New York Orthodontists Press Release August 9, 2012

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					NYC Residents Turn to the to Find Information on

Everyone would love to have a perfect smile, but very few people are born with them.
This means that many people must wear braces in order to straighten teeth and correct
a variety of dental problems.

Braces are most often worn by adolescents, but some adults may also find themselves
needing braces later on in life. In New York, it can be difficult to find an orthodontist
who provides trusted and reliable care. As a result, many New York residents use the
Internet to find the best orthodontists. has been getting a lot of attention lately for helping New
York residents find the best Orthodontist and helping them with braces related
questions. The site features a plethora of editorial content on dental related issues.
Resources include a whole host of helpful articles, a glossary of orthodontic terms and
a list of common myths about braces.

The New York Orthodontists website also sheds light on why New York City is a top
destination for orthodontic care: “New York is home to two of the best dentistry
schools in the county, Columbia University and NYU. Not only do they turn out some
of the best orthodontists in the country, but they are also home to prestigious
organizations like CTOR. This leading edge orthodontic research consortium is
currently studying things like molecular orthodontics, accelerated teeth movement
and skeletogenesis. This is the research that translates into you getting the best
treatment possible.”

In addition to offering details on NYC orthodontists, the website also provides
editorial content on dental and brace care, topics covered include canker sores, dental
kits, care of braces after installation and the cost of braces. One of the most popular
articles on the site covers the major questions patients should ask their orthodontists.

A spokesperson explained the objectives of the site:

“There are few issues as important as dental health but the public often blindly trust
an orthodontist without understanding their service, the options or some of the
language they use. We have created a complete resource for any orthodontist related
questions including explaining dentistry terms in plain English so as to demystify
some of the confusing jargon. We also provide a list of trusted New York
Orthodontist professionals.”

About New York Orthodontists:

New York Orthodontists is an online resource for people who want to find qualified
orthodontists specializing in braces. Based in New York, the website helps people to
find the best New York orthodontists. It also contains information on a variety of
other dental issues as well as general tooth care.

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