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					                   ECO-pH PRODUCTS
                                   Micro-Organism Remediation
Every day around the world, whether you are an Industrial Facility, a Manufacturing Plant or a Business
of any kind, you are generating, in some capacity, a variety of hydrocarbon, animal or plant-based
contaminants that need to be eliminated.

These contaminants could be such things as oils, fuels, lubricants, greases, fats, waste, etc. and they all
have one big thing in common…they impact our homes, businesses and our entire world by creating
liabilities and responsibilities within our facilities and in the land and water around us.
Are you tired of all these contaminants taking over your floors, equipment, surfaces and land to the point
where it has become a major nuisance or safety hazard for your company, your customers and your
Our ECO-pH line of Micro-Organism Products offers you a FAST, ECONOMICAL and NATURAL
solution that will eliminate these problems with greater COST EFFICIENCY to you. Our process
uses only naturally occurring micro-organisms chosen for their ability to efficiently break down and
eliminate hydrocarbon, animal and plant-based contaminants.
     • Perhaps your employees are sustaining injuries using your regular caustic chemical cleaning
         supplies or you’ve had too many slip and fall accidents?
     • Do you just want or need a cleaner working environment (such as cleaner machines, parts, floors,
         vehicles, etc.)?
     • Have you had a spill of some sort?
     • Do you have years of buildup that no one wants to address because of the difficulty of the project?

                                If so, then ECO-pH is the solution for you…

    • How would you like ONE cleaning product that can replace all the others, reducing the potential of
      an unwanted chemical reaction?
    • What if that one product could work FASTER than all the others, thus REDUCING your LABOR
    • What if that one product made surfaces LESS SLIPPERY and thus SAFER, helping to minimize
      on-the-job accidents?
    • What if that one product was SAFER overall for the employees using it?
    • What if that one product would not damage, fade or destroy paint, rubber, plastic or other
    • What if you needed fewer products to get BETTER RESULTS, thus REDUCING PURCHASING
    • What if that one product was GREEN, natural and SAFE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT?
    • And what if this one GREEN product actually converted these toxic contaminants into completely
      safe, natural by-products making them environmentally safe for humans, pets, soil, plants and
      marine life?
                                 ECO-pH can do all this and more…

Call or email us now and we’ll show you how to save money and reduce labor costs while having
         a safer, cleaner workplace, all while being PROTECTIVE OF THE ENVIRONMENT.

Examples: Oil spills in your garage or driveway; unwanted grease in a restaurant; oil and grease in an Industrial or
Transportation application or contamination of an epic proportion such as an oceanic or land oil spill.

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 What is the Micro-Organism
 Remediation Process and
 How Does It Work?

The Micro-Organism Remediation Process is a natural process.
Within the scientific community it is an accepted fact that given
sufficient time, every compound on earth will eventually return to the
basic elements of its composition. However, this could take hundreds
of years. Our ECO-pH is specifically aimed at speeding up this
process of cleaning and remediation of unwanted/misplaced
hydrocarbons. These may be petroleum-based hydrocarbons or fats
and greases. We have developed specific ECO-pH products to work
in the various areas because of the wide variety of contamination that
exists today.

Micro-Organisms are single-celled.

Even though micro-organisms are simple, they have devised a
complex system to locate food and to distinguish one item from
another. The strains we have selected for our products have been
chosen for their affinity for the various forms of hydrocarbons you
want to remediate. These are naturally occurring organisms, which
are environmentally friendly and are exceptional cleaners.

ECO-pH is composed of a two part system: a powder and a liquid.

The powder form houses the micro-organisms in a dormant state.
This allows them to stay alive for extended periods of time without
requiring food. The micro-organisms have been observed to live for
several years in this state, which gives an indefinite shelf life to the
inactivated product.

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The Micro-Organism
Remediation Process - - - - - continued

  The ECO-pH liquid has three major functions:

     First, our exclusive liquid assists in breaking down the hydrocarbon to
  molecular size. This is done in order to achieve the maximum surface area
  of the hydrocarbon to allow the micro-organisms the greatest area of activity.
  In breaking down the fats, oils, and greases, the cleaning process begins.
     Second, our liquid, acting as a biocatalyst, literally wakes up the micro-
  organisms and stimulates their feeding and reproductive cycle. Once the
  micro-organisms come into contact with the biocatalyst, they awaken from
  their dormant state and begin to feed.
     Third, our liquid, providing a blend of nutrients, ensures that the micro-
  organisms begin their process of multiplication in the shortest amount of

  Just like you, the micro-organisms must have water to live and work. They
  cannot work in pure oil as they will die from lack of oxygen. Water provides
  oxygen to the micro-organisms as well as a medium for movement. Since
  they have no arms or legs, the micro-organisms work on their food source at
  the oil/water interface only. This is the reason the liquid part of our product is
  so important. It provides all the necessary ingredients and the proper
  environment for the micro-organisms to feed and multiply.

