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                           | pdf edition | Friday August 10 2012                                                          Sport
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Usain Bolt’s double gold: ‘I’m now a
legend. I am the greatest athlete to live’
Olympic double gold medal winner says he now wants to add a
third to his London 2012 collection Page 2

Rio Olympics should be gender equal, says
Exclusive: Shadow Olympics minister to lead campaign for next
Games to award equal number of medals to men and women
Page 3

Nicola Adams wins historic first women’s
Olympic boxing gold
Great Britain’s Nicola Adams has become the first female Olympic
boxing gold medal winner with a sensational victory over China’s
Ren Cancan Page 4

London 2012: French                          Team GB: every                               London 2012: Britain’s         Bobby White: ‘Has
athlete Hassan Hirt sent                     Olympic gold, silver and                     Luke Patience and               the Olympics been
home over ‘positive                          bronze medallist so far                      Stuart Bithell win silver       worth the effort?
test’ Page 5                                Page 6                                       Page 8                          Undoubtedly’ Page 9

London 2012: ‘Gutted’                       London 2012 Olympic                          London 2012: forget             Tyler Hamilton stripped
Hannah Mills and Saskia                      Games: 10 August                             medals, collectors pin          of Athens Olympics gold
Clark take sailing silver                    - afternoon summary                          success on Olympic              after doping admission
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Page  G24 Sport                                                                      Friday August 10 2012            13:45 GMT

                                                                     injury that has troubled him this season — yet still appeared to
                                                                     have something to spare as he crossed the line.
Usain Bolt’s double gold: ‘I’m now a                                     “The 200m was harder than I expected. I could feel the
legend. I am the greatest athlete to live’                           pressure coming off the bend and that’s when I had to focus.”
                                                                         Weir revealed that before the race, Bolt had come up to
Olympic double gold medal winner says he                             him and said “one, two, three” and the trio completed a lap
now wants to add a third to his London 2012                          of honour that turned into an entertaining sideshow for the
                                                                     80,000 present.
                                                                         “It’s wonderful. Jamaica has proven that we are the greatest
Owen Gibson, Olympics editor                                         sprint country. I’ve got nothing left to prove. I’ve showed the
                                                                     world I’m the best and, right now, I just want to enjoy myself,”
                                                                     said Bolt. “This is my moment. I’ll never forget this. Lane seven
                                                                     has been good to me these past couple of days.”
                                                                         Before the start of the race, Bolt had joked and bumped fists
                                                                     with the volunteer holding his kit. After storming to victory,
                                                                     he did press ups on the track and borrowed a photographer’s
                                                                     camera to take pictures of his friend and training partner Blake.
                                                                         Bolt didn’t have it all his own way in terms of era defining
                                                                     performances as Kenyan 800m runner David Rudisha became
                                                                     the first person to break a world record on the Olympic Stadium
                                                                         Asked afterwards whether he fancied splitting the difference
                                                                     and taking on Bolt over 400m, he said: “It would be great fun,
                                                                     let’s do it.”
Usain Bolt celebrates in his trademark style after winning
                                                                         Bolt said he was also determined to now enjoy his
the men’s 200m final at the London 2012 Olympic Games.
                                                                     achievement as he focused on the possibility of adding a third
Photograph: Rex Features
                                                                     gold medal to his London 2012 collection: “It’s all about the
After proclaiming that retaining his 100m and 200m Olympic           4x100m now, to have some fun and go out there and do our
titles had made him a “living legend”, Usain Bolt took aim at        best.”
Carl Lewis for casting aspersions on the manner in which he
had done so.
    Lewis has hinted in the past that the drug testing programme
in Jamaica is less rigorous than in other countries, but Bolt said
Lewis was attention seeking. “Carl Lewis, I have no respect
for him. The things he says about other track athletes is really
downgrading other athletes,” said Bolt after retaining his
Olympic 200m title. “I think he is looking for attention because
no one really talks much about him. I’ve lost all respect for him.
It’s really upsetting for me.”
    In 2008, Lewis said: “No one is accusing anyone. But don’t

live by a different rule and expect the same kind of respect. No
country has had that kind of dominance. I’m not saying they’ve
done anything for certain. I don’t know.”
    Earlier, Bolt had said the dominance of Jamaica was the
result of hard work and training: “When people doubt us it’s
really hard, but we try our best to show the world we’re running
clean.” The Jamaican said that he would carry on running but           From Beirut to Big Brother,
that he would probably retire before he reached 30.                    Murdoch to Millionaire,
    On defending his titles at the next Games in Rio, he said that
he thought the competition from Yohan Blake and others would           discuss the hot topics in the
be too much: “I think I’ve had my time. In life, anything is           media on not one, but two blogs
possible but that’s going to be a hard reach.” After successfully
defending his Olympic 100m and 200m titles, Bolt said that he
                                                                       Organ Grinder and Greenslade
had proved he was “the greatest athlete to live”. Bolt, who won
the 200m in 19.32 seconds to lead a clean sweep in front of his
Jamaican compatriots Yohan Blake and Warren Weir, said the
achievement put him in the same category as his hero Michael 
    “It’s what I came here to do. I’m now a legend, I’m also the
greatest athlete to live. I am in the same category as Michael
Johnson,” he said after finishing in the same time as Johnson’s
former world record. Bolt said that he felt inhibited by a back © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                            
Page 3 G24 Sport                                                                         Friday August 10 2012             13:45 GMT

