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   stuff you gotta know!                                       October ’07
            A monthly e-newsletter for members of Carnegie Lake Rowing Association

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                    On-the-water Practice Schedules
                    Regatta News
                    2007 Board Elections Update
                    Chase and Belly Volunteers Needed
                    Equipment Team Forming
                    Save the Date – Holiday Party
                    Bulletin Board News
                    Safety Tip of the Month
                    Reminders
                    Website Page of the Month

Fall On-the-Water Practice Schedule

            -                    Experienced Rowers                 2007 Learn-to-Row

         Sunday                   5:00 PM – 7:00 PM                 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

         Monday                    5:30 AM - 7:10 AM

        Tuesday                                                      5:30 AM - 7:10 AM

       Wednesday                   5:30 AM - 7:10 AM

        Thursday                                                     5:30 AM - 7:10 AM

         Friday                    5:30 AM - 7:10 AM
Effective September 10, 2006. Sign up on easy signup on the CLRA website.

Schedule Notes:
    Sunday, October 21: Learn-to-Row session only; no experienced rower session (Head of
      the Charles Regatta)
    Monday, October 22: Session may be cancelled pending availability of coaches due to
      Head of the Charles Regatta. Please check website for updates.
    Sunday, October 28: No Rowing – The Princeton 3-Mile Chase
    Effective November 4, Sunday practices start 2 hours earlier: LTR at 1 pm and
      Experienced at 3 pm
    Sunday, November 11: No Rowing – The Belly of the Carnegie
    Sunday, November 25: Winter schedule begins

Regatta News. The full 2007 regatta schedule is posted on the CLRA website. Listed below are
some upcoming dates to keep in mind. Please note that boat postings and practice dates are
subject to change. Sign up on the bulletin board by the tankhouse.

      Head of the Charles Regatta, Cambridge, Mass., October 20-21
       Head of the Schuylkill Regatta, Philadelphia, PA, October 27; boatings posted October
        13; practices October 19-26
       Head of the Occoquan, Fairfax, VA – CANCELLED due to over-enrollment and early
        cut-off by the regatta organizers

Please contact the committee (Margery Mark, Loretta McCarthy or Graham Hill) if you have
questions about the regattas, dates and sign-ups. Any questions on boatings should be directed
to captain Gary Mount.

2007 CLRA Board Elections Update. Election materials – including the list of
candidates, their statements and a ballot – will be sent to members in early November
and elections will be held at the Annual Meeting on December 13 (ballots also may be
mailed in advance). Thanks to the 2007 Nominating Committee members, who include
Barbara Heck, chair, Rick Hall, Chris Kane, Kristy Seymour and Linda Strange. (Note:
2007 LTR participants are not eligible to vote in the elections.)

Chase and Belly Volunteers Needed. Each year our club operates two fall head races for the
University. We are responsible for the organization and the volunteer help at each event. It’s our
chance to show our appreciation to Princeton – and the University rowing coaches and the
visiting college teams are very grateful for our involvement. Volunteers are needed for the
Princeton Three-Mile Chase on Sunday, October 28 (7 am to 5 pm times available) and the
Belly of the Carnegie on Sunday, November 11 (7 am to 1 pm times available). Please contact
Bill Flynn to let him know when you can help and any job preferences you may have, including
set-up, parking, traffic control, Chase shirt production, dock control, food tent, clean-up, results
runner, programs and more. Volunteers are reminded to dust off their yellow "REGATTA STAFF"
hat/visor they received last year and wear them at the regatta so that spectators and competitors
can identify the volunteers. If you didn't get one, we will have one for you at the regatta. The
yellow "REGATTA STAFF" hat/visor will get you free food at the food tent.
Thanks in advance for your involvement!

Equipment Team Forming. Equipment is a large area of responsibility at CLRA, which includes
boats, covers, parts, oars, cox boxes and bags, safety bags, trailer, tools, launches and more. In
addition to Captain Gary Mount, many people have ably helped with this task over the years. To
even better coordinate this job on a regular basis, we’re forming an equipment team that will
share responsibility for maintaining and helping to plan for our equipment needs. If you are
interested in being part of this team, look for a sign-up sheet on the outside bulletin board or
contact Veronique Oomen.

Save the Dates:

       Turkey Row! Capping off our on-the-water season is the annual Turkey Row on
        Thanksgiving morning, Thursday, November 22 at 8 a.m. It’s open to all rowers,
        including this year’s Learn-to-Row participants subject to coaches’ review. This festive
        event includes a friendly intramural race (boatings announced the morning of the race),
        fabulous prizes and refreshments for all. Look for online signup in November.

       CLRA Annual Meeting for all members and 2007 LTR class on Thursday, December 13
        at 7 pm. Location TBA.

       CLRA Holiday Party will be held Saturday, December 15. Family and friends welcome.
        Look for more details in the next LakerNotes.

       Graham Zanker recently joined as a fall member; from New Zealand, he’s been rowing
        since 1970

Safety Tip of the Month: Safety lights are required on the all boats for morning rows. Make sure
that your coxswain and bow person have lights attached. Don’t row without them. The red light
should be placed on the bow and the white light on the stern. Affix the light’s suction cup firmly to
the boat deck and attach the string to rudder pin or hatch cover as a precaution against loss.

    Boat Care. Coxswains, please do not sit on the stern deck. Sitting on the deck of the
      boat results in cracks in the deck. Rowers, please do not take your shoes or sandals in
      the boat with you; leave them on the dock. Footwear brings dirt into the boat and creates
      excessive wear on the seat wheels. The University has asked us to cooperate with these
      rules in order to help maintain the boats.
    Next Board Meeting: December 13, 2007 immediately following the Annual Meeting.
      Members are welcome to attend.
    CLRA Yahoo Listserv. A message board for Lakers is available. This is a private
      discussion group for members of the Carnegie Lake Rowing Association, which is
      intended as a forum for members to discuss training, cross-training, competition,
      carpooling, social events, volunteering, etc. If you’re interested in joining, send an email
      to Rose Ford, who is serving as moderator.
    No Boathouse Parking. Please remember that parking is not permitted in the boathouse
      parking lot for any club rowing sessions, loading sessions or meetings. Please use the
      supplemental lots within walking distance to the boathouse. If you have a hardship or a
      special need to park at the boathouse, you must receive approval from Tom
      Heebink. Thank you for your cooperation.

www.clra.com Website Page of the Month. Don’t just look at the home page. Check out the
information about The Chase http://www.clra.com/princeton/chase/chase.htm and the Belly
http://www.clra.com/princeton/belly/belly.htm. Learn about these Princeton head races, the
schedule and the history.

Please check http://www.clra.com/ for more up-to-date club information. If you have any
questions or comments, please email info@clra.com.

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