Ibn Sina: physician and philosopher of the world

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					Ibn Sina: physician and philosopher of the world
Is Abu Ali Al-Hussein Bin Abdullah Bin Al-Hussein Bin Ali ibn Sina, known as Sheikh
President, was born at zero (370 e 980 m) from the family of Persian origin in the
village of Avhna of steam throughout the Samanid state.
Avicenna knew many titles, including: the right argument, honor the king, Sheikh
President, ruling the Constitution, the third teacher, the minister.

Early Life:

His father and his brother, who responded to the calls of Ismailia, but Ibn Sina did
not accept this doctrine, but rejected, as in the saying: "I hear them and realize what
they are saying do not accept myself."
Memorize the Koran and the pain of the knowledge as he was ten years old, wishes
to Ibn Sina in the study of medicine, Fkv to read medical books, and has emerged in
this science in a short period, and this was confirmed by saying: "The science of
medicine is not the hard sciences, there is no offense, I figured it in less time. " And
he was at that time sixteen years old, and studied at the hands of son and father
Masimi easy Mansour Hassan bin lunar Noah.
The beginnings of his philosophical and logical at the hands of Abdullah Naieli which
was called Palmtvelsv, and it seems that it was not thorough in his knowledge, so he
left him by Ibn Sina, shortly after, and began to read himself, but he found difficulty in
their study, Fbzl a long time so understood by a well, he says "Then there on science
and reading, drawn up to read all parts of the logic and philosophy, and in this period,
grew to night length, and worked with other day, and gathered in the hands visible."

He sticks it to understand what the book of nature until after he read forty times, Fais
understand it, but this has been his dilemma when he read the book Al-Farabi for
purposes beyond nature.
He lived Ibn Sina in the midst of the circumstances of a storm, and full of unrest and
political instability, where he lived for a period of decline of the Abbasid state, in the
age of the caliphs obedient and capable, Qaim and others, and this is what made the
country prey to greedy from all over the world, Vaguettat of the country, many areas,
and set up the states antagonistic and rival in between them.
Not only the case of weakness to these parties, and even reached to the center of
the Caliphate, where the king took control in Baghdad and became a puppet Caliph
own hands, and reached the state of weakness of this peak with the fall of the
Albuehih and the state led by Seljuk Tgrbak.
Ibn Sina was puzzled at the question if he did not find a solution with an issue, did
not accrue in the measurement of reduction East, was also said: "There have been
to the mosque and prayed and prayed to the creator of all, even open my CSS, and
facilitate insolvent."
And attributed to him also that he had to say: "I go back at night to my home and I
put the OS in the hands and worked to read and write, no matter overcome by sleep,
or felt weak, adjusted to drink a glass of drink while back to my strength, then go
back to reading."

According to Ibn Sina of his genius early in medicine, Falj patients love the good and
benefit from science, not in order to earn a living, and opened its doors on the impact
of treatment to the Mansour bin Nuh Samani from a disease doctors were unable to
recover from it, in sin to him, and opened the doors of his library, which was full of
Bnfaús books and folders and manuscripts, it turned to read a book after book.
Then received the care and adequate by Nuh ibn Mansur Samani, who succeeded
his father in power, making the Ibn Sina in a state of psychological stability reflected
positively on his accomplishments, Vtboa prominent place of science, particularly in
the science of medicine and psychology, has added a lot to these scienceswhich
introduced him, he wrote in Natural Sciences and Engineering, mathematics,
chemistry and other disciplines, such as the "Book of the manual East in logic," and
"principle and the re-", and "astronomical observations" and "law", but occurred after
the disturbances disappeared on impact when a friend has called the Son of Ghalib
Al-Attar, all naturalist essays, except for Theology and the Book of Animal and
Plant .. And began to logic, and wrote part of it, and then was sent to prison and
remained imprisoned in the Castle "Nrdoan" four months wrote the book of guidance.
Was his personal serious accepted the challenge and delve deep into the issues, for
the impact of dialogue occurred between him and the man Language "Abu Mansour
tax" as pointing them to flaws in the science of language at the Ibn Sina, has been
studying the language three full years, reaching a result that rank great in the
languageand established three poems, including disparaging of a strange language.
President Sheikh worked eight years with the knowledge of Meteorology, have tried
in these studies to identify what Ptolemy wrote, and wrote a book fair in Meteorology
in record time.

