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Death of Retiree by hedongchenchen


									        Death of Retiree & Info for Surviving Spouses
In the event of the death of the Bell retiree, coverage for the surviving spouse under the
Group Health Plan will cease within 90 days under Plan A or will continue under Plan B for as
long as the monthly premium is paid. Manulife does have a plan available called Follow Me
whereby the surviving spouse can purchase health care to replace the Bell benefits at a
monthly premium depending on the options chose. This must be purchased within 60 days
of the cancellation of the Bell Group Plan coverage. To inquire about this Follow Me policy or
to enroll please contact Manulife directly (i.e. Bell Benefits would not have information on this

Surviving spouses and dependents of Bell Canada retirees are welcome to join BPG thus
contributing to the protection of the post-retirement benefits of your loved one. If you are a
surviving spouse or dependent and receiving a Bell Canada survivor's pension, please let us
provide you with additional information on joining our group. Now more than ever we need
to protect our pensions and benefits.

When a retiree passes away, his/her name is removed from the In Touch newsletter list, since In
Touch is only distributed to active retirees. However, a surviving spouse can download it via the
Internet by going to Did you know .....

You have all received your valuable "Benefits at Retirement" statement earlier this year. In
previous years in the Benefits upon Death there was a key sentence – the spousal pension is also
indexed annually. In subsequent issues, this statement is missing. This has been identified to Bell
and next years statement will clarify the statement to let retirees know that his/her spouse would be
entitled to the indexation of the survivor pension after the retiree dies. There is no change in the plan
on the indexation (same provisions as the one in effect in 2002 are still applicable.

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