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SITI HAJAR DIN                   SA10013


5.1 Introduction

        In this chapter, we will provide the summary of our result and the concluding remarks based on

the analysis of our data. Besides that, we also need to provide the limitations and the suggestions for

further studies based on our research outcome.

5.2 Summary of the study

        Based on the finding and the analysis that has been done, we found out that most people do not

prefer to eat junk food as it is unhealthy for our body. Hence, we conclude that people know how to

choose meal in their balanced diet. Besides, people also only take vegetables and fruit when they feel like

want to have it. From the analysis, we can also conclude that people taking fibre only when having mood

to consume it in each daily meal and they do not like to have fibre in their diet since they said only take it

when having some mood to eat them. Besides, most of them said that they hard to find fruit in UMP is

one of the factors why they could not take fibre daily.

        There are many effects of unhealthy balanced diet. One of the effects is stomach get too full and

become uncomfortable when people consume unhealthy food. This finding shows that the nutritional

intake by people is in inappropriate form and we can conclude that they feel uncomfortable since their

stomach is too full when having unhealthy diet. Besides that, people also believe that their body became

healthier when they consume a healthy balanced diet. This means when they become healthier, they will

become more excellent and perform better in their study. Therefore, we can say that healthy balanced diet

can improve the students’ achievement.

        In a nutshell, we managed to answer all the research questions. Finally, healthy balanced diet is
important in life and everybody should take it seriously.

5.3 Limitations of the study

This section discusses the limitation of this study. Following are the limitations of our study:

    1. insufficient time to find related articles or journals.

    2. limited time for each member to sit together and have a discussion.

    3. hard to find article or journal related to our topic research for literature review part.

    4. some respondents did not answer the questionnaires seriously.

    5. the data collected from the survey can be improved.

5.4 Suggestion for further study

The following are the suggestion for the further study:

    1. improve the strategic on time management.

    2. give co-operation for discussion between group members.

    3. try our best and put efforts to find a suitable article that relevant to our research.

    4. choose a responsible respondent which means that the respondent should have responsibility to

        answer the entire question seriously.

    5. the participant of the survey should include the people that have professional background such

        as nutritionist.

5.5 Concluding remarks

        Our research is about healthy balanced diet towards students’ achievement. We found some

journals that are related to our objectives. Based on our research, the two objectives are to investigate the

relationship between meal choice and their knowledge about healthy balanced diet besides to determine

the effects of healthy balanced diet toward students’ achievement. We provided questionnaire to the

respondents. Our respondents help us by giving useful opinion in the questionnaire that we have

        In the research we had known the relationship between meal choice and their knowledge about

healthy balanced diet. People know how to choose a meal in their balanced diet. Then, we found that the

main effect of unhealthy balanced diet can cause feeling uncomfortable since stomach is too full. Besides

that, body became healthier when consuming a healthy balanced diet. This means that healthy balanced

diet can improve the students’ achievement.

              Overall, the entire research question also had been answered for this research. Therefore,

we achieved the two objectives. We also cooperate with each other in the group to conduct the study

properly. Finally we would like to thank to our lecturer for being such a big help in order to finish the

report hence we manage to do the research successfully and achieve the goal of the objective.

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