                                                                       gender equality. He added that in 1984 in Los Angeles, 24% of
                                                                       those competing were women. In London, the figure is 44%.
Rio Olympics should be gender equal,                                       Lord Coe, the London 2012 chairman, said: “We’ve had more
says Jowell                                                            women competing in these Games. Some of the big, high-
                                                                       profile moments have focused on women. It’s really moved
Exclusive: Shadow Olympics minister to                                 the agenda on.” But Jowell said the ongoing gender imbalance
lead campaign for next Games to award                                  was “symptomatic of wider discrimination against women in
equal number of medals to men and women
                                                                           According to the Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation,
Owen Gibson, Olympics editor                                           women’s sport only receives 0.5% of corporate sponsorship
                                                                       and 5% of total media coverage. Last year, the absence of any
                                                                       women from the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year shortlist
                                                                       provoked a nationwide debate .
                                                                           Now that women’s boxing has been successfully included
                                                                       in London, the International Amateur Boxing Association is
                                                                       expected to increase the number of women’s categories from
                                                                       the existing three. But due to the IOC’s desire to keep the
                                                                       overall number of events at the current level, for each women’s
                                                                       event that is added a men’s event must be taken out.
                                                                           Before the Games, British C1 canoeing champion Samantha
                                                                       Rippington launched a legal challenge over the exclusion of
                                                                       women’s canoeing from the Games when five men’s events
                                                                       were to be contested.
                                                                           The IOC spokesman said the body could not give a firm
Shadow Olympics minister Tessa Jowell praised Saudi Arabia,
                                                                       commitment that there would be equality by the time of the
Qatar and Brunei for sending female athletes for the first time
                                                                       opening ceremony in Rio, but pledged that it would continue to
to London 2012, but said there was ‘still a long way to go’.
                                                                       make the issue a priority. “Every national Olympic committee
Photograph: Neil Hall/Reuters
                                                                       has now sent a woman to the Olympics. As recently as 1996,
The shadow Olympics minister, Tessa Jowell, is to lead a               there were 26 countries that hadn’t sent a woman,” he said,
campaign for the next Olympics in Rio to be the first “gender          adding that it was for the sporting federations to decide on the
equal Games”, with the same number of medals available to              balance of male and female events.
both sexes.                                                                “It comes as it comes, but we will push it as well. I can’t give
    After a surge of success for British female athletes in London,    a firm commitment that we’ll have everything in Rio, but we’re
which continued on Thursday with the first ever medals                 getting very close.”
in women’s boxing and taekwondo
p/39jpg , Jowell said there was still a lot further to go to achieve
    The president of the International Olympic Committee,
Jacques Rogge, has hailed the fact that all 204 competing
nations have sent male and female athletes to the Games for the
first time, with Saudi Arabia the last to do so.
    The IOC has also attempted to persuade international
federations to increase the number of women’s events to
match the number of men’s, most recently in cycling – allowing

Laura Trott and Victoria Pendleton to win multiple medals in
London. But campaigners point out there are 30 more medals
available to men than women and nine sports still have unequal
    “Nicola Adams’s face is smiling out of every newspaper front
page today. Her gold medal was not just reward for brilliant
athleticism, but also another milestone in the long road to              Compare and buy
gender equality for women in sport,” said Jowell. “In Beijing,
she would not have been allowed to compete. Yesterday, she
                                                                         Use our free independent
and our other women boxers demonstrated that women boxers                comparison services to switch
can pull in the crowds just like the men.”
    She also paid tribute to the fact that Saudi Arabia, Qatar and
                                                                         suppliers and save money on
Brunei had sent female athletes for the first time. But she said         all your household bills.
there was more work to be done. “The ambition of the Olympic
charter is to ensure that sport is practised without any form of
discrimination. But for successive Games, women have missed              compareandbuy
out on this commitment,” she said.
    An IOC spokesman said it was committed to moving towards © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                                 
Page 4 G24 Sport                                                                      Friday August 10 2012             13:45 GMT

