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         The Point-of-I, the Soul and the Sentient Being (

A Point-of-I and a ‘basic Soul’ can arise naturally in the Universe where there is a vortex
flow of mental material, like a hurricane is formed where there is a vortex confluence of
atmospheric air, or can be generated by self-duplication, like ‘imaging’ in a computer.
The latter is what is meant by “God breathed into Adam and Adam became a living soul”.

The Point-of-I is basically the implosive eye of a Mental Vortex exhibiting a self-
reflective projection in twin-phase space instantly to infinity and, thus, constitutes a
BIOS (Basic Input Output System) in twin-phase space. Because of the MDG (Minimal
Dynamic Geometry) of 6-dimensional twin-phase space, the Point-of-I is inseparably
associated with a sevenfold active structure. (This is not a 3-D Geometric figure). This
structure with its self-reflective Point-of-I manifests all the basic subjective properties of
Life, i.e., Senses, Consciousness, Willfulness, Awareness, Self-knowledge etc, i.e. all the
basic characteristics of the Supreme Universal Father, plus an objective personality
made possible by its distinct time-and-space coordinates. This basic sevenfold active
structure, together with the Point-of-I, constitutes the Basic Soul.

The Living Soul

As you know from Particle Physics, very few particle vortices have very long lifetimes.
These are the basic fundamental particles of the Proton and the Neutron and stable nuclei.
To these we should add also the Planetary, Solar, Galactic and Super-Galactic Vortices.

Basic Souls, or Mental Vortices, of the order of magnitude as that of the human being have
a very short lifetime unless they are stabilized by becoming part of an ‘Operating System’
that maintains the Mental Vortex. In addition, a sentient being needs more than a BIOS in
order to acquire an organized and meaningful manifest existence. As in the case of a
computer, it will acquire meaningful organized expression if it has the rest of the
computer’s vital ‘organs’: a processor, a memory disc, drives, a number of cards, (audio,
graphics etc), a modem and all the necessary peripherals and other robotics and, of course,
a number of basic Programs that complete the ‘Operating System’. The ‘Operating
System’ must primarily include in its basic functions the maintenance of the Mental
Vortex. So, a ‘basic Soul’ becomes by design a lasting ‘Living Soul’ when it is part of an
Organized ‘Operating System’. This System and the various programs and Memories,
give the Soul a Personality and it becomes a complete Sentient Being.

This is what the word for ‘Soul’ in Greek, ‘ΨΥΧΗ’, expresses. ‘ΨΥΧΗ’ is an ‘embodied
secondary Source’ (Ψ) of ‘Volitional expression’ (Υ) in ‘orthogonal space-phases’ (Χ)
in ‘a continuously evolving fashion’ (Η). I must point out the word ‘embodied’ and not
‘incarnate’ because by ‘body’ we refer to any ordered material accumulation of any
composition and any density and not necessarily a ‘biological body’.

Apart from increased stability and long life, the Living Soul Vortex grows in size, like a
tornado or twister, so that its outskirts extend beyond the boundaries of the cellular body,
though the implosive Vortex eye or Point-of-I remains sharp. Although human bodies are

more or less the same size, the mental Vortex size varies greatly among individuals,
depending on the dynamism of the Outward Love they manifest, to many times the size of
the cellular body.

When the Point-of-I leaves the hardware permanently at any stage of its life, the operation
and maintenance technology of the hardware breaks down. If the basic Soul has already
become a lasting Living Soul by developing a functional Mental body, (still a body),
which has the basic program to maintain the Soul vortex, it continues indefinitely to exist
as a Living Soul and a Sentient Being, provided the Mental body has established ways of
securing sustenance, other than through chemical food. However, if it is not part of a
greater Coordinated System it will soon diminish to a grain of sand in an infinite desert,
because of its competition for vital space and sustenance.

Point-of-I duplication can be programmed to take place automatically, as in the case of the
duplication of a cell, like an Amoeba for instance. In the Amoeba, this is situated at the
center of the Centrosome. Even in cases where there is no visible Centrosome, the Point-
of-I is there, and to be effectively functional and in control of all processes, including
unconscious and non-deliberate processes, it must have a Mental Vortex of size bigger
than the domain to be controlled.

In a zygote, the overall Point-of-I is formed not as a result of the fertilization but as a
result of the probing, which causes the necessary nodal restriction. The second sperm to
enter the ovum, in the case of identical twins, does not contribute its chromosomes to the
fertilization. If this were the case we would have too many chromosomes. It merely effects
a second nodal restriction, which acts as the seat of a second individual Point-of-I and
Soul. Probing, and hence the generation of a nodal restriction and a seat for a Point-of-I,
can be effected artificially, without the participation of a sperm. This is the case with
cloning. (This Point-of-I is similar to the ‘Ganesh particle’ produced recently by focused
voltage from quartz crystals. The Mental vortex size of the Point-of-I can vary from that of
the neutrino to that of a super-galactic system).

Many of the programs as well as the technology of construction and maintenance of the
hardware are built in the structure of the hardware itself. As soon as the Point-of-I and
Soul arise in the zygote by probing, all the programs and technology for the construction of
the ‘hardware’ swing into action. (The first program to be activated is the one that
maintains the Soul Vortex by providing it continuously with pulses of energy, just like a
pacemaker). As the central nervous system develops, the basic operating system, (together
with its survival or instinctive programs), is installed in the brain of the fetus. Immediately
after, the individual ‘godfathers’ or ‘overselves’ of the Administration pyramid of the
Planet intervene to download into the nervous system of the infant items of Memory and
Personality features, the basic ‘Personality Software’. This continues until the age of 4-5,
when the child’s mental vision is programmed to shut, (except for a few that the overselves
or godfathers might need to use later for their own purpose), and its memory-so-far
suppressed. During his/her life, the person will evolve and develop this Personality by
learning and experience, under the guidance of the ‘overself’, so that s/he functions

efficiently in the ‘social structure’ according to the overself’s agenda and, in doing so,
expresses also her/his acquired Personality for self-fulfillment and self-gratification.

