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					Asset class          Invests worldwide in high yield corporate bonds
                     Robeco High Yield Bonds invests globally in corporate high-yield bonds. In our investment process we use four
                     different performance drivers: 1. Top-down market view (beta overlay) 2. Large cap issuer selection and leveraged
                     buyouts 3. Small cap issuer selection 4. Investing in 'opportunities' (such as new issues) Given the diversity of the
                     high yield market we believe that the combination of these performance drivers with both fundamental and
Investment policy
                     quantitative research techniques produces the best investment results. Robeco High Yield Bonds does not pursue
                     either an active currency policy (all currency risks are hedged into the euro) or an active duration policy. Risk
                     management is fully integrated in the investment process, to ensure that positions always meet predefined
Benchmark            Barclays Capital US Corporate High Yield + Pan European High Yield-Index hedged into USD ex financials
Fund manager         Sander Bus
Manager              Robeco Asset Management
Investment vehicle   Fund
Legal status         Investment company with variable capital incorporated under Luxembourg law (SICAV)
UCITS III            Yes
Umbrella fund        The fund is part of the Robeco Capital Growth Funds SICAV umbrella
Daily tradable       Yes
Dividends            None
AUM 31/12/2011       EUR 1,937 billion
                                                                                                                     0IH EUR (institutional
                      IH EUR (institutional   DH EUR (retail share    IH USD (institutional 0DH EUR (retail share
Share class                                                                                                            share class - Zero
                          share class)             class)                 share class)      class - Zero Duration)
Currency                    Euro                     Euro                 Dollar US                  Euro                   Euro
Inception date            9/1/2005                4/17/1998               1/13/2009             1 October 2010        23 December 2010
Management fee             0.50%                    1.00%                   0.50%                   1.00%                  0.50%
Service fee                0.04%                    0.08%                   0.04%                   0.08%                  0.08%
ISIN code               LU0227757233            LU0085136942            LU0398248921            LU0545439217            LU0570123827
Bloomberg Code          RGCGMNI LX              RGCGMNA LX               RGHYBID LX             ROBHYOD LX               RHYOIEC LX

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