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Fact Sheet


									Moutaz Shabab
March 21 2012
English 6C

   1. The telephone is a device that you use to
        talk to people from long distances.

   2. There were many people who invented the
        telephone but Alexander Graham Bell is
        the inventor that I am using.

   3. The telephone was started in 1844 and
                                                        Here is one of the newest phones: the I
        ended in 1898.                                  Phone

   1.   Bell got the idea in Brantford, Ontario. But was
        physically created in Boston, Massachusetts.

   4. The problem before the telephone was that people
        couldn’t talk with people from long distances
        very fast. It was made for the people who wanted
                                                                 Here is a map of Boston
        to speak with people from long distances.

   5. Humans used the mail, which took a long time, or messenger birds, which also
        took a long time.

   6. The telephone has four parts. The housing, the hook switch, the dialer, and the
        handset. They are all connected by a wire, which is connected to the telephone
        network by a wire too. The process of converting sound to electricity and
        electricity to sound is in the handset. There are two components the handset:
        the microphone and the speaker. The microphone is made from three
        components the diaphragm a piece of plastic that has been polarized and
        connected by a copper wire to a circuit. The way it works is when you talk
        into the microphone the sound waves hit the diaphragm that makes the
       diaphragm vibrate which activates the circuit by the copper wire. It then gets
       amplified into the wire, which gets sent to the microprocessor. Finally it gets
       sent through into the telephone network by the telephone network wire. The
       second part of the handset is the speaker is also made of three parts. A magnet
       and another diaphragm connected with a copper wire looped around it self
       many times. The electricity goes into the wire that magnetizes the wire, which
       moves the diaphragm. That makes the diaphragm make sound waves that you
       can hear from the other side.

   7. Human life has been improved by the telephone so people can talk to people
       far away faster and you can hear other people’s voices. It changed lives so
       people can get news of your loved ones quickly.

   8. 1844: Innocenzo Manzetti got the idea of a speaking telegraph.

1861: Johann Phillip Reis manages to transfer voice electrically over 340 feet.

       2nd June 1875: Alexander Graham Bell transmits the voice of a plucked steel
       reed using electromagnetic instruments.

        10th March 1876: Bell transmits speech saying: “Mr. Watson, come here! I
       want to see you!”.

       10th August 1876: Bell makes the first long distance call. About 6 miles
       between Brantford and Paris, Ontario, Canada.

       9th October 1876: Bell makes first two-way long distance call between
       Cambridge and Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

       19th February 1880: Alexander Graham Bell and Charles Sumner Tainter
       invent the photophone also known as the radiophone.
       April 1st 1880: World’s first wireless telephone call from the Franklin School
          in Washington D.C. to Bell’s laboratory window 213 meters away, on the

       25 January 1915: First U.S. coast-to-coast long-distance call by the new
          vacuum tube amplifier. Made by Alexander Graham Bell in New York City
          to his former assistant Thomas A. Watson in San
          Francisco, California.

       1919: First rotary dial telephone installed with a Bell
          system in Norfolk, Virginia.                           Here is a rotary
                                                                 dial telephone

       7th March 1926: First transatlantic telephone call from London to New York.

       7th April 1927: From Washington D.C. to New York City.

       1935: First telephone call around the world.

       1946: First Commercial Mobile Phone call.

1960s: Bell Labs develop Cellular Phones.

   9. People will write less and kids will get addicted to the phone and start playing
       on it.

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