                                                                    down the stairs at home and endured the rehab that shaped her
                                                                    into the champion she is at 29.
Nicola Adams wins historic first                                       “Now I will aim at Rio in 2016,” she said, still struggling to
women’s Olympic boxing gold                                         take in the magnitude of her achievement but conscious of her
                                                                    contribution to women’s boxing. “Knowing that young girls
• Team GB boxer beats three-times world                             might be inspired to take up the sport is as good as winning this
champion Ren Cancan                                                 medal,” she added, still clinging to the gold that will define her
• The flyweight wants to defend her
                                                                       “I would love it if there were girls who watched that fight
London 2012 title in Rio                                            and thought, ‘Yes, I can do that.’ I got my inspiration when I
Kevin Mitchell at the ExCeL                                         sat down with my father, at about eight or nine years old, and
                                                                    watched The Rumble in the Jungle. It was amazing watching
                                                                    Muhammad Ali. I watched tapes of Sugar Ray Robinson too
                                                                    – what a terrific left hook.
                                                                       “I hope, too, that winning here will inspire the rest of the
                                                                    guys and we can get even more gold. I will tell them to relax,
                                                                    keep their focus and they are bound to box at their best. It has
                                                                    been great working with all of them.”
                                                                       But the smiling star from Yorkshire – “Northerners, eh?” she
                                                                    laughed – is more than just a boxer, although she is supremely
                                                                    gifted at that, and she was only half-joking when she said later
                                                                    that winning this medal may well get her some bigger acting
                                                                    parts than those she has had as an extra in Coronation Street
                                                                    and Emmerdale.
                                                                       She was headed for a night out with family and friends, then
Team GB’s Nicola Adams throws a right hand on the way to
                                                                    would make plans for a holiday, “although I don’t know where”.
winning gold against China’s Ren Cancan at London 2012
                                                                    She wanted to get home to her dog, Dexter, and would drape
Photograph: Damir Sagolj/Reuters
                                                                    that precious medal around his neck for a bit.
Nicola Adams is a flat-footed asthmatic, a bubbling flyweight          What made her day so memorable, though, were not just the
confection of unaffected charisma who makes every room              details of her story to this point but what she produced in the
and boxing ring she enters her personal property with a smile       ring against a formidable opponent.
of serious wattage. She is as normal as a cup of tea and more          Boxing calmly at distance, she took the first round 4-2, her
special than she might ever have imagined, never more so than       shots landing cleanly and, more importantly, visibly. The judges
when holding an Olympic gold medal on Thursday night, a first       have not always been alert in this tournament.
among firsts, not only breaking the duck for the Great Britain         The bout went dramatically in her favour halfway through
squad at these Games but leading the way for her sport.             round two when she landed a peach of a left to the chin of the
    Hours later it was still hanging from her neck, a reminder of   Chinese southpaw, followed by a right to the temple as she
the heroics she performed over eight minutes in front of 16,000     tottered backwards, and Ren was looking at the action from a
throat-sore converts to her discipline in the ExCeL, as she         horizontal position. Adams deserved more than a 5-2 margin,
emphatically turned back the challenge of China’s Ren Cancan,       though.
knocking the three-times world champion on her backside                In the third Adams went looking for her now slightly reticent
along the way, to win 16-7.                                         opponent.
    “It hasn’t sunk in yet,” Adams said, the ritual response to        Ren’s attacks were reduced to wild swings as she sought to
the ritual question. “Maybe later, when I might even have a few     make up the deficit and she was an even easier target. Adams
drinks … Why not, eh?”                                              danced away from the uglier exchanges and found openings on
    Her laughter filled the room, just as her punches had filled    the counter to lead 14-5 going into the fourth round. A belting
the ring. This was not the conclusion of her story but certainly    left down the pipe unsettled Ren and Adams walked back to the
the highest point to date. She says there is more to come.          corner in jubilant mood.
    “How cool would it to be to win two Olympic gold medals?           She knew not to discount Ren, against whom she has won
It’s never been done in our sport before, so I am going to go for   and lost before, but, husbanding a nine-point lead, she had little
it.” Clearly, becoming the first woman to win an Olympic boxing     more to do than stay out of trouble.
gold medal has tapped into the natural energy of this very fine        Even so, she could not resist a flourish at the end and, like all
athlete.                                                            good boxers – like the great Sugar Ray – she finished with a left
    There were no dreams, though, just an instinct that boxing      hook.
and her were meant for each other, when her mother, Denver,
took a then 12-year-old Nicola to the gym in Leeds 17 years ago.
It was not to mould a champion, Denver said, but to “give her
something to do”.
    The journey to the podium in east London on Thursday
night has taken in the struggle against resistance to even her
presence in the male preserve of boxing and a back injury that
laid her out for three months in 2009 after she had tumbled © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                             
Page 5 G24 Sport                                                                     Friday August 10 2012            13:45 GMT

London 2012: French athlete Hassan                                  London 2012: ‘Gutted’ Hannah Mills and
Hirt sent home over ‘positive test’                                 Saskia Clark take sailing silver

• Official says Hirt tested positive for the                        • British pair lose lead to New Zealand’s
hormone EPO                                                         Aleh and Powrie
• Finished 11th in first-round heat of men’s                        • ‘We feel gutted we didn’t put on a good
5,000m                                                              show’ – Clark
Associated Press                                                    Steven Morris in Weymouth and Portland