Re-incarnation: In re-incarnation, a ‘Living Soul’ with its Mental body takes over and
merges with a newly arising Point-of-I and a ‘Basic Soul’ and, of course, takes over the
hardware, for as long as the hardware may last. The re-incarnate inherits also the
embryonic programming and, thus, s/he comes under the subconscious control of the same
overself. S/he can free her/himself from this control only by temporary 3-day death.

A Living Soul of greater size and energy and very long lifetime, like that of a Planet or
Sun or Galaxy, manifests its designing skills by first organizing smaller transient Souls
within its own boundaries, in order to design, build and maintain a ‘System’ and, also, the
‘hardware’ or ‘toys’ of the creative game. By incorporating such Souls in a coordinated
Operating System, the Greater Soul gives these transient Souls a relative permanence.
Then, it monitors and directs the specialization of these smaller Living Souls according to
the requirements of the greater design and, still later, it starts creating new Living Souls by
self-duplication through focused mental projection or imaging, followed by specialization
and programming. It is obvious that such an organized System of individual Living Souls
can only survive if it is governed by a set of Rules or a ‘Protocol’. (I have borrowed this
word ‘Protocol’ from computer programming because technological Man understands and
accepts its necessity better than the concept of ‘Rules’ and ‘Regulations’; i.e., the Law).

Death of the Soul

A Living Soul with secured mental sustenance is virtually immortal. However, it can be
destroyed by external intervention. This happens when it is judged by the greater System
as ‘harmful’ to the System or the Social body of which it is a part. If any such unit within a
System becomes malevolent to the System, it is treated as ‘cancer’ or a ‘virus’. The angels
of the Spirit of Truth, which is responsible for the design, operation and maintenance of the
System, step in as ‘antibodies’, like Antivirus programs, and destroy the Software of this
Soul and, hence, its Mental body. Without the Mental body and its basic soul maintenance
program or pacemaker, the Soul loses its permanence, i.e. reverts to its impermanent
‘basic’ nature, and soon dissipates out of existence. This is the Death of the Soul.

Deification of the Soul or the Person

The primary drive in all manifest living existence is the drive for Survival of the Self.
However, as the Person develops his/her Personality and acquires Wisdom, s/he lifts
her/himself to higher levels of Self-identification and higher levels of survival. A single
incarnation becomes relatively unimportant. The highest level of Self-identification and
survival is one’s identification with the Head of the System of which one is a part; i.e.
identification with his/her Heavenly Father, Creator of the organized System of which s/he
is a part. This is Deification of the Person and can happen while still incarnate. Our
Heavenly Father is not the Supreme Universal Father, who is omnipresent and ever-

present and, therefore, without Objective Personality. Of course, our Heavenly Father,
who Himself has an Individual Objective Personality, shares some necessary properties
with the Universal Father, particularly His Primary property of Agape-Love.


Nirvana is the Identification of the Point-of-I with the Supreme Universal Father, without
Personality Software and without Objective Personality. This is exactly the same as the
Death of the Self, irreversibly. When you reach Nirvana, before you lose any sense of
Self-awareness, you find yourself in infinite Space without any sense of relative motion.
Wherever you try to move you are still in the center of the Void. The only feeling you
have before you are completely lost as an individual Self forever is “holy shit”! If you did
this only as part of research you immediately return to the previous Self-awareness very
relieved. If however you did this seeking Nirvana as a goal, you disappear forever.

It is like a drop of water returning to the Ocean. The water molecules, not your cells but the
items of data that compose the software of your individual Self-Personality, disperse in the
Ocean and are no longer composed as software files. However, copies of this software
exist in the Mental Internet records and, with the downloading of Memories and
Personality items into every new Self by the ‘overselves’, the new Self may have the
impression that s/he remembers a great number of previous incarnations. However,
this is not the case. This is not a reincarnation of her/his older Self but the arising of a
brand new Self, incorporating items of Memory of many Selves that may or may not
exist anymore. (It is the same as the installation of basic Operating System programs and
other software in a new computer and subsequently downloading all sorts of useful
reference information from the Internet as a ‘library’ onto the hard disc memory of the
new computer, necessary for its intended use).

When we mentioned that ‘Nirvana’, as defined and encouraged by Buddhist (?) scriptures,
is in essence the same as ‘Death of the Individual Self’ and that the present Planetary
Prince has nothing better to offer, Calicastia exclaimed: “What do you expect? That I
should allow humans under my rule to progress to levels above me?”

The statements in Buddhist scriptures “When one attains Nirvana he ceases to partake
in the cycle of becoming”, which is taught as the ultimate goal of transcendental
meditation, and “One can return from Nirvana to re-incarnate” are mutually
contradictory. The first one is valid; the second one is not. When one attains Nirvana he
ceases to exist as an individual Self. However, parts of his software and memories are
stored in the great Unconscious Circuit, (the Mental Internet), and can be downloaded and
installed in incarnations of brand new Individuals.

A Buddha can return after deification, not after attaining Nirvana. Though, as
mentioned above, items of Buddha memory can be downloaded from the Mental Internet
into a brand new individual Self, if there is a need for such.

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