CNC Lathes by metramaquinaria


                                          CNC LATHES

Since the first lathe was built by Egyptians, those have been improved during the history. Until
the end of the 18th Century there wasn’t any significant improvement: constant feed rate.
Some years later, the thanks to IT improvements, CNC lathes were born.

Before this technology, mechanical lathes were quite difficult to program, but now, where
costs have to be reduced constantly, CNC lathes play a decisive role in purchase decision
making. METRA has this compromise with the machining outsourcing industry, and is offering
CNC lathes that can be programmed in few steps, obtaining excellent productivities. As a full
compromise with clients needs, METRA’s CNC lathes, are equipped with the most appropriate
numerical control for the client, depending on their satisfaction between the different

If you can choose, go for METRA CNC lathes!

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