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									               The Woods- A story about a lost

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 The Woods
         Rudy was a shaggy little puppy who loved to play outside. His favorite part of the day was
when his owners took him outside. Sometimes they would unclip his leash from his collar and Rudy
would be free to run and play. When Rudy was inside his house he would stare out of the window
wishing he could be free to go outside and play like so may of the other animals. Rudy longed to
spend his days chasing squirrels and sniffing all the smells in the woods behind his house.
         One day Rudy got his chance. His owner left the backdoor open when she was bringing in
the groceries. Without anyone noticing Rudy snuck out the open door. He went bounding down the
back steps through the backyard and into the woods. There was so much to see, and Rudy had so
much fun. He chased all the squirrels that caught his eye and stopped to sniff every new smell.
After awhile Rudy had had enough exploring and was ready to go home. He trotted up a hill to
where he remembered the path that was to lead him back to his house. When he got to the top of
the hill he realized he was wrong and the path was not there; he was lost.
         Rudy became scared; he didn’t know how he was going to find his way home. Rudy
panicked and ran back down the hill. He ran and ran until he was so tired he could not go any
         He lied down for a minute to rest and he must have drifted off to sleep. All of a sudden he
awoke to a faint voice. “Could it be?” – No be must be dreaming, but then he heard it again. The
faint voice was getting closer. “Rudy, Rudy, where are you?” Rudy jumped up and began to bark. It
was his owners; they had come looking for him. Before he knew it there they were! Rudy was so
excited to see them; he leapt into their arms and began licking their faces as they quickly clipped his
leash onto his collar. He was never happier to be lead back home. After Rudy’s long adventure in
the woods he was content to sit in his chair watching the woods from his window; dreaming of the
adventures he had.
Who is the main character in the

   A. Rudy the dog?
   B. Sally the horse?
   C. Rose the pig?
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Very Good!

What was the setting?

   A. The zoo
   B. The beach
   C. The woods
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What happened at the Beginning of the

A. Rudy would stare out the window wishing
   he could play outside.
B. Rudy was hungry
C. Rudy was going to take a nap
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Very Good!

What happened at the middle of the

A. He was stung by a bee.
B. He got lost.
C. He went swimming
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 What happened at the end of the

A. Rudy was excited to go to the pet store.
B. Rudy had to go to the vet for a shot.
C. Rudy was happy to lie in his chair and look out
 the window.
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Wonderful job retelling the story!

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