Hassan Hirt of France (second left) has been sent home from         Hannah Mills, back, and Saskia Clark won a silver medal in the
London 2012. Photograph: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images                470 dinghy class. Photograph: Onedition
The French runner Hassan Hirt has been sent home from the           Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark secured a second silver medal of
London Olympics by his team, with an official saying he tested      the day for Team GB’s sailing team in the 470 dinghy class but
positive for the blood-boosting hormone EPO.                        were “gutted” not to have won gold.
   The unnamed official, who is not authorised to speak                Mills and Clark, who have only been sailing together for 18
publicly on the case, said Hirt tested positive in a sample taken   months, have had a fine regatta and went into the final race
during training on 3 August. He said Hirt had been targeted by      leading the standings on the same number of points as the New
the French anti-doping agency for several months.                   Zealanders Jo Aleh and Olivia Powrie. Whichever of the two
   Hirt was eliminated from the men’s 5,000m on Wednesday           boats finished ahead would take gold.
when he finished 11th in a first-round heat. The 32-year-old was       The GB pair had the best of the start and had a comfortable
competing in his first Olympics.                                    lead on the Kiwi women. The New Zealand boat had no option
   The International Olympic Committee spokesman Mark               but to head to a different part of the race course. There they
Adams announced earlier on Friday that Hirt had been sent           found a good breeze, took the lead and never looked in danger.
home by the French team but could not give details of any              Mills and Clark finished ninth. They were clearly distraught.
doping offence.                                                     Clark said: “We feel gutted that we didn’t put a good show on.”
   The French 3,000m specialist Nordine Gezzar tested positive         Mills said: “We’ve had a wicked 18 months. Sas is amazing.
for EPO in June, having already served a two-year suspension        We’ve had a great time.”
for doping in 2006.                                                    Mills, from Cardiff, and Clark, an Essex woman, make a
                                                                    wonderful team. Clark finished sixth in the 470 class in Beijing.
                                                                    She struggled to find a new partner for London 2012 before

                                                                    teaming up with Mills, one of British sailing’s most exciting
                                                                    prospects. They hit it off immediately and are the current world
                                                                       Clark said their only aim when they got together had been
  Eat right                                                         qualifying for the team. They weren’t even thinking about a
                                                                    place on the podium. “Hannah’s a legend,” she said.
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Page  G24 Sport                                                                   Friday August 10 2012           13:45 GMT

