and receive a
                                       FREE Lamaze Play
                                         & Grow Plush
                                           Travel Toy*

                                                                                                                                               GREAT VALUE
                                                                                                          Twill Messenger
                                                                                                          Includes bottle holder,
                                                                                                          change mat and wipes holder
                                                                                                                                                    $   39
                                                                                                                                               Top Zip Tote

                                                                                                          Top Zip Hobo

    Mode Tote                          HOT PRICE                System 180
                                                                                                                                                SAVE $20
    Removable, padded shoulder                                  Includes grips™ stroller                  Both styles in black nylon with
                                                                                                          blue/green slate lining
    strap. Coordinating change
    mat included
                                                                attachment, coordinating
                                                                change mat, and pacifier pod™             Includes insulated bottle bag             $
                                                                                                          and change mat



 Talia Drawstring Bag                                                                                     Triple Bottle Pack
 Internal compartments for                       Change Mat                                               Insulated compartment holds
 personal items. Includes         SAVE $70       Compact, extra long, soft,       SAVE 40%                3 bottles. Adjustable shoulder        SAVE $15
                                    79                                                  10                                                              19
 stroller straps, padded change                  waterproof change mat
 mat and insulated bottle bag      $             Fits easily into any nappy bag      $                    and pram strap. Compartment
                                                                                                          to hold wipes pack and nappy               $


  Belly Belt Combo Kit              Bando Luxury                Footless Tights            Maternity Tights                      Superbra
                                    Maternity Band
                                                           SAVE $5                                                                                  SAVE $5
                                                           $ 19ea                                                                                   $   29
Gift Registry, Gift Vouchers and Lay-By Available
                                                                                                            Exclusive to
                                                                                                           Baby Bunting

                                                                                                                                          SAVE $20
                                   SAVE 20%
Potty Classic Pooh
Highback comfy potty to suit all
toilet training needs
                                    $   10       Bath & Toilet Set
                                                 Set includes: Potty, Step stool, Bath and Bath Seat


First Potty                        SAVE 30%   Bath Seat                           SAVE 30%             Step Stool                          SAVE 30%
                                        20                                             20                                                          4
Can be used first as a free                   Bath seat makes bathing your                             Strong plastic step will support
standing potty, then contoured      $         baby easier. Suction cups on           $                 up to 80kg. Great for bathroom          $
seat fits onto the toilet seat                base to prevent moving                                   or kitchen

  Toilet Trainer                   SAVE 10%   Baby Dam                             SAVE $10            Terri Bath Support                   SAVE $9
                                        18                                               49                                                        15
  Height adjustable legs with                 Saves on precious water                                  Soft towelling bath support
  4 rubber anti-slip stoppers       $         Easy to fit anywhere within bath       $                 and adjustable headrest                 $
                                              Easy to store                                            Storage for shampoo and soap

                                              Nite                                                     White

Pooh                                                                                                   * Bath trim may vary

Palma Changetable                  SAVE $30   Pax Plus Changetable                 SAVE $20            Bath & Stand Package SAVE $20
                                     119                                                 79                                                    79
Designed with maximum                         Soft top with safety strap                               Bath tub can stand alone
stability in mind. Lockable         $         Easy to set up and store away          $                 4 lockable twin castors                 $
castors for added security                    Sleek, sturdy and compact                                Compact fold stand

                                                                                   Shop online at
                                                         Qty: 144 – 28c per nappy

                                                         Qty: 120 – 34c per nappy

                                                               BEST BUY
                                                                $  3999

                                                         Qty: 128 – 40c per nappy               Reusable Fabric Nappies
                                                                                                with Eco-Disposable Inserts Starter Pack                                          BEST BUY
                                                               BEST BUY
                                                                                                Starter Pack includes 2 reusable fabric nappies
                                                                  49 99
                                                                                                and 32 Eco-Disposable Inserts
                                                               $                                Newborn, small, medium & large sizes available

                                                          Qty: 144 – 42c per nappy

                                                          Qty: 128 – 47c per nappy

                                                          Qty: 120 – 50c per nappy

                                                               BEST BUY                            Nappy Disposal Unit                               Nappy Disposal
                                                                                                                                                     Refills (4 Pack)
                                                                $   5999                           Safe, simple,
                                                                                                   easy to empty          BEST BUY                   Featuring Air-Seal           SAVE $10
                                                                                                                              $  29                                                $   39
                                                                                                   and use one                                       Technology to seal
                                                                                                   handed                                            in smell

                                              Bedtime Skin Care
                                              Gift Pack
                                              Pack includes; Johnson’s Baby lotion 200g,
                                              Baby powder 100g, Baby conditioning
                                              shampoo 200ml, Baby Bedtime bath 200ml,
                                              Baby fragrance free skincare wipes 20pk,
Bulk 480         BEST BUY
                                              Baby oil 200ml
                                                                     HOT PRICE                  Bamboo     GREAT VALUE                               Terry                        BEST BUY
Baby Wipes                                                                                      Baby Wipes                                           Towelling
6 Packs of
80 Wipes
                      $ 12                                                $  19                 80 pack       $                    5                 Nappies
                                                                                                                                                     Pack of 12
                                                                                                                                                                                   $  20
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