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									                                   NACCED BUS TOUR
                                   SEPTEMBER 21, 2011

1. La Alameda Shopping Center
   7507 Roseberry Avenue (Florence Avenue & Alameda Street), Walnut Park, CA 90255
   This $59 million center is an 8.3-acre project that combines
   220,000 square feet of retail space with 18,000 square feet
   of office space. La Alameda generates about $1 million in
   annual sales and property taxes, and provides shopping for
   an unparalled population density with over 1 million people
   in a five (5) mile radius. The newly constructed urban
   center is anchored by businesses such as Ross,
   Marshall's, CVS, Bank of America, Petco, and Panda Express. It also features a transit
   center with easy access to the Metro Blue Line light rail line.

   Completed in June 2009, La Alameda was a Section 108 funded activity under the
   Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program. The funding sources used
   included $8.2 million in Section 108 loan funds and $5.7 million in Economic Development
   Initiative (EDI) grant funds. Approximately 500 jobs were created.

2. Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Public Health
   11833 Wilmington Avenue, Willowbrook, CA 90059
   This is a $20 million public health center that provides
   outpatient services in South Los Angeles, as part of the
   larger Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Medical Center
   Campus.      The Center, one of several new capital
   investments for the region, will help to create over 10,000
   new jobs in the community, along with the much
   anticipated new MLK Medical Center, Multi-Service
   Ambulatory Care Center and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Rosa Parks Station.

   This center will be completed in October of 2011. The CDC provided funding using $20
   million in U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funds, comprised of a
   Section 108 Loan of $10 million and a companion Economic Development Initiative grant of
   $10 million. In addition, $2.8 million in County general funds were allocated to this project.

3. Casa Dominguez
   15727 South Atlantic Avenue, East Compton, CA 90221
   Casa Dominguez is an innovative development comprised
   of 70 units of affordable housing, along with a
   comprehensive Family Development Center that provides
   child care, a health clinic, and a parent resource center for
   residents and community members.             It is the first
   permanent affordable housing development with supportive
   services for young adults leaving the foster-care system in
   Los Angeles County. In addition to services provided by our key partners, The Children’s
   Collective, St. John’s Well Child and Family Center, United Friends of the Children, and the
   Los Angeles Urban League; residents at Casa Dominguez will also benefit from the efforts

   of a full-time services coordinator and a range of on-site services. These include after-
   school programs, college preparatory courses and career counseling, computer training,
   and English as a Second Language (ESL) classes.

   Final occupancy at Casa Dominguez was achieved in 2009. Funding sources used include
   $5.9 million in HOME funds and $832,311 Homeless Housing Funds.

4. Bell Gardens Sports Center at John Anson Ford Park
   Park Lane, Bell Gardens, CA 90201
   NAHRO National Awards of Excellence in Housing and Community Development
   The Bell Gardens Sports Center was stimulated by a
   critical need to expand recreation opportunities in a
   densely populated city in which a majority of the low-
   income residents rely heavily on the local park system for
   recreation and entertainment. The completion of the $10
   million sports center meets this need by providing state-of-
   the-art facilities including grass multi-use fields, baseball
   fields, synthetic soccer fields, picnic areas, and a full-service restaurant. It represents the
   collective dream of residents, the City of Bell Gardens, County of Los Angeles, and Major
   League Soccer Chivas USA; and greatly enhances a significantly underserved community.

   This project was completed in 2008. Funding sources include $1.4 million CDBG funds, $5
   million in Section 108 loan funds, and $1 million from the California Department of Parks
   and Recreation.

5. Bell Gardens’ Park View Terrace Senior Housing Project
   (Acquisition: Clara Street Senior Housing Project)
   6728 Clara Street, Bell Gardens, CA 90201
   The Bell Gardens Park View Terrace Senior Housing Project was developed by the
   Southern California Housing Development Corporation, in partnership with the City of Bell
   Gardens. Public and private financing for the Senior Housing Project totaled $16.4 million,
   including $1.5 million in City of Industry Program Funds and $2.7 million in HOME Program
   Funds. $964,100 in CDBG funds were used for acquisition of several dilapidated residential
   properties before being transformed into 72 one- and two-bedroom spacious apartments for
   lower-income seniors. The project was completed in 2005.

6. Union Pacific Family Development Center
   4315 Union Pacific Avenue, East Los Angeles, CA 90023
   The Union Pacific Family Development Center delivers a
   comprehensive array of social services to the unincorporated
   area of East Los Angles. Operated by the Young Women’s
   Christian Association, the center is a 5,209 square foot
   building constructed with two (2) stories: child development
   services on the ground level and youth and adult programs
   on the second floor. Classrooms are used to provide
   computer training, community workshops, and collaborations
   with other non-profits and stakeholder organizations. The child development center serves
   100-150 children, ages infant/toddler to five (5) years old. In total, Family Development
   Center programs serve 1,000-1,500 households and individuals.

   The site itself was fully completed in June 2010, but a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held
   May 15, 2010. Funding associated with this project includes $550,000 in CDBG funds for
   capital costs associated with the development and construction of the facility. CDBG is also
   currently funding a few programs at the center.