Medical achievements

Adopted by Ibn Sina in medicine with the observation in his description by the patient
and the anatomical description "and physiology, and benefited from this description
in the anatomical diagnosis of the disease.
Adopted in the exercise of medical experience and benefit from the experiences of
his predecessors, the first of said infected and infectious disease transmission
through water and soil, especially tuberculosis infection.
It is the first to describe meningitis and showed the difference between inflammation
veil separating the lungs and inflammation of pleurisy.
It is the first to discover the roundworm or hookworm by the Italian doctor Robnta
more than eight hundred years.
It is the first to discover the difference between injury jaundice resulting from the
dissolution of blood cells, infection and jaundice resulting from the blockage of bile
It is the first description of the disease anthrax, called the sacred fire.
And the first to occur and accurately for stroke, or the so-called sudden death.
Among the achievements of Ibn Sina and creativity of scientific discovery to some
stimulant drugs for the movement of the heart.
The discovery of the types of Almrkdat or drugs that must be given to patients before
a surgical procedure to alleviate them of what they suffer from pain during surgery
and afterwards.
And Ibn Sina is the one who discovered the blue which is given to patients under the
skin to push the drug to the body of patients.

Also described Ibn Sina infections and skin disorders accurately in his book Medical
huge "Law", and in this book describe Ibn Sina sexually transmitted diseases and the
best researched, and people puerperal fever among women, and concluded that
they result from the putrefaction of the uterus.
He was one of the early Muslim scholars who were interested in psychological
treatment, and monitoring the impact of this treatment on nerve pain and the pain of
disease especially love, Ibn Sina has practiced what guided him by the treatments
and applied to many patients.
In physics, Ibn Sina discovered that the vision or light prior to the audio Kdu lightning
precedes thunder, for example, we see flickering Imambargah and then we hear his
Ibn Sina also spoke about that there is a relationship between hearing and ripple the
air, spikes Without this there would be no transmission of voice, or to listen to him.
We have invented a machine-like Ibn Sina Alorner machine used in our time to
measure the smallest unit of the ruler to measure sections of lengths accurately.
Was the first doctor of his time and skilled, and because his books have been
translated worldwide and became a doctor over four hundred years.
Of the most famous books in medicine, "the law", which has become a basic
reference universities in Europe, so he studied at the universities of "Montpellier" and
"Louvain" to the end of the seventeenth century. This was the book with the author of
the book "Al Mansouri" of Razi, a basic reference taught at the Universities of Vienna
and Frankfurt throughout the sixteenth century.
Meeting of the book "the law" advantages of investigation and inquiry, and briefing
and coordination, Vachtml on the principles of medicine and its branches, from the
explanation of the symptoms, to a description of the treatment, and the preparation
of lists of drugs and surgery citizen and tools.
When I called chemistry medicine and drugs and their components was Ibn Sina a
leading role in this science flour, Vahtam mineral interest owner Jabir ibn Hayyan,
and his conduct in the formation of wire metals.
It has manufactured drugs and medicines, have pointed in this regard to a large
number of chemical processes, Kaltkotair filtering and escalation, extraction and
waxing, and has had its organs and the treatment, like chemists, such as al-Razi and

The views of Ibn Sina's educational
Ibn Sina's views of education received in many of his books by Arabic and Persian,
but the more opinions Educational found in a letter called "The Book of Politics", and
highlighted what has characterized the doctrine of education to Ibn Sina, is that
education has not been limited to one phase, the entry of the child school, child-
rearing but covered from the moment of his birth until his marriage and his
involvement in social life, as it is not based on one aspect or some aspects of human
personality to neglect other aspects, but rather focused on the unity of the human
personality and integration of mental, physical and emotional.
Education Alsinaoah affected to Islamic teachings, especially the Holy Quran and
Sunnah, as well as Greek and Hellenistic philosophy.
Ibn Sina's keenness to strengthen the psychological explanations for his views, has
succeeded far successful in this field, is reason to believe that this is due to a large
extent to Amthanh the medical profession.
Jens did not interest the child from the moment of his birth, where he focused on the
good name for a baby, because of its implications for the child's personality, also
focused on the role of breastfeeding from the mother.
The pre-school, it was considered Avicenna stage of mind where we plan future
child's personality, as are the stage for the acquisition of all the habits and attitudes
of good and bad alike.
It also encourages physical education, as it deems necessary education and not
specific to a certain age or stage, and therefore makes it compatible with and
proportionate to each phase of the phases of life, and finds that the age of six are
age-appropriate for the child to start with education.
The approach to be followed in teaching, he says, Ibn Sina: "If the joints of the
heated up the boy, and his tongue is firmly established, and ready to teach, and
awareness of hearing, he took to learn the Koran and pictures of alphabet, and
transfer features of religion." In the methods and teaching methods, it has taken into
account the Ibn Sina individual differences among students, and urged on the
collective learning, also called to direct the students according to their interests and

