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									      Performance Evaluation Board
Geophysics, Geodynamics, and Space Geodesy Program
              Contract Number NNG06HX14C

                       Presented by

                     John DiMarzio
                   Program Manager
                       SGT, Inc.

                       March 2011

  • John DiMarzio – Program Manager1
  • Wendy Johnson – Business Manager

      – SGT Teammates
         • SSAI (Dr. Robert Cornett – PM)
         • Sigma Space (Claudia Carabajal – PM)
         • Raytheon (Dr. Atul Jai – PM)
         • Innovim (Neal Most – Group Director)
      – Consultants
         • Chemal (George Brothers)
         • Cybioms (Dr. Thomas Varghese)

1Replaced   Steve Klosko in December, 2010
Major Focus: Manifestations of Climate Change

     Collaboration on advancing unique GSFC capabilities
                      ICESat Mission Highlights
   • Located at GSFC
   • One of the first EOS SIPS
   • Science processing under control of science
   • Integrated into EOSDIS
   • Produces all Level 1 and 2 science products
   • Excellent history of adding value to data
      set – Release 31 accomplished
        Greenland Mass Balance Change
• Paper published in the Journal of Glaciology December 2010 is
  a culmination of years of work using repeat-track analysis from
                 ICESat Data Products
• Staff is implementing a large number of changes and additional
  parameters to the ICESat Data Products in anticipation of the
  final release processing.
• Staff is investigating remaining campaign level biases in the
  ICESat data – see next slide
ICESat Biases with respect to L3j campaign from
    Antarctic study region crossover analysis
ICESat 2 Mission Highlights
        Sigma Photon Counting Lidar Anaylsis
•   Staff is working with data from the Sigma Photon Counting Lidar
    data taken over 2 vegetation study areas and the Greenland Ice
•   Putting out datasets of “ATLAS-like” (ICESat-2’s instrument) for
    the Science Definition Team
•   Working on “Ground Finding” Algorithm which will automatically
    segregate ground signal from background counts. See plots on
    next page.
ICESat-2 Highlights
                       ICESat-2 SIPS
• Staff is developing the ICESat-2 Science Investigator-led
  Processing System
           – Consists of the ATLAS Science Algorithm Software
             (ATLAS) and the Scheduling and Data Management
             System (SDMS)
           – All requirements through level 4 are written
           – Software management plan and development
             schedule have been submitted to the project
• The ICESat-2 Ground Systems Engineer is a member of this
           – She has been working closely with the Ground
             Systems Lead to put together all necessary plans,
             schedules, requirements and documentation.
MSL from MEASURES Reanalysis
           Estimated Stability of the 17-year Sea Surface Height Time Series

                                    MEASURES Data Set
Cycle-mean SSH differences between altimetric and tide-gauge sea levels evaluated at a 64-station
tide-gauge network, for TOPEX (cycles 1-364), Jason-1 (cycles 1-259), and OSTM/Jason-2 (cycles
1-44). Inter-mission bias adjustments derived from the Jason-1 and Jason-2 verification-phase
collinear SSH differences have been applied to form a “single mission” time series to estimate the
stability of the 17-year sea-surface height record. From Beckley et al, 2