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									Great Tips for Effective Eyelash Growth

Back in the old days, women have been trying different methods to make eyelashes appear longer,
ticker, and fuller by using mascara and curler. Even if it seemed like a little part of the body, women
have found that eyelashes add up gorgeous beauty to the eyes. While eyelashes actually grow even in
adult years after losing out thru falling away, applied science has also discovered ways to reinforce the
natural growth cycle of eyelashes to promote healthier, longer, and fuller eyelashes. Below are the
various ways of enhancing lash growth.

Natural Way for Promoting Longer Eyelashes

Of course, there’s no other better way to promote healthier and longer eyelash growth than acquiring
proper diet and nutrition. Having a proper amount intake of foods rich in protein, calories, vitamins C
and E, and minerals is the basic way. The first way to start the process of enhancing the growth of
eyelashes is through the application of olive or castor oil at the base of the eyelashes using an eyelash
brush, cotton bud, or Q-tip. Another ingredient to use by dabbing a small amount on your eyelashes is
Vitamin E in oil form and Vaseline. These are effective eyelash conditioners that promise best results
within a month or two after a constant use every night before going to bed.

One thing you must also understand is the benefit of regularly trimming your eyelashes. You don’t have
to worry about losing your lashes because just like the hair of your head, it can promote growth both in
the sense of width and length. Don not freak out if you loss an eyelash during the procedure because of
the fact that lashes grow back within one to two months.

Chemical Aid for Promoting Growth of Eyelashes

Another mechanism to enhance eyelash growth is through the aid of chemical agents such as
medications. These medications contain mainly of synthetic chemical ingredients specifically made to
promote longer lashes. There are some medicines manufactured for lash growth enhancement that
includes specialized brush for the lashes. The reason behind this alternative way to grow longer lashes
arose from the discovery that once glaucoma patients achieved longer eyelashes due to the medications
that they were taking. The medicine they were taking was named Prostaglandin Analog. Since then
there were more researchers and innovations made to improve the drug and make it specifically and
exclusively for stimulating longer lash growth.

Guard Yourself from Allergic Reactions When You Follow Different Mechanisms for Lash Growth

It is an imperative thing to consider certain brands and ingredients if you choose to purchase various
lash growth enhancers. You must be wise enough to do some research and be well-informed about the
ingredients to know if they will have some adverse reaction with your eye because you want to improve
your lashes not make them worse. Some adverse effects have an unpleasant effect affecting even the
eyes. Though eyelashes growth products are widely available in almost every department store and
online, every individual has unique characteristics and health conditions and has unique reactions to the
chemicals. It’s always best to find what suits your own eyelashes’ needs. You also have to consider the
side effects of each product. There are several reviews claiming a change in the color of the eyes and
skin discoloration after excessive application of a certain lash boosting product.

Always bear in my mind that the main function of the eyelashes is to protect the eyes more than just
cosmetic purposes. So it’s best to consult your physician in assisting you with using chemicals for eyelash

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