Meditation Orgasm, Orgasms Make Women Hold Up to 4 Months by jojonnnnn


									When making love, a woman known to be stimulated the most difficult and
hard to reach orgasm. Even if it was the climax, orgasms experienced by
women are usually only lasts for 6-10 seconds.

But Nicole Daedone sex instructor said that with the right partner and
assisted technique is high then the female orgasm can last up to 4 months

According Daedone, a woman can have an orgasm during four months by
practicing a method called 'meditation orgasm' (Orgasmic meditation or

This method will make the women in a state of continuous arousal and help
her deal with various aspects of life is full of sensuality and strength.

"Orgasm is the body's ability to receive and respond to pleasure. Its
pure and simple. Climax frequently than the orgasm, but only parts of it
can not represent the whole lovemaking process," said Daedone who also
wrote a book called Slow Sex, The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm .

"Make a difference with this method and you will change the whole game.
You know that women are not only able to orgasm like a man but with this
method may be that you could get more than that. You also know that if
women want sex as much as men but it is not sex is mediocre, "he added.

The task of women as sex is to concentrate fully on the sensations he
felt and the role of men in this process is to concentrate on women.

Daedone also emphasized that the 'sex in a slow tempo' requires a
dedication that he advised the couple to spend 45 minutes instead of 10
minutes, every day to get the benefits of OM.

OM is also not the foreplay because this method is practiced apart from
sex activity, not on the bed and is not designed to cause orgasms, but to
ensure that women remain on the sensual sensations.

"Most people do not know if even the lightest touch can make the biggest
sensations in the body of a woman and the most important thing is to
overcome all obstacles to make love to connect themselves to fully

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