                                                                  Gregory, rowing, men’s four: Gold for fourth Games in a row
Team GB: every Olympic gold, silver and                           • Katherine Copeland and Sophie Hosking, rowing,
bronze medallist so far                                           lightweight double sculls: Unheralded champions continue
                                                                  gold rush at Eton Dorney
From Andy Murray’s gold to the men’s                              • Philip Hindes, Chris Hoy and Jason Kenny, cycling, team
lightweight four landing a dramatic silver,                       sprint: Hoy claims fifth Olympic gold
                                                                  • Ed Clancy, Steven Burke, Geraint Thomas and Peter
here are Britain’s medal winners of the
                                                                  Kennaugh, cycling, team pursuit: British quartet smash their
Games                                                             own world record
• In pictures: Team GB’s medal haul                               • Victoria Pendleton, cycling, keirin: Pendleton seizes her
                                                                  golden moment
                                                                  • Katherine Grainger and Anna Watkins, rowing, double
                                                                  sculls: A life-affirming, character-shaping odyssey finally
                                                                  • Peter Wilson, shooting, double trap: ‘Nothing compares to
                                                                  winning in London’
                                                                  • Tim Baillie and Etienne Stott, canoeing, double: Britain
                                                                  strikes gold in slalom
                                                                  • Bradley Wiggins, cycling, time trial: Wiggins becomes
                                                                  Britain’s most prolific Olympian
                                                                  • Helen Glover and Heather Stanning, rowing, pair: Glover and
                                                                  Stanning win Team GB’s first gold
                                                                  Silver medal winners
Great Britain’s Andy Murray celebrates winning his gold medal    • Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark, sailing, 470 class: Pair take
after defeating Roger Federer at Wimbledon. Photograph:           silver but ‘gutted’ to miss out on gold
Clive Brunskill/Getty Images                                      • Luke Patience and Stuart Bithell, sailing, 470 class: Duo lose
                                                                  out to Australia in gold medal decider
Gold medal winners
                                                                  • Victoria Pendleton, cycling, sprint final: Pendleton bows out
• Jade Jones, taekwondo, 57kg: Teenager stuns double world
                                                                  with defeat to rival Meares
champion to take GB’s gold tally to 25
                                                                  • Nick Dempsey, windsurfing: Norwich windsurfer is runner-
• Nicola Adams, boxing, flyweight: Adams makes history with
                                                                  up in men’s RS:X class
first women’s Olympic boxing gold
                                                                  • Christine Ohuruogu, athletics, 400m: Defending champion
• Charlotte Dujardin, equestrianism, individual dressage:
                                                                  leaves it too late to take gold again
Dujardin strikes second dressage gold
                                                                  • Andy Murray and Laura Robson, tennis, mixed doubles: No
• Sir Chris Hoy, cycling, keirin: Hoy becomes Britain’s best
                                                                  breaks for Murray after GB lose final on champions’ tie-breaker
Olympian with sixth gold
• Laura Trott, cycling, omnium: Trott takes Olympic gold tally
                                                                  • Louis Smith, gymnastics, pommel horse: Smith in closest of
to two
                                                                  showdowns with Hungary’s Berki
• Charlotte Dujardin, Carl Hester and Laura Bechtolsheimer,
                                                                  • Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson, sailing, Star: Success is
equestrianism, team dressage: Britain’s best performance since
                                                                  agonisingly elusive as Sweden snatch gold
the 1908 London Games
                                                                  • Zac Purchase and Mark Hunter, rowing, lightweight double
• Alistair Brownlee, triathlon: Brownlee shreds field to win by
                                                                  sculls: Gut-wrenching despair after narrow defeat
11 seconds
• Ben Maher, Nick Skelton, Peter Charles and Scott Brash,
                                                                  • David Florence and Richard Hounslow, canoeing, double:
equestrianism, team showjumping: GB triumph after tie-
                                                                  Canoeing bursts its way into domestic spotlight
breaking jump-off with Netherlands
                                                                  • Richard Chambers, Peter Chambers, Chris Bartley and Rob
• Jason Kenny, cycling, sprint: Brailsford’s courageous
                                                                  Williams, rowing, lightweight four: Britain lands dramatic
decision pays rich dividends
• Andy Murray, tennis, singles: Murray beats Federer to win
                                                                  • Gemma Gibbons, judo, 78kg: Joy for Britain’s first judo
                                                                  medallist since 2000
• Ben Ainslie, sailing, Finn: Ainslie become greatest Olympic
                                                                  • Michael Jamieson, swimming, 200m breaststroke: Scot left
                                                                  wishing for a slightly longer pool
• Greg Rutherford, athletics, long jump: Rutherford
                                                                  • Tina Cook, William Fox-Pitt, Mary King, Zara Phillips
overcomes injury to clinch gold
                                                                  and Nicola Wilson, equestrianism, team eventing: Eventing
• Mo Farah, athletics, 10,000m: Farah powers to sensational
                                                                  champions stiff upper lip
                                                                  • Lizzie Armitstead, cycling, road race: Armitstead strikes
• Jessica Ennis, athletics, heptathlon: A triumph to treasure
                                                                  Olympic silver on a soggy Mall
• Jo Rowsell, Laura Trott and Dani King, cycling, team pursuit:   Bronze medal winners
Rewriting Olympic cycling history                  • Laura Bechtolsheimer, equestrianism, individual dressage:
• Andy Triggs Hodge, Pete Reed, Tom James and Alex                Bechtolsheimer adds bronze to team gold © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                        
Page  G24 Sport                                                                    Friday August 10 2012            13:45 GMT

• Robbie Grabarz, high jump: Grabarz leaps onto podium for
Team GB
• Jonny Brownlee, triathlon: Brownlee overcomes time
                                                                   London 2012 Olympic Games: 10 August
penalty to take bronze                              — afternoon summary
• Beth Tweddle, gymnastics, uneven bars: Mix of strength,
skill and modesty gets bronze                       Shock defeat for Sarah Stevenson in
• Ed Clancy, cycling, omnium: Yorkshireman’s fast 1k time trial    Taekwondo as Shanaze Reade is raring to
secures third place
                                                                   make up for lost time
• Max Whitlock, gymnastics, pommel horse: Whitlock puts in
finest performance of his career
                                                                   Live blog – all the action from day 14
• Karina Bryant, judo, 78kg+: Tower of a woman displays her
• Rebecca Adlington, swimming, 800m freestyle: ‘It gets more
and more painful the older I get’
• Alan Campbell, rowing, single sculls: Exhausted Campbell
wins GB’s first single sculls medal since 1928
• Will Satch and George Nash, rowing, men’s pair: Satch
overcomes hip problem to row in third
• Constantine Louloudis, Alex Partridge, James Foad, Tom
Ransley, Ric Egington, Mo Sbihi, Greg Searle, Matt Langridge
and Phelan Hill (cox), rowing, men’s eight: Britain holds on to
win thrilling bronze in emotional final
• Chris Froome, cycling, time trial: Froome gives GB second
medal in time trial by taking bronze                Britain’s Shanaze Reade soares above the BMX track in the
• Louis Smith, Sam Oldham, Kristian Thomas, Max Whitlock           qualification heats. Photograph: Cathal Mcnaughton/Reuters
and Dan Purvis, gymnastics, team: Thomas keeps cool as GB
                                                                   Please note all times are in BST (EDT+5)
grab bronze
                                                                      THE DAY’S ACTION SO FAR
• Rebecca Adlington, swimming, 400m freestyle: Nation’s
sweetheart fails to get fairytale ending            Taekwondo: 10.30am at ExCeL
                                                                      Britain’s Sarah Stevenson suffered a shock defeat
                                                                   p/39k24 in the women’s 67kg while Lutalo Muhammad went
                                                                   through to the men’s -80kg quarterfinals (at 3.45pm) after
                                                                   winning 7-1 against Tajikistan’s Farkhod Negmatov.
                                                                   Sailing: noon at Weymouth & Portland
                                                                     Gold for Australia and silver for Britain in the men’s 470. GB’s
                                                                   Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark (world champions) are in the
                                                                   women’s 470 medal race .
                                                                     STILL TO COME
                                                                   Cycling BMX finals: 4.30pm at the BMX Circuit
                                                                     Shanaze Reade, the overwhelming favourite, crashed out
                                                                   and broke her arm in the Beijing final.
                                                                   Football: 7.45pm at Cardiff
                                                                     Wales bids farewell to the Games at the men’s bronze medal

