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Winter recess assignment



Name___________________________ per. ____
Mr. Ricart
English 10
Date: _________

Of Mice & Men, Chapter 1

Answer the following questions in complete sentences!!

1. What did the bus driver tell George & Lennie when it was time to get off the bus? Why did

this add to George’s frustration?

2. What did George promise Lennie, as a result of getting rid of his mouse?

3. Provide an example of characterization, personification, and imagery in the novel. (be sure to

be specific, and provide direct examples from the literature)




4. What advice did George give Lennie prior to arriving to the ranch? Why?

5. Why did George and Lennie get “chased” out of Weed County? Explain!

6. After returning from fetching wood, what did Lennie return with in his possession?

7. Why does George feel responsible for Lennie?

8. Provide an example of George “resenting” Lennie.

9. What common goal do Lennie and George share?

10. What does Lennie seem to only care about?

Chapter 2
  1. What literary technique did Steinbeck use effectively in the first paragraph of chapter 2?
     Provide examples and a detailed explanation
  2. What were the first words uttered to George and Lennie by the old man, in chapter 2?
  3. What does the yellow can, George picked up, read on the front?
  4. Describe George’s emotion, upon walking in the bunkhouse? Why?
  5. How does the “old man” describe the boss to George? Why?
  6. What did George compare Lennie’s strength to?
  7. What did you find interesting about George and the boss’ first meeting? Explain!
  8. Why did the boss seem skeptical when he first met George and Lennie? Explain!
  9. Provide an example of John Steinbeck’s effective use of characterization in chapter 2
     (explain and provide direct examples from the literature).
  10. How many miles did George and Lennie have to walk to reach the farm?
  11. What does the swamper tell George about Curley?
  12. What does George’s response to the swamper?
  13. After meeting Curly, and understanding his personality, what does he tell Lennie?
  14. What does the swamper say about Curly’s wife?
  15. Who is slim, and what does he do for a living?
  16. What does George tell Slim Lennie can do? (EXACT QUOTES)

DEFINE! Ch. 1 & 2
  1. Scowled                        6. Dusk                            11. Ominously
  2. Imperiously                    7. Morosely                        12. Slough
  3. Pantomime                      8. Bindle
  4. Brusquely                      9. Mollified
  5. Dejectedly                     10. Pugnacious

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