Memorandum of Understanding by ewghwehws


									Memorandum of Understanding

Paul E. Reimer
20 June 2008
 Outlines responsibilities within the collaboration
   – Leadership responsibilities, including safety responsibilities
   – Institutional responsibilities
 Clearly states who will provide each element of the spectrometer
   – This will represent a commitment on the part of each group to provide these
 Clearly states what we expect Fermilab to provide for the experiment
   – Equipment e.g. beam line, wire winding machine, KTeV magnet
   – Supplies e.g. power and cooling for magnets
   – Beam parameters and intensity
 Estimates of cost

 This document should be as specific as possible
   – I don’t want to get to 2010 and find myself saying,
       “I though you were doing that”

                       Paul E. Reimer                 20 June 2008                 2
   Time Line
We are waiting on the MOU so that
 Fermilab will have a clear path for working on the experiment
 We can really start working on this experiment here at Fermilab
 Funding Agencies will release money

Fermilab has created a task force
 Chaired by Dave Christian and Craig Moore
 Regular meetings (but the—now ended—furlough program caused delays)
 Evaluate costs and time line from Fermilab’s point of view
 Focused on major cost—beam line

Time Line
 Hope to have Fermilab cost input by early July
 Circulate draft in collaboration in early July     Am I too optimistic?
 Final version in August?

                       Paul E. Reimer                20 June 2008           3
   Sample Outline
1. Introduction—Physics goals, goals of MOU
2. Personnel and Institutions
   i. Collaboration Leadership—Identify spokesperson, lines of responsibility
   ii. Current Collaboration—Lists all of you
3. Experimental Area and Beams
   i. Experimental Area—KTeV Hall (NM4)
   ii. Proton Beam Structure and Intensity—Spot size, 2×1012/s, total proton
4. Collaboration’s Responsibilities
   i.     General Responsibilities of All Institutions—Do the experiment safely
   ii.    Abilene Christian University—Hardware (hodoscopes), labor, MC work
   iii.   Argonne National Laboratory
   iv.    Los Alamos National Laboratory
   v.     And on through the collaboration

                          Paul E. Reimer                20 June 2008              4
   Sample outline
5. Fermilab’s Responsibilities
   i. Accelerator Division—e.g. Beam line
   ii. Particle Physics Division—e.g. KTeV Hall, magnet assembly
   iii. Computing Division—electronics, disk storage, networks, computing farms (?)
6. Cost and Schedule—What the costs are and from where the money is
7. Special Considerations
   i. During Construction, Installation, and Operation of the Experiment
   ii. At the Completion of the Experiment—We agree to clean up our mess
   iii. Publications and Reviews—We agree to publish our results and we agree to
        help Fermilab in various reviews

                      Paul E. Reimer                20 June 2008                      5

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