Ibn Sina focused on the principles of reward and punishment is moral, not physical,
and felt that they should take into account the nature of the learner and the work that
was older, and must, ranging from reluctance to Alaihash, Valtrhib, Valtobej. The
penalty has a guide and direct the behavior and was keen to modify it gently, and are
keen to be the motive behind the punishment is not revenge and hatred, but of good
education and dedication to work.

As for the qualities of the teacher, says Avicenna, "the polite boy be a Seer sport
ethics, subtle graduation of the boys", where should the teacher to be a world teach
the same things the enactment of childhood and adolescence, and to be respectful
and demeanor, and it also has a direct impact the students, accompany him as it
was the first settle what prints.
Thus, the Ibn Sina had developed an approach educationally derived foundations of
religion, and of the reality of his time, his community, to meet the requirements of his
community and helped him to advancement and salvation, which is its dissolution
and the loss of values, it is social education in every sense of the word, multi-faceted:
individual, societal, ethical, religious , a professional.
This makes the Sheikh President of the owners of schools the educational merit
attention and study, and in the doctrines of this philosopher of ideas and scientific
theories all the more remarkable that provide humanitarian Bmaan inexhaustible of
knowledge, and the fork to the education and policy reform after standing Bmaan of
philosophy and medicine.

Ibn Sina in his production:
Ibn Sina was impressed Alabakrien, and told the writers, although the consequences
of the positions and his travels to the country's remote, and in a matter of war and
the folds of discord civil, enable the development of many books enjoyable enough,
one of the founding of his glory, and place it among the top of the Elders of the
Orient. Has no more than a hundred books vary in proficiency, but they witness His
grace and knowledge of the other sciences of his time, and Ankbabh to work in the
most critical circumstances. Most Twalifa is still preserved to this day, and many of
his books major, such as law and healing, translated into Latin, and printed several
Victab healing, one of the encyclopedias of science and encyclopedias, in eighteen
volumes, reserved, including a complete copy of the University of Oxford, "and
survived a brief recovery," by the president's desire to satisfy some Osfiaúh, has
been printed in the Arab origin after "law" in Rome in 1593 AD, a in three sections;
Logic and Natural Sciences and beyond nature, and not where the section on
science sports referred to by Ibn Sina in the chapeau of the book, and said the need
mentioned in the middle between paleontologist and science behind the natural, has
been printed in books full and scattered several times in Latin, of which group is
printed in Venice in 1495 AD include: logic, heterosexual, the sky and the world,
spirit, animal life, the philosophy of Al-Farabi on the mind, the first philosophy.
As the transfer of "Neve" the logic of Ibn Sina into French and published in Paris in
1658, as well as printed mark "Smolders" Orjosp of Ibn Sina in the "Group of Arab
philosophy." The philosophy of Ibn Sina's philosophy are other followers of Aristotle
did not feature in what were annexed from the teachings of what others were
annexed by the wisdom of the philosophers of the Arabs. Ibn Tufail was mentioned
in his book "Ben Yakzhan neighborhood" that Ibn Sina, said in a healing light that
truth in his opinion are not in this category, but who wants them in the Book of
Wisdom Vliltmesha Eastern, however, that this book did not reach us, as noted

Not-Sheikh in one day languid in his knowledge, but the days must elapse, and hit
his body disease and ails, so it was said that he was sick a week and heal the week,
and more to take the drugs, but his illness intensified, and knows that he does not
benefit from treatment, Vohml himself and said: "The cast, which was started in the
inability to measure physical, not Tnfn Treatment", and washed, and repent, and
believe with his money to the poor, freed slaves and a request for forgiveness.

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