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									           Have a look on budget-friendly Hotels in Kedarnath!

A small town found in the mighty Himalayas, Kedarnath is among the oldest places of Hindu pilgrimages.
It is one of the four major pilgrimage places and known to be the most solitary of all.

About Kedarnath

Named after a king named Kedar who was born in Satyayug, Kedarnath is known for being one of the
twelve Jyotirlings. Its existence could be traced back to the time of Mahabharata. Kedarnath Temple is
open only from Akshay Tritiya to Bhai Duj (April end/May to Oct end/Nov first week) owing to extreme
weather conditions.

Budget Accommodations in Kedarnath
Pocket-friendly hotels in Kedarnath are not difficult to find. If you are among those pilgrims who are
searching for the best of the accommodations and that too under budget, you have come to the right
place. You would be able to enjoy the tranquillity of the serene environment of this holy place without
worrying about the expenses. Know more about affordable Kedarnath Hotels in the next few paragraphs.
Punjab Sindh Awas

                                                       Situated in the prime location, Punjabi Sindh
                                                       Awas Kedarnath is at a distance of only 20
                                                       meters from the Kedarnath Temple. It provides
                                                       two kinds of accommodations with the facility
                                                       of 24 hrs reception. First is the standard double-
                                                       bed Room and the other one is with the four
                                                       beds. They are available with attached
                                                       bathrooms and toilets. Hot water is available
                                                       with a price and only in the mornings. You are
                                                       free to opt for a room as per the size of your

                                                     Your Dining options are limited to vegetarian, as
this is a pilgrimage where non-vegetarian food is prohibited. You will be provided breakfast, lunch and
dinner in the large restaurant of the hotel.

Gayatri Sadan
Located just 50 meters away from the main
temple premises, Gayatri Sadan Kedarnath
can be your other option. With the same
specifics as were mentioned in the hotel
above, this would also go hand in hand with
your budget.
Himanchal House

                                                            This hotel is situated at the left side of
                                                            the Kedarnath Temple, about 50
                                                            meters distance. This also provides for
                                                            all basic amenities as being the hotels
                                                            suggested earlier.

Rajasthan Sadan

This hotel is just 150 meters from the temple
complex. Just as the others, this hotel also enjoys
a constant flow of pilgrims. It also provides the
same services as mentioned for the previous
hotels. In addition to this, it also arranges for
priests on request.

In all the above hotels, you can call for a doctor if
and when required. Hotels in Kedarnath are
supposed to keep our mind at peace, the thing
that you have come looking for. Your pocket will
remain happy opting for any of these Kedarnath
hotels, thus, the peace undisturbed.

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