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					REACH Barrier™
Garage Door Insulation Kit
uses REACH Reflective Air²,
which is comprised of two
layers of sealed air laminated
between two layers of durable
and economical reflective
polyethylene to create the best
radiant barrier product.

REACH Reflective Air² will retain
its air much longer than
competitive products. The ability
to retain air longer means
a better product for you.
                                                  Each Kit will cover an 8’x8’ single car, eight
REACH Bubble Insulation is also made              panel garage door. Kit includes:
                                                  • Eight (8) REACH Barrier™ Reflective Air²
of 20% recycled material resulting in a
                                                    Insulation panels
“greener” product.                                • Permanent Bond two-sided adhesive tape
                                                  • Easy installation

What is REACH Barrier™?                           REACH Barrier™ Benefits:
 To understand what REACH Barrier™ is, it         • 100% Made in USA
helps to understand why a radiant barrier is
such an effective insulator, the three modes of   • Blocks radiant heat by up to 95%
heat transfer and how they work. Heat             • Reduces Heating and cooling loss
travels by a mixture of conduction, convection
and radiation. Fiberglass, cellulose and foam     • Saves you Energy and Money
are all designed to slow the flow of              • Easy to use and install
convection and conductive heat.
                                                  • Requires no protective clothing or
  Although each of these insulation types is
effective, they are not designed to stop the        special tools
flow of radiant heat. REACH Barrier™              • Requires no maintenance
reflective insulation and radiant barrier
technology blocks up to 95% of the radiant        • Highly Durable, Lasts Longer
heat.                                             • Meets new ASTM Fire codes
SPECIFICATIONS: Garage Door Insulation Kit
REACH Barrier™ Reflective Air² Radiant Barrier
                                                          Two layers of sealed air laminated between two
PRODUCT:                                                  layers of reflective polyethylene
CONTACT TEMPERATURE RANGE:                                -60°F to 180°F (-51°C to 82°C)
THICKNESS:                                                5/16” nominal
WATER VAPOR TRANSMISSION:                                 .02 perms****
PUNCTURE RESISTANCE:                                      60 lbs. per in.***
PLIABILITY:                                               No Cracking
LINEAR SHRINKAGE:                                         None
MOLD AND MILDEW:                                          No Growth
FLAME SPREAD:                                             0 ASTM E84-08
SMOKE DEVELOPMENT:                                        40 ASTM E84-08
FIRE RATING:                                              Class A / Class 1
REFLECTIVITY:                                             95%
MOTOR VEHICLE SAFETY STANDARD 302:                        Zero surface burn rate
EMITTANCE:                                                0.04****

United States Testing Company, Inc.
* ASTM Test Method E-84-81A / *** ASTM Test Method D-781 / **** ASTM E-96 Method A / ***** ASTM E-408


ITEM (KIT) UPC:                             00853455003009
REACH CODE:                                 3009
UNIT DIMENSIONS:                            13” x 13” x 25”
CASE CUBE:                                  2.44 cubic feet
WEIGHT:                                     5 ½ LBS

                                   REACH Barrier, LLC
                                   860 Dorothy Dr., Suite 608
                                   Richardson, Texas 75081
                                   Phone: 972-331-3933
                                   Fax:   972-644-4201

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