  Once the food supply is depleted, the micro-organisms will attack and ingest
  each other as long as water is present. If no water is available, they will
  return to the dormant state and await a supply of water and food.

  The micro-organisms are living creatures, so there are certain precautions
  when dealing with them. They cannot survive an excessive amount of bleach
  or bactericide. When subjected to high temperatures (49C), the micro-
  organisms will die. Lower temperatures (4C or below) cause them to go
  dormant again. As soon as the conditions, temperature, moisture, etc. return,
  they will go back to work. Basically, if you can work in the environment, so
  can they.

                                     NFPA/HMIS RATINGS
                           Health - 0, Flammability - 0, Reactivity – 0
                                           pH range 7
                                    PATENTED FORMULA                           Page 5
                                    Unwanted grease is a troublesome
                                    problem for the food industry. Grease,
                                    along with fats, oil, protein, cellulose,
                                    starch, and detergents cause serious
                                    complications with restaurant
                                    equipment, floors, and grease traps.

                                    ECO-pH FOOD GRADE is a general
                                    purpose micro-organism cleaner
                                    specially formulated to handle the
                                    tough job of cleaning a variety of these
                                    grease byproducts. It can be used
                                    inside or outside, ANYWHERE THAT
                                    GREASE IS A NUISANCE, by
                                    consuming the contaminants and
                                    extinguishing the problem.

                                    ECO-pH FOOD GRADE, when used
                                    in a regular program, has been proven
                                    to greatly minimize or even eliminate
                                    the “pumping” of the grease trap.
                                    Using ECO-pH FOOD GRADE to
                                    clean floors and equipment inside the
                                    kitchen. It will also clean the plumbing
                                    as it flows into the grease trap. Use
100% Environmentally Safe!          for non food contact surfaces only.

 Benefits of ECO-pH FOOD GRADE
Eats Fats, Oils, and     Reduces “Pumping” of    Used Inside or Outside
Grease                   Grease Traps

Cleans Floors and        Meets USDA              Micro-Organisms, not
Equipment                Requirements            Enzymes

Prevents Line Blockage   Non-Hazardous           Reduces Biological and
                                                 Chemical Oxygen

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                                             Oil contamination has been a problem
                                              for many decades. It pollutes many
                                             places, from shop floors to petroleum
                                           tanks, driveways to machinery. It can get
                                             as big as an oil spill or as small as oil
                                                    spots on your driveway.
                                           Cleaning these contaminated places has
                                             been an ongoing problem. Instead of
                                                  getting rid of the contaminants
                                             completely, common detergents and
                                            caustics just disperse the contaminants
                                                 from the surface. Our ECO-pH
                                           products, on the other hand, migrate into
                                                the pores of the concrete or other
                                           surfaces to totally digest oils, converting
                                               them to carbon dioxide and water.
                                                ECO-pH SURFACE GRADE is a
                                           general purpose micro-organism cleaner
                                                 which can be used anywhere oil
                                               contamination is a problem. Motor,
                                              cutting, and hydraulic oils, gasoline,
                                           diesel and heating fuels are just some of
                                              the nuisances ECO-pH eliminates,
                                                    ultimately extinguishing the
                                                     hydrocarbons and leaving
   100% Environmentally Safe!
                                                         no residue behind.

Benefits of ECO-pH SURFACE
        Cleans Without Polluting               Non-Flammable / Non-Hazardous
         Used On All Surfaces                  Not as Slippery as Other Cleaners

    Transforms Instead of Transfers           No Storage or Shipping Regulations

    Used Anywhere Oil is a Problem             Minimizes the Number of Cleaners

Will Not Harm Hands, Skin or Respiration        No Volatile Organic Compounds

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              Case Study: Transportation Pit Cleaning
Using a 9-man crew, we provided a side-by-side comparison of two cleaning products -- their
existing degreaser and ECO-pH Surface. The project consisted of cleaning many years of
excessive oil and grease build-up in two service pits, which were approximately 120 feet in length,
4 feet in width, and 4.5 feet in depth.

They started by cleaning the first pit with the traditional degreaser. While they cleared out the
debris, we used ECO-pH Surface to clean an 8-foot section of the pit, which included the floors,
walls, and lights and took one person only 25 minutes from start to final rinse. The results were so
impressive, the client immediately ordered a 55-gallon drum for next-day delivery.

After we had left the facility, their crew continued cleaning the first pit with the traditional
degreaser. Upon our arrival the next morning to train their people on the use of our ECO-pH
Surface product, we asked how the cleaning went. They told us they had used 55 gallons of their
regular degreaser and the only clean area in the pit was where we had performed the ECO-pH
Surface demonstration. Using their regular product during cleaning, their men were slipping and
sliding making it very difficult to work quickly and thoroughly. Some men also complained of slight
skin and eye irritation from the degreaser. It took them 8 hours to clean the pit and they still had to
re-clean it that day.

