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					                                                              Finance Division
                                                   FY2013 Prioritized New Money Requests

Priority     Dept                                                    Description                                        Recurring   One Time     Total Cost
   1     Financial Aid   One 30 hr per week M/T no benefit Financial Aid position is needed to handle the              $ 27,500                  $ 27,500
                         aid process for veterans. This request was not included in the planning document              .
                         because this responsbility was put in the Veterans Coordinator position in Advising.
                         Experience has shown that due to volume and complexity, one position cannot provide
                         both the advising and financial service to the student veterans. A position is needed
                         is needed in FA to support this growing student population.
   2     HR              Assistant Director of HR (non-represented administrator). Received a high priority in the     $   78,790                $   78,790
                         FY12 PBC process but ultimately was not funded. Need still exists.
                         Gateway Building will add an additional 100,000 sq. ft. of indoor space plus 40 acres of
   3                     manicured ground cover. Positions are needed to accommodate campus expansion.
                         Actual cost will be split with Kean as required in the operating agreement.
         Facilities      2 new Custodians. $83,024                                                                     $   41,512                $   41,512
         Facilities      2 new Grounds workers. $83,024                                                                $   41,512                $   41,512
         Facilities      1 new Office Services worker. Request is for 30 hour/no benefit position $27,500              $   13,750                $   13,750
                         Subtotal Gateway/Campus Expansion Positions Actual OCC cost                                   $   96,774                $   96,774
         Purchasing      Additional Buyer is needed to pace with growth of OCC and complexity of procurement
                         requirements. Opportunity for cost savings is expected as all buyers will have more           $   27,500                $   27,500
   4                     time to pursue non-routine methods of procurement and implement electronic processes.
                         Request is for 30 hour/no benefit position.
                         PEOSH mandated for sloped roofs. Fall protection for Building 27 (Facilities Bldg)
   5     Facilities      ArcFlash Survey. PEOSH directed Campus wide survey of electrical equipment.                                $   60,000   $   60,000
                         HVAC duct cleaning equipment. The College currently own no duct cleaning equipment.
   6     Facilities      Current estimates to clean ducts using outside contractors total $30,000.                                  $    5,000   $    5,000
         Facilities      Replace Tabber and Postage machines. Both are six years old. Equipment needs to be
   7     Office Srvs     replaced to meet new postal regulations.                                                                   $   38,000   $   38,000
         OIT             Enhance electronic document management and retention system.
   8                     Develop interfaces between Datatel and other applications (R25, imaging, Cruiser, etc).                    $   39,000   $   39,000
   9     OIT             Expand available disk space to expand the desktop virtualization project.                                  $   65,000   $   65,000
                         Two electric vehicles. One electric closed van will be used for mail deliveries by Office
  10     Facilities      Services. The other vehicle will replace a gasoline powered van in Maintenance.                            $   30,000   $   30,000
         HR                  Implement on line training program college-wide through HR on topics such as diversity,
  11                     supervision, delegating, etc. Annual fee.                                                     $    5,000                $    5,000
                         Contractor tracking system to track contractor visitation, badge distribution, login and ER
  12     Facilities      logout and e-mail, and text notification.                                                                  $    5,000   $    5,000

                         Total VP Finance & Administration Request                                                     $ 235,564    $ 242,000    $ 477,564

Set Aside Requests
         IT              Computer Replacement Set Aside                                                                $ 500,000                 $ 500,000
         Facilities      Deferred Maintenance Set Aside                                                                $ 250,000                 $ 250,000
         Facilities      Furniture Set Aside                                                                           $ 250,000                 $ 250,000
                                                                                                                        1,000,000                1,000,000

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