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A basic fact sheet on dementia

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									                                                According to Alzheimer’s Research
                                                UK, 25 million people in the UK have
                                                a family member with dementia.
                                                When a loved-one is diagnosed with
                                                dementia, one of the first steps in
                                                coping is to get informed about the
                                                illness, its symptoms and its known

                                                          Known Causes:
                                           Dementia refers to a set of symptoms, which
        Dementia Symptoms:                 can occur for a number of reasons.
    The Mayo Clinic lists the
                                           According to the Alzheimer's Society, there are
    following as symptoms of               several different types of dementia, including
    dementia:                              vascular dementia, dementia with Lewy bodies
                                           and Fronto-temporal dementia. Alzheimer’s
    •    Memory loss                       Disease is the most common cause of dementia.
    •    Trouble communicating
                                           Vascular dementia is the result of a lack in the
    •    Trouble planning/organising
                                           brain’s blood supply. Risk factors include
    •    Trouble with coordination,        diabetes and obesity.
         motor functions
    •    Inability to reason               Dementia with Lewy bodies refers to dementia
    •    Changes in personality            caused by circular lumps of protein – known as
    •    Paranoia                          Lewy bodies - forming on the inside of the
    •    Increased agitation
    •    Hallucinations                    Fronto-temporal dementia occurs when the
    •    Inappropriate behaviour           temporal lobe and the frontal lobe incur damage
                                           and shrinking. Around half of Fronto-temporal
                                           dementia cases are the result of an inherited
                                           genetic mutation.

•   More information on dementia care
•   The Alzheimer’s Society National Helpline
•   Information on Carers Trust local support groups for carers in the UK
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