At the start of the ECO-pH Surface training, we pumped ECO-pH Surface into a 25-gallon farm-
type sprayer and diluted the product three (3) parts water to one (1) part product. We instructed
them to spray small amounts of product on the walls and lights while scrubbing them with nylon
scrub brooms. During the course of the cleaning, they told us that it worked great! It was not as
slippery as the degreaser was and it did not have an oil or chemical odor.

This time, they cleaned both pits in less than 8 hours, using only 13 gallons of undiluted ECO-pH
Surface. That equals 38 gallons of water and 13 gallons of ECO-pH Surface product, only 52
gallons. They would have needed at least 165 gallons of their existing degreaser to get the pit
cleaned, based on the prior product consumption and labor production!

            Traditional Degreaser                                 ECO-pH Surface

 Special Gear / Clothing Cost                       Complete Cleaning Cost
     Special Gloves, Shoes, Masks and                    Using Normal Day-to-Day Clothing
            Clothing = $$ Cost                                     = $0.00 Cost
             165 Gallons Used                                    13 Gallons Used
            (Estimated Amount)                                  (Undiluted Product)

 Total Labor Cost                                   Total Labor Cost
        9 Men x 8 Hours x 3 Days                             9 Men x 8 Hours x 1 Day
          = 216 Total Man Hours                                = 72 Total Man Hours
   (Based on Previous Day’s Production)                     Savings of 144 Man Hours

   Product Savings: $$$$$$$
   Labor Savings: 144 Man Hours x $23/hr (Estimated Hourly Rate) = $3312.00
                   Total Savings: $3,312 + Special Gear / Clothing Cost
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               Transportation Facility
                                               After Cleaning with
      Prior To Cleaning                        ECO-pH Surface

                                         Half of Staircase and Wall
       Stair Case and Wall
                                         with ECO-pH Surface

          Before and After Cleaning Pit Wall

Left Side                                                  Right Side
Cleaned with                                               Prior to
ECO-pH                                                     Cleaning

           For Information or to order ECO-pH Products:
           Contact Sami Rageb at ECO Services & Solutions, Inc.
           847-678-2502 or
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                                    Having contaminated soil is toxic for the
                                    environment. You and your pets can get
                                    infected by the soil just by inhaling or
                                    touching it. Plants can become
                                    contaminated by growing roots in the
                                    soil. This contaminated soil, which
                                    includes pesticides and arsenic can also
                                    cause a secondary contamination in
                                    water supplies for residences and

                                    ECO-Ph Surface for Soil is a general
                                    purpose microbial cleaner specifically
                                    formulated to provide the most rapid
                                    cleanup of contaminated soil. It attacks
                                    a broad range of pollutants which
                                    makes it a very unique tool for industrial
                                    and governmental use.

                                    ECO-pH Surface for Soil will not harm
                                    plants or wildlife as you treat the
                                    contaminated soil. The design of our
                                    product enables a simple, cost effective
                                    approach to soil remediation. It can treat
                                    soil in place and it can be used on new
                                    oil spills or soil that has been
   100% Environmentally Safe!       contaminated for years.

Benefits of ECO-pH Surface          With ECO-pH Surface for Soil, there is
           for Soil                 a simple 3 Step Process: Measure,
                                    Spray & Wet.
     Non-Hazardous                    One to Three Months vs. Many
     No Harmful By-Products           No Expensive Equipment
     Easy to Use                      Eats Hydrocarbons
     Transform Soil, Not Transfer     Rapidly Reduces Volatile Organic
     Contaminants                     Compounds
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                              The petrochemical, refining and other
                              heavy industries are continually
                              searching to find the quickest, most
                              effective and commercially viable
                              methods of keeping their operations
                              running – thus resulting in maximum
                              production and revenue stream.
                              ECO-pH Surface for Refinery has
                              been used in plants and refineries for
                              years to quickly and effectively take
                              care of everyday spills and leaks.
                              Plant environmental departments
                              have begun using it for tank cleaning
                              and decontamination projects, along
                              with the input/output line cleaning
                              done during their “turnaround”
                              maintenance periods. Findings show
                              that their turnaround downtimes have
                              been significantly reduced on these
                              ECO-pH Surface for Refinery will
                              reduce personnel risk from exposure
                              to dangerous cleaning compounds. It
100% Environmentally Safe!    will help minimize expensive hauling
                              and incinerating. With ECO-pH
                              Surface for Refinery, you will have
                              successful, fast remediation.

  Benefits of ECO-pH Surface for Refinery
  Spill, Leak Clean-Up       Cleans Towers and Plant Vehicle

  Non Hazardous              Non Toxic

  Repair Shops               Cleans Pumps, Tanks, Motors,etc.

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