7. East Los Angeles Civic Center Plaza
   NW Corner of 3rd Street and Mednick, East Los Angeles, CA 90022
   The East Los Angeles Civic Center Plaza is a commercial
   center with business and community tenants. The Plaza is
   located at the corner of 3rd Street and Mednik Avenue, and
   is a great contribution to the Maravilla community because
   it replaced incompatible uses and removed blighted
   properties with 30,000 square feet of new office, retail, and
   food space.

   This project was completed in 2003. The Community Development Commission (CDC)
   provided over $1.6 million in Maravilla Tax Increment for land acquisition, off-site
   improvements, and other project activities; and $423,000 in CDBG funds were used for land

8. Nueva Maravilla Public Housing Development
   4909 East Cesar E Chavez Avenue, East Los Angeles, CA 90022
   In April 1943, the Housing Authority of the County of Los
   Angeles (HACoLA) constructed 504 barrack-style dwelling
   units on a 54-acre site in East Los Angeles. Original plans
   for this housing development named Maravilla, which
   means “a marvel” in Spanish, reflected the characteristics
   of the local Mexican-American community. Over the years,
   the neighborhood and buildings deteriorated and, as a
   result, in late 1972, HUD formally committed more than $10 million for the complete
   renovation of the housing development. Once the work was completed, the development
   came to be known as “Nueva Maravilla” or the new marvel, to mark a new beginning.

   Today, there are a total of 504 units of which 150 are senior housing and 354 for families on
   36 acres. Approximately 1,400 County residents live at Nueva Maravilla. Federal stimulus
   dollars from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act can be seen in action at Nueva
   Maravilla; where $5.9 million has been awarded to reduce energy costs, generate resident
   and HACoLA energy savings, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions attributable to energy
   consumption. Further, funding has been dedicated for the creation of additional parking and
   making site improvements to this thriving community. *See attached Status of Maravilla
   Landscaping Project.

9. Plaza Monte Vista Development
   4760 East Cesar E Chavez Avenue, East Los Angeles, CA 90022
   This development is part of a $3.8 million commercial
   project in the Maravilla Community Redevelopment Project
   area in unincorporated East Los Angeles. Blighted and
   nuisance properties were present along this historic
   commercial corridor of Cesar Chavez Avenue. The CDC
   acquired these troubled properties to eliminate blight by
   attracting new development and economic opportunities for

   the benefit of residents and businesses in Maravilla. The developer, David Adhoot, was
   successful in negotiating the lease for the first national chain sit down restaurant (Denny’s)
   located in unincorporated East Los Angeles. This project is a benefit for the residents, who
   for many years, wanted a name brand national restaurant in their community.

   This development was completed in June of 2009. The CDC originally purchased part of
   the site with $400,000 in CDBG funds. The CDC then contributed $931,300 in land value,
   and $225,000 toward off-site improvements using tax increments funds from the
   redevelopment project area. The balance of the funding was raised privately by the

10. Centro Estrella (Alma Family Resource and Aquatic Center)
    4701 E. Cesar Chavez Avenue, East Los Angeles, CA 90022
    Through the dedication and perseverance of County
    Supervisor Gloria Molina and her exceptional staff, the
    Centro Estrella Family Resource Center was constructed in
    East Los Angeles to provide a wide range of multilingual,
    culturally competent services to families with special needs
    including those with emotional, physical and developmental
    disabilities. With the leadership and collaboration of Alma
    Family Services, Centro Estrella fulfilled a vision celebrating the strength, courage and
    wisdom of families in the East Los Angeles community. Services provided include: family
    needs assessment; community services information, referral, and linkage; family and peer
    support groups; behavioral health services; a preschool center; an after school program;
    and a specially equipped and designed indoor Aquatic Center for all age ranges, including
    those with special needs.

   This center was completed in 2004. Funding sources included $1.4 million in Maravilla Tax
   Increments, $2.3 million in CDBG funds, and $1.9 million in State Realignment Funds.

11. Cesar Chavez Avenue Community Business Revitalization Projects
    These projects revitalized the vintage design of this
    property, built around 1930, which had fallen into
    disrepair and neglect over the decades. Revitalization
    efforts included new paint, tile, awnings and signage for
    all ten (10) businesses, including repairs and patching to
    windows and columns to restore the historic integrity of
    the building.
      *ELA Community Youth Center                            4401 Cesar Chavez Ave.
         (Gymnasium only)
      *Diana’s Bakery                                        3868 Cesar Chavez Ave.

12. Floral Homes
    4321-43 Floral Dr. (proximate to Eastern Avenue), East Los Angeles, CA 90022
    These four (4) owner-occupied, single-family homes were developed by Abell-Helou G.P., a
    for-profit affordable housing developer. It is one of the CDC’s very few developments using
    $227,059 in CDBG funds only (land purchase). The homes were completed in early 2000.

13. Villa Serena
    3887 E. 1st Street (between Gage Avenue & Sunol Drive), East Los Angeles, CA 90063
    These 85 multifamily rental units were developed by AMCAL,
    a for-profit developer. Completed in June of 2009, this
    development utilized $5.9 million in HOME funding.


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