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									                                                                                                           chapter 1

eTapestry New Features
Dashboard Enhancements                                                                                             1

Disable Constant Contact                                                                                           2

Report Changes                                                                                                     3

Scheduled Reports Show Updated Name                                                                                4

Mark System-Defined Queries as Favorites                                                                           4

Getting Started Wizard                                                                                             5

Auto Cleaning Organization Journal                                                                                 5

This guide lists new features and enhancements in the eTapestry 7.5.0 release. These changes are in effect as of
July 8th, 2012.

Dashboard Enhancements
We have added new tiles to the dashboard and made enhancements to existing tiles.To manage what tiles
appear on your dashboard, from the dashboard click Select Tiles and Layout.

Campaign, Approach,and Fundraiser Performance Tiles
The Campaign, Approach, and Fundraiser Performance tiles have new functionality.

    l   You can now enter a variable or custom date range to see in the tiles.
    l   You can choose to see raised, received, or pledged dollar amounts.
            l   Raised includes gifts, recurring gifts, and pledge transactions.
            l   Received includes gifts, recurring gifts, and payments. You can choose to include or exclude
                purchases, shipping, and tax transactions.
            l   Pledged includes pledge transactions only.
    l   The tile now includes a summary statement at the top, such as how much you have raised towards your
    l   When the progress exceeds 100%, the thermometer now indicates the actual percent. Previously, it
        continued to show 100% even if that amount had been exceeded.
    l   To quickly edit your goal, you can now click Goal right on the tile.

New Dashboard Tile
The new Support Resources tile gives you access to the eTapestry Support YouTube channel and the Blackbaud
KnowHow blog.

To add this or any tile to your dashboard, from the dashboard click Select Tiles and Layout.

Disable Constant Contact
If you no longer want to use the integration with Constant Contact, you can now disable it. To disable the
integration, follow these steps.
Note: Disabling the Constant Contact integration does not affect any Constant Contact data that you
synchronized with your eTapestry database before the integration was disabled.
                                                                                        E T A PE ST RY   N E W F E A T U RE S   3

   1. From the Communicate tab click Constant Contact.
   2. Select Manage Preferences. The Constant Contact - Manage Preferences page appears.
   3. Under Constant Contact Integration Status, deselect the "Enabled" checkbox.

   4. Click Save to disable the integration. To enable the integration after it has been disabled, check the
        "Enabled" checkbox and click Save.

Note: When you disable the Constant Contact integration, the "Transfer Emails to Constant Contact" link no
longer appears.

Report Changes
We made some changes to existing standard reports.

Campaign, Ap
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