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									                                                Kenny’s Cafe
                                                  Chinese Cuisine • American Food
                                            Specializing in Szechun & Hong Kong Specials

                                                      Daily Specials
                                                   Open 7 Days a Week
                                                        Food to Go
                                                  640 Crespi Dr. • Pacifica
                                                      (650) 738-8649

                                                A Hidden Paradise
                                            ~ Our View is Unforgettable ~

                                                      Amazing Peruvian
                                            appetizers, dinners, steak and seafood
                                                        Happy Hour
                                                    Sunday thru Friday 5-7

                                          8150 Cabrillo Highway Montara, CA

         2 • SUMMER 2012
     On The Menu
        SUMMER 2012                    •     Vol. 1      •   Issue 1

                                                    EDITOR & PUBLISHER
                                                    ELAINE LARSEN
                                                    CONTRIBUTING EDITOR

                                                                                CUISINE OF CHINA
                                                    ROBERT J. DEVINCENZI
                                                    PRODUCTION MANAGER
                                                    CHRISTINE ENG
                                                    GRAPHIC DESIGNERS
                                                    KARI NYEMASTER
                                                    BOB LOYD
                                                    FEATURE WRITER
                                                    KEL KANADY
                                                    SCOTT HESTER
                                                    CANDY ZERTUCHE
                                                    CAROL SCHIVO

                      Cover photo by Scott Hester

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                                                                                                       ON THE MENU • 3
                                                                                         SUMMER 2012 • ON THE MENU • Spring 2012 •
        Nick’s Famous Grilled Crab and Tomato Sandwich is why many diners make the drive to the coast to eat.

             Eighty-Five Years of
             Ocean-View Dining
         Families celebrate special events at Nick’s Seafood Restaurant
        BY  KEL KANADY                                              grilled sourdough bread feels like a celebration for

                   ena has what it takes to be successful in the    your taste buds and the eggplant fries on the side are
                   restaurant business,” says Chuck Gust with       delicious. Their menu hosts many seafood choices
                   an assured nod. “She brings creativity and       including sautéed calamari steak ($24.95) and a
        fresh ideas to the place.” Chuck should know. As third      Mediterranean style grilled fish of the day with toma-
        generation owner of Nick’s Seafood Restaurant in            toes, kalamata olives, red onion, rosemary, basil and
        Pacifica’s Rockaway Beach, Chuck is assessing the tal-      lemon zest (market price). Fettuccini Shell Feast offers
        ents of his daughter, Lena Gust. “Four generations; not     mussels, prawns and scallops, with a choice of garlic
        bad, eh?” Chuck smiles, recalling his own busboy            cream or a spicy marinara sauce ($23.95), and lobster
        beginnings at the tender age of 13.                         ravioli basks in a brandy cream sauce ($20.75).
           More than creativity and a willingness to dedicate          At Nick’s, you can order prime rib with lobster tail
        many hours per week, Lena has the ability to make           (market price), try Nick’s Favorite Pepper Steak, a New
        each diner feel they are the most important person in       York cut with fresh cracked peppercorns and brandy
        the room. Whether greeting regular customers by             sauce ($31.95), or order one of several creative burgers
        name, or introducing herself to first-time visitors,        such as the Cali burger (with avocado, sprouts and Jack
                                                                    cheese), or the Dirty Joey with Swiss and blue cheeses,     All in the family for four generations: Nick, Chuck and Lena Gust (from left
        Lena has a way of making people feel at home.
           Perhaps that’s because Nick’s has been her home-         ($11.95 on bun or $13.25 on grilled sourdough).
        away-from-home since birth.                                    The bar area offers a relaxed atmosphere with            offering the gift of outstanding customer service.”
           “My sister and I used to roller-skate on the dance       booths and tables and a dance floor that is filled on         The Gust family is planning a celebration of their
        floor,” recalls Lena with a laugh. “When my dad would       Friday and Saturday nights with a diverse group enjoy-      own. The 85th anniversary of the restaurant will enjoy
        buff the floor, we rode the buffer like it was a carnival   ing the live music.                                         week-long festivities in July. Tentative plans include a
        ride. And it was the same buffer that my dad rode              “People from 30 to 70 years old are all on the dance     swing night, a rock ’n’ roll night, a special appreciation
        while my grandfather pushed!”                               floor together,” Lena says. “It’s great to see everyone     luncheon for their senior customers, and of course,
           Lena’s grandfather is 91-year-old Nick Gust who still    having fun.”                                                their traditional Fourth of July barbecue.
        visits the restaurant, chatting with customers. Lena’s         Appetizers include crab cakes ($15.95) and grilled         Despite the “‘long days and short nights,’ as my
        grandmother, Lorraine, is much younger — she’s only         Cajun prawns ($16.50). Specialty cocktails include a        father would say,” Lena obviously enjoys her time at
        84 — so she still works in the kitchen twice a week,        traditional basil Gimlet, made with Hendricks Gin, or       Nick’s. “Working in a restaurant is a wonderful experi-
        cutting vegetables and working on the marinade for          a Nick’s original, a Spanking, which combines Ruby          ence. There’s always a great energy. From family cele-
        their famous crab.                                          Red vodka, Cointreau, lime juice, and a splash of cran-     brations to romantic dinners, something good is hap-
           Generations of Gusts have created an ambiance            berry juice ($8). With draft beers, an extensive wine       pening each day.” How many other work places can
        where generations of many other families throughout         list, and a juke box that includes The Rolling Stones       claim that?
        the Pacifica area come in to eat and celebrate. With an     and Frank Sinatra, there is something for every taste.        Nick’s Seafood Restaurant is open Monday through
        incomparable setting on the beach of the Pacific               Their 180-person banquet room has hosted many            Thursday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Friday, 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.,
        Ocean, and a relaxed atmosphere, Nick’s serves break-       families over the years. “The best part of being here for   and Saturday and Sunday, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. The bar is
        fast, lunch and dinner, seven days a week.                  so long is the families that have grown along with ours,”   open until 11 p.m. on weekdays and midnight on
           Their signature dish is Nick’s Famous Grilled Crab       says Chuck. “We’ve had customers celebrate baptism          Friday and Saturday nights.
        and Tomato Sandwich ($18.95), and it does not disap-        receptions and then we see those babies grow up to cel-       Nick’s is located at 100 Rockaway Beach Ave.,
        point. Dungeness crab with tomato and onion on              ebrate their wedding receptions. We pride ourselves on      Pacifica, nicksrestaurant.net, (650) 359-3900.                        Dram