                                                                   Men’s 4x400m final: 9.20pm Olympic Stadium
                                                                      With the past seven “mile” relays in the bag for USA and
                                                                   17 victories in 22 Games in total, it would probably take a
                                                                   disqualification to knock LaShawn Merritt and co off their perch
                                                                   in London. The private war between USA and Jamaica women
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                                                                   • A 10km open water swimmer needs a daily intake of 5,000
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  online to find the best deal for                                 • 25: Seconds lopped off the women’s 1,500m world record
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  you.                                                             In pictures                                              Guardian’s picture desk choose the top 10 photographs of the
  compareandbuy                                                    Games from the 280,000-odd they’ve received. © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                          
Page  G24 Sport                                                                          Friday August 10 2012             13:45 GMT

                                                                        were adjudged to have illegally pumped their sail by using their
                                                                        body weight to help power it and had to do a penalty turn. The
London 2012: Britain’s Luke Patience                                    gold was out of reach but silver assured.
and Stuart Bithell win silver                                              Patience, the only Scot in the GB sailing team, and Bithell,
                                                                        who is from Rochdale, have had a brilliant regatta, with seven
• British duo finish second in 470 class                                top three finishes in the 10-race preliminary series.
sailing                                                                    Both have laughed off the idea that they ought to feel under
                                                                        pressure going into their first Olympics and seem destined to be
• Gold goes to Australia’s Mathew Belcher
                                                                        stars of the British sailing team for years go to come.
and Malcolm Page
Steven Morris in Weymouth and Portland
                                                                        London 2012: forget medals, collectors
                                                                        pin success on Olympic badges

                                                                        Unbeknown to most spectators, a booming
                                                                        barter trade in pin badges is the focus of
                                                                        many Olympic staff and collectors
                                                                        Esther Addley

Luke Patience and Stuart Bithell won silver in the 470 class
sailing. Photograph: William West/AFP/Getty Images
Team GB secured a fourth sailing medal when the brilliant
young sailors Luke Patience and Stuart Bithell won silver in the
470 dingy class.
    The pair went into the medal race second in the standings
but hoping to overhaul the much more experienced Australian
pair, Mathew Belcher and Malcolm Page.
    But after a fascinating tactical battle in light wind in front of   Pin badge collectors barter with each other outside the
a packed spectator area, the Australians finished second, two           Olympic Park in east London. Photograph: Sergei Grits/AP
places ahead of GB, to secure the gold. It was Australia’s third        Shahkeel Miah is looking for Bangladesh. He is on a lunch
gold of the games and means they are bound to top the sailing           break from his job as a security guard at the Olympic Park, and
medal table. That is a disappointment for GB, who have headed           has wandered down to Orbit Circus, the public space next to
it for the last three games.                                            Anish Kapoor’s giant structure, clasping in his hand a small and
    After the race the Australians and British sailors both leapt       unremarkable enamel lapel pin.
into the water and celebrated together. Patience, 26, said:                 Sitting at a round picnic table with his wares arrayed like
“We’re happy, happy boys. We’re in paradise. It’s not the gold          trophies in front of him, Stavros Potouridis has got Bangladesh.
but there’s plenty of time. We’re young boys.” Bithell, 25,             More accurately, among the thousands of badges displayed on
said the Australians sailed a “fantastic race”. “They held their        trays on the table, placed in bags at his feet or pinned proudly
nerve.”                                                                 to his jacket, he has at least one lapel pin of the Bangladeshi flag
    Going into the 470 medal race, the Australians needed to            topped by the Olympic rings. He dips deep in his bag and picks
finish ahead or a single place behind GB to take gold. As so often      it out, holding it in front of the security guard like a sweet treat
in such a situation there was a tense jockeying for position            to a child.
before the start. The boats got so close that at one point they             But Potouridis takes a quick look and sniffs at the badge in
touched.                                                                Miah’s paw, the only one he has. The Greek wants the Coca-Cola
    Patience and Bithell started stronger. They have been               pin of the day, and there’s no way a plain little London 2012
relaxed throughout and could be seen laughing and joking on             badge is worth the swap. “Try one of the other guys!” he calls,
the in-boat camera. Going round the first mark, GB led with             as Miah wanders off.
Australia in third.                                                         Less than a fortnight after a strange new city sprang up in
    The Australians gained on the downwind leg and crept into           east London, the Olympic Park has developed a curious but
first. In a stiffening breeze, Patience and Bithell tried to get        frenzied new barter economy, its currency being the pin badge.
close to them and slow them down by blocking their wind.                Those popping in to watch the sideshow that is the sporting
Patience has described himself as a terrier and it developed into       action may be unaware of it, but for many of those working on
a dogfight between the two. The tussle meant that the rest of           the site the trade in badges is a newfound hobby that is fast
the fleet caught up.                                                    becoming an obsession.
    Still, the Australians rounded the top mark for the last time           Displayed on the lanyards of their Olympic accreditation
in first, with GB fourth. Desperate to catch up, the British pair © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                                 
Page  G24 Sport                                                                       Friday August 10 2012             13:45 GMT

