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1 How often do you go online to shop for vitamins & supplements ?
     weekly                   monthly                    quarterly               > 6 months

2 Would you try a new Product in that is announced via its newsletters ?
    Sometimes                 Only through friend's recommendation               Only if I know the Product

3 Would you recommend to your friends ?
    Yes, regardless of whether my friends will browse at it or not
    Yes, if I think there are Products that suit my friends
     No                    Why No?

4 Have you contacted for Products you could not find?
     Yes                      Not yet                    No

5 How do you find the Products provided by ?
    Good                      Average                   Poor

6 How do you find the Services provided by ?
    Good                       Average                    Poor

7 Where do you usually purchase your vitamins ?
    Nature's Farm            GNC                          Watsons                online
    Pharmacies               Organic Stores
    Others, please state :

8 Do you buy vitamins from other online sites besides at ?
     Yes                      No
   If "Yes", please give the names of the websites:

9 Why do you buy from ?
    Convenience              Price/ Offers                Services               Cannot find elsewhere
   Other reasons :

10 Why do you not buy from ?
     Not enough info           Price                      Services               Delivery Charges
     Other reasons :

11 How would you rate our's bi-weekly newsletters ?
     Useful                   Not useful
     Informative              Not informative

12 What type of vitamins or supplements do you buy regularly ?

13 What brands of vitamins or supplements do you buy regularly ?

14 What are the factors you consider important in your buying decision on vitamins or supplements ? Please rank
   the followings from 1 to 5, where 1 ranks the most important and 5 ranks the least important.
     Price                   1       2       3      4       5
     Brand                   1       2       3      4       5
     Convenience             1       2       3      4       5
     Free Delivery           1       2       3      4       5
     Country of Origin       1       2       3      4       5
     Other factors not stated above:

15 Which areas/aspects would you like to improve on, and please provide improvement suggestions ?

                                                    Thank You.

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