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									                                      5 Characteristics of a Good Hair Salon and Spa

Visiting a hair salon and spa is one of the most relaxing and pampering things a person can do. Having an excellent cut
and look just adds to the luxury of this pampering. However, when choosing a spa or salon to visit, there are critical
factors that every patron should consider before choosing the final destination for their spa experience. Here are five
characteristics of a good hair salon and spa that will get you in the right place for your next hair cut or facial.

1. Experienced Staff

The most essential of all characteristics for a good hair salon and spa is an experienced staff. No matter how much the
staff pampers you, their experience should show through in your appearance when leaving the facility. This means the
staff knows how to cut and style hair professionally and have experience doing it. In addition, experienced hair stylists
and spa staff will use only the highest quality products on your hair and skin.

2. Extensive Pampering

Upon entering a good hair salon and spa, the patron should experience extensive pampering that exhibits the spa will do
anything to make the person comfortable. Not only is the facility selling treatments, but also they are selling an
experience. This means patrons should be offered drinks such as bottled water and possibly a snack upon entering the
spa. In addition, comfortable seating for styling sessions and manicures/pedicures should be provided.

3. Provide Options and Time

No one likes to be rushed when deciding on a style, color, or cut for their new look. A good hair salon and spa will take
time with you and not rush the customer. The staff should also offer suggestions and possibilities for hairstyles and
treatments and answer any questions the customer has about the services offered. This is essential to make the spa and
salon experience relaxing and inviting to the customer.

4. Clean and Hygienic

No one wants to return home with a fungus or health issue from spa or styling services they received. It is a necessity
that spas and salons keep all tools used for treatments and hair styling clean and sanitized. This should also be visible to
patrons that may be watching as staff finishes with each client. The appearance of the facility itself should also be clean
with no trash, dirt, or dust on the floors or surfaces.

5. Embrace Technology

Lastly, a good salon and spa will embrace technology and all that it can offer to its staff and patrons. This means the staff
has computerized scheduling and checkout procedures so every employee is on the same page when scheduling new
clients and taking payments. The facility should also have a professional web site giving them a specialized web presence
and advertising the services and treatments offered.

Finding a good salon and spa is essential to enjoying and reaping all the benefits of this type of experience. Checking the
spa or salon’s web presence is a great place to start to inquire if the staff is experienced and offers exceptional service.
In addition, visiting the spa to make the first appointment is a good idea to ensure the facility is clean, welcoming, and
attempts to pamper potential clients as well as existing ones.
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