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					U.S. Government – Liberty Bell – Art

      1.1.7/8 B – Learning to Read Independently
      8.3.7 B – U.S. History


      Students will be able to use assistive technology to communicate what they heard read in
       the book
      Students will be able to use communication to make choices.


      Book: Saving the Liberty Bell by: Megan McDonald
      Attached instructions on following page to make Liberty Bell
           o Materials on following page

    Show the students the cover of the book and tell them we are going to learn about the
      Liberty Bell and make a Liberty Bell.
    Read the book, Saving the Liberty Bell.
           o Have a student use a switch programmed, “Turn the page”.
    At the end of the book have students use a programmed switch to say something they
      heard during the story.
    Have the students using hand over hand assistance make their own Liberty Bell following
      the instructions on the attached page.
           o Students make choices using switches, yes/no or eye gaze according to their
              choice making ability.


      Have each student use a programmed communication device to say something they heard
       in the book and share their Liberty Bell they made.


      Data will be collected on student individual goals.
                           Liberty Bell Craft Instructions

      Paper Cup
      Pen or Pencil
      Tape
      Aluminum Foil
      2 Pipecleaners
      Small Jingle Bell


      Poke a small hole in the bottom middle of the cup.
      Cut a piece of foil that is big enough to completely cover the outside of the cup with an
       extra inch at the top.
           o Wrap the foils around the cup and tape it on to secure it, leave the extra at the top
               not taped.
      String the bell onto one of the pipecleaners, slide it to the middle and fold the pipecleaner
       in half.
      Poke the ends of the folded pipecleaner through the hole in the cup so the bell is inside
       the cup.
      Take the second pipecleaner and fold it in half. Wrap the two ends of this pipecleaner
       together so they are attached to the other end of the first pipecleaner. Flatten this and
       tape it down to the top of the bell. Cover and tape with the extra inch of foil.
      Decorate the outside of your Liberty Bell.

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