         4 • SUMMER 2012
                                                                                                                                                       (Above) Special surf and turf: lobster and filet mignon.
                                                                                                                                                       (Below) Chef Kevin Balentine flames seafood.
                                                                                                                                                                                               Photos by Scott Hester

k and Lena Gust (from left) of a coastal dining icon, Nick’s Seafood Restaurant.

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                     Dramatic sunsets complement the oceanside dining at Nick’s, which was established in 1927.
                                                                                                         Photo courtesy of Nick’s Seafood Restaurant

                                                                                                                                                                               ON THE MENU • Spring 2012 •
       Kenny’s Chicken is fired up in a
       spicy garlic sauce, with garlicky
       green beans as a complement.

                                           May and Ping Szeto opened Kenny’s Cafe in Pacifica 20 years ago, featuring Chinese dishes along-
                                           side American food.
                                                                                                                             Photos by Scott Hester

                                                           Kenny’s Cafe
                                                      Chinese tradition meets American comfort
                                           BY  KEL KANADY                                       May happily takes her hostess role seriously.

                                                  wenty years ago, May and Ping Szeto         “My husband may be first, but I’m also mar-
                                                  decided that in addition to helping         ried to the restaurant,” May laughs. “My cus-
                                                  May’s parents run a restaurant, they        tomers have become my friends, so this is my
                                           would open their own. May and Ping wanted          home too.”
                                           to offer traditional Chinese dishes alongside        Many of her customers come in every day,
                                           American food and name their restaurant            adding to the family atmosphere. And pleas-
                                           after their young son; Kenny’s Cafe in Pacifica    ing customers is the No. 1 priority. Though
                                           was established.                                   they have an extensive menu with various
                                              Food is an important part of May’s family       options, everything seems as negotiable as if
                                           history. “My grandparents had a tea house in       customers were in their own homes with per-
                                           China,” explains May. “And when my parents         sonal chefs. Hot and spicy items are clearly
                                           came to the United States, they opened a           marked in red, but customers can request a
                                           restaurant. My father always included both         milder version. By the same token, mild items
                                           traditional Chinese dishes and American food       can be adjusted to accommodate a spicier fla-
                                           to appeal to all his customers.”                   vor. Their menu even offers, “Should your
                                              Maintaining that custom, Kenny’s Cafe           favorite dish not be listed here, describe your
                                           offers Cantonese, Szechuan and Hunan dish-         desire to us; we will be glad to have our expe-
                                           es along with hamburgers and steaks. “I feel it    rienced chefs prepare it for you.” Just like at
                                           is a way that the entire family can enjoy a meal   home.
                                           out. Parents may want spicy Kung Pao prawns          Two favorite soups are the won-ton soup
                                           ($8.95) and a little one may want a grilled        and the hot and sour soup ($2.50 cup). The
                                           cheese sandwich.”                                  won-tons are filled with pork, beef, chicken or
sour soup is just that — a spicy soup with a
touch of tangy flavor. It is a delicious meatless
option. Appetizers vary from traditional
choices such as egg rolls (two for $4.50), pot
stickers ($4.95), to spicy chicken wings
($7.95). Specialties include Kenny’s Chicken,
which is a deep fried chicken in a spicy garlic
sauce ($7.95) and Salt and Pepper Seafood, a
plate of semi-crispy scallops, prawns, and filet
of sole with rice and vegetables ($11.95).
American dinners include soup, vegetables
and a choice of rice, French fries or mashed
potatoes. Entrées include New York steak
($12.95), filet of sole ($8.95) and grilled pork
chop ($9.50).
   While there are many “American” options,
May and Ping understand that traditional
Chinese flavors are what brings their cus-
tomers back. The moo shi pancakes are the tra-
ditional, thin cakes which define this Mandarin
dish. They contain mushrooms, cabbage, egg
and a choice of pork, chicken, beef or vegetable
blend ($8.50). Their special garlic sauce is an
important part of several dishes including egg-
plant beef with garlic sauce ($8.95), and scal-
lops with garlic sauce ($9.95).
   Although in a corner of a remodeled super-
market, Kenny’s Cafe is brightly lit with large
windows and a décor that, like their menu,
combines American and Chinese. The fresh
flowers at each table are red roses which com-
plement the furniture, also in traditional
Chinese red.
   Open seven days a week, Kenny’s Cafe is the
place where customers find good food, rea-
sonable prices, and an owner whose happiness
is as engaging as the smells of the Szechuan
   Kenny’s Cafe is open Tuesday through
Saturday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Sunday and
Monday, 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. The restaurant is
located at 640 Crespi Drive in Pacifica, (650)
                                                    Honey walnut prawns are a favorite among the Chinese selections on the Kenny’s Cafe menu.

                                                                                                                                        ON THE MENU • Spring 2012 •

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