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					                                                                              Excel Section One
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1.    This area contains commands and features
      for performing actions divided into tabs and
2.    This area displays the formula stored within
      the cell (not the result).
3.    The cell pointer changes to this when
      pointing at the small black square at the
      bottom right corner of the active cell.
4.    This would be the formula entry to divide the
      contents of cell C6 by the contents in cell C12.
5.    This is the term for the method used to
      create a formula by typing the equals sign
      and operator symbols while clicking
      reference cells between the typed symbols.
6.    This term is used to refer to the values
      identified within parentheses in the SUM
7.    The SUM function button is located in this
      group in the Home tab.
8.    Do this action if Excel suggests the wrong
      range after clicking the Sum button.
9.    This button appears after copied cells are
      pasted into the destination range.
10.   This is the term for the formulas entered
      beside or below a worksheet that are
      designed to verify the worksheet’s accuracy.
11.   This format adds a dollar sign, a comma in
      the thousands place, and two decimal places
      to each value in the selected range.
12.   Click the Sort & Filter button in the Editing
      group in the Home tab and then click this
      option at the drop-down list to display the
      Sort dialog box.
13.   This keyboard shortcut will open the Excel
      Help window when pointing to a button.
14.   Display the active worksheet in Print Preview
      by clicking the Office button, pointing to this
      option, and then clicking Print Preview.
15.   Open this dialog box to type a cell reference
      to which you want to move the active cell.

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