badges, many staff — from security guards to journalists, and         of Monaco and Usain Bolt, “and I just traded with two kids of
Games Maker volunteers to sponsors’ employees — have taken            seven or eight years old. I took their pins that were not valuable,
to brandishing their small, multicoloured pins like medals.           but it was worth it to see the excitement of them starting out as
They are a way of signalling your experience of previous Games        collectors”.
and a medium for striking up conversation with complete                  For Marantz, who estimates that up to 4,000 different pins
strangers.                                                            will be produced for each Games, the holy grail is to bag every
     “I’d never heard of it and when we first noticed it, we were     one produced by each of the competing Olympic committee at
like, that’s so immature,” says Sophie, who escorts guests            the London Games. “From 200 or so countries, you could have
around the site for sponsors Visa and has carried her large           maybe 600 to 700 pins, and I would try to get all of them. At
branded lollipop sign to the badge trading area. “Now we love         every Games I have ever been to I have tried, and I’m one of the
it. I think everyone who is working on the site is getting really     best. But nobody ever does.”
into it.”
     She and her colleagues were given a pin by Visa at the outset,
giving them an immediate headstart over other collectors as           Bobby White: ‘Has the Olympics been
pins produced internally by broadcasters and sponsors rather          worth the effort? Undoubtedly’
than sold in bulk are among the most desirable. Articulated
badges with moving parts are also eagerly sought — a Dow pin
with an arrow pointing to the changing British weather is a
                                                                      The GB handball captain is ready to build a
favourite. Badges traded with athletes are, for obvious reasons,      legacy, but can’t quite believe London 2012
like gold dust.                                                       is over after all that work
     Pin trading, it turns out, is almost as old as the Games
                                                                      Bobby White
itself, having started in 1896 when athletes began exchanging
the coloured cardboard discs used to distinguish them from
officials and media. Participating bodies increasingly produced
badges throughout the last century, and collecting them grew
into a frenzied hobby, particularly in the US. At the Los Angeles
Games in 1984, 10,000 people a day attended a makeshift barter
market outside the LA Coliseum.
     Perhaps inevitably, at the Calgary Winter Games four years
later, official pin trading centres run and branded by Coca-
Cola were opened inside the Olympic parks themselves. The
centre in Stratford has a number of indoor tables for officially
sanctioned traders, and rather more outside, in the main park
plaza, where unofficial traders set up their wares. “If you go
inside and run in their booth you have to run by their rules,”
tuts Paul Hess, a dairy farmer from New York state who got into       The Team handball captain Bobby White says the Olympics
pins when his wife worked at the Atlanta Games in 1996 and has        really was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Photograph:
been trading ever since.                                              David Levene
     Coca-Cola have made 182 pin badges for London 2012 – red         So it’s over. We ended the tournament against Iceland with our
phone boxes that flip open to read “Welcome to the Olympics”          best performance of the Games, but coudn’t get that elusive
in 12 languages, London monuments made of Coke bottles,               win. After the game there were a few sad faces around because
opening and closing ceremony pins, bulldogs in union flag             it was the end of the journey, a long journey for some people,
wellies – for which it is charging between £8 and £20. Inside the     and a lot of emotional sacrifices were made to get to this point.
store, as some sought to make frantic trades, other Olympic               But I have to say that it was great in the dressing room
ticket holders wandered around bemused at the curious                 afterwards. It was a really good atmosphere, people were happy
pastime. “Bit odd, isn’t it?” laughed one woman, who had              with the perfomances and the fight that we had shown – we
popped in with her husband to take a look. “We’ve never heard         could have quite easily turned up and not fought for it but that’s
of anything like it.”                                                 not in our nature. A few of the lads really put themselves in the
     For those for whom this is the most serious sport of the         shop window I think.
Games, there are clear rules. Don’t wear a pin you don’t want             Has it been worth the effort? The time away from home,
to trade, or wear it separately. If you make a bad trade and get      the sacrifices we’ve all had to make over the past five years?
an unofficial pin, discard it rather than trade it on. And ideally    Undoubtedly. Every time I walked out into the Copper Box I
– though quite how this works on a large scale is never fully         was blown away by the reaction of the crowd. Against France,
explained – don’t buy pins, just trade or accept them as gifts.       the first game, it was incredible as you’d expect, but the impact
     The badges do, undoubtedly, have some monetary value             never lessened. It was the same level, the same amount of
– there were rumours among workers last week that a BBC pin           passion and for me the same amount of pride in my chest as I
was changing hands for £100 – but the market moves quickly            was walking out. You hear people talking about the Olympics
and can be transitory. In any case, the serious collectors agree,     as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Now I know what they’re
where would be the fun if you just bought them all?                   talking about. It’s been absolutely fantastic and I’m so glad that
     Sid Marantz from Los Angeles, who has been trading since         I’ve had the opportunity to do it.
Montreal in 1976, says he has exchanged pins with Prince Albert           I’ve no idea how I’ll feel after the closing ceremony on © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                              
Page 10 G24 Sport                                                                             Friday August 10 2012            13:45 GMT

Sunday. A lot of the boys shed a tear or two during the opening
ceremony and after the Iceland match and that’s great, but it’s
not really how I respond to things. I’m just happy to be here and
                                                                           Tyler Hamilton stripped of Athens
taking it all in. I’ll be sad, because it’ll be properly over but also     Olympics gold after doping admission
I’ll be happy because it’s been a long five years. Part of me will
be relieved to focus on other things. It’s been such a huge target         • American cyclist disqualified after
and now we’ve done it it’s nice to have it out of the way. Some            admitting doping
things are so big they block the view of everything else.
                                                                           • Gold will now go to the Russian rider
     That said it feels a bit strange not having the Olympics ahead
of me. It’s difficult to think that this is it, that it’s been and gone.
                                                                           Viatcheslav Ekimov
It’s been an amazing experience. But it’s just the beginning for           Associated Press
British handball. The reaction to it has been amazing. I believe
it’s firmly on the map now in the UK and we need to capitalise
on it.
     I’m fairly confident that 90% of the British public with
tickets in the Copper Box had never seen handball before.
They’ve gone there with a completely clean slate, no
preconceived ideas and they’ve hopefully been blown away
like everyone else. It’s a difficult sport not to like, with the
entertainment value you get. I’m pretty sure there’ll be a lot of
public interest.
     For me personally, I’m waiting to see if I get any offers over
the next few weeks. I’m not sure that they’ll be coming but
I’ve been offered a job managing the British handball centre of
excellence in Bedford. It’s a chance to stay involved and use my
                                                                           Tyler Hamilton has been stripped of his Athens Olympics
experience to help the young guys coming through the ranks,
                                                                           cycling gold after admitting doping. Photograph: Johnannes
so I’m talking to the British Handball Association about that. If a
decent offer comes in for me to continue my playing career then
I’ll consider it – I’ve still got a few years left in my legs – but I’m    The IOC has formally stripped the American cyclist Tyler
pretty sure my immediate future will be in the UK, supporting              Hamilton of his gold from the 2004 Athens Olympics and
the legacy.                                                                reassigned the medals after his admission of doping.
     As for Team GB, we’ve got European championship qualifiers               The IOC notified Hamilton on Friday that he has been
against Greece and Italy coming up in October, so we’ve got that           disqualified from his victory in the road race time trial. His gold
to look forward to. We were close to those two teams back in               medal will now go to the Russian rider Viatcheslav Ekimov, the
May, so if we can keep the core of the squad together we’ll be             American Bobby Julich will be moved up from bronze to silver,
in with a good shout against those boys. Then the next funding             and Michael Rogers of Australia will go from fourth to bronze.
cycle is announced in the new year, so we’ll see what happens                 After years of denials, Hamilton told CBS’s 60 Minutes last
with that. Our head coach Dragan Djukic is leaving, so that                year that he had repeatedly used performance-enhancing
leaves us probably Bill Baillie, the assistant, as interim coach           drugs. The IOC asked for documents from the US Anti-Doping
for now because they haven’t got the money to offer anyone a               Agency before reallocating the medals.
contract. It’s going to have to be carefully managed but I’m sure
we’ll be continuing and making progress.
     Our performances could have been better, but if you look
at the progress that we have made, it’s been outstanding. And
with the public interest it’s going to be difficult for those who
control the funding to turn round and say: “You know what,

we’re not going to fund the legacy sports.” Because everyone
will be asking why. The motto of the Games has been “Inspire a
generation” and hopefully that’s what we’ve done.

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