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From The Big Bang to Modern
       Origin of the Cosmos—3
   Option 1: Someone made the universe
    (Big Bang or creationist theory)
   Option 2: The universe made itself
    (Inflationary or evolutionist theory)
   Option 3: The universe has always been
    here (Steady State Theory)
   Scientists now know that the cosmos had
    a beginning due to proton decay and
    galactic motion)
   Therefore only options 1 and 2 are viable
THE Big Bang/Nucleosynthesis
   13.7 billion years agoMass of universesize of
    head of a pin (singularity)
   Unimaginable release of energy (an expansion
    not a traditional explosion)trillions of degrees
   Nobody knows how/why it happened, but it
    created space and time
   Created the 4 main forces: gravity, strong, weak
    and electromagnetic forces.
   http://hyperphysics.phy-
   Electrons, quarks and gluons created (building
    blocks for all atoms)
Big Bang Flowchart
Cosmic Microwave Background
 Discovered by the Hubble Space
 Originally discovered in the 1960’s

 Mapped out in 1990 at Berkley

 Energy waves (photons) left over
  from the original Big Bang in the
  form of microwaves
 Thought to prove the BBT
    So….What’s The MATTER?
   Baryonic Matter (10% of universe): Matter
    composed of protons/neutrons and
    electrons (solid, liquid and gases)
   Non-Baryonic or Dark Matter (90% of
    universe): composed of WIMP (weakly
    interacting massive particles)
   Neutrinos: elementary particles with none
    or very little mass
    It’s All Elemental My Dear
 Expanding universe = stuff slowly
  cools down (space is cold dude!!)
 Nucleus protons + neutrons

 Early space: mostly hydrogen and

  helium atoms (He formed from H)
     Basic Atomic Structure
    Formation of the Earth/Solar
 50-100 million years pass
 Gravityclumpingcoolingformed

  all the masses in the universe
 Stars begin to form(Our sun—5

  billion years ago)
 Planets (ie. Our solar system)

 All still very very very hot!!

 Too hot for ANYTHING to last
Expanding/Contracting Universe
    TheoryWhich One?
   Blue Shift of Lightgalaxies moving
    toward us (contracting universe)
   Faster move toward usmore blueshifted
   Red Shift of Lightgalaxies would be
    moving away from us (expanding
   Faster move away from usmore
   Ambulance example (eeee  ummm)
        Hubble Expansion
 Galaxies in our local group are
  moving away from us
 ThereforeRed Shifting

 Proves our universe is still expanding
    The Big Crunch and Cycling
 Stuff is still red shifting today
 Eventually gravity will slow junk
 Crap will stop and then slowly begin
  to blue shift
 Blue shifting will speed up

 Stuff, junk and crap will then form
  another singularity
 BIG CRUNCH = Another Big Bang
    That’s Some Ha-High Quality
   Water originated in the original formation
    of the universe (heavy elements bonded
    together)and solar system
   water on earth also came from comets
    melting as they enter the atmosphere
   Over billions of yearsenough melted ice
    and rain to fill up the crevices in the earth
   Oceans, lakes and rivers formed
    Water/Atmosphere Relationship
 Surface originally too hotNo
  atmosphere present to reflect heat
  from sun
 No atmosphere to hold it near the
 Evaporated into space

 Molecules escaped faster than
  gravity could hold them
 Earth cools as time goes on (took a
  billion years or so)
 Early atmosphere forms (outgassing)

 Ozone forms

 Traps water from outgassing and
  comet impacts
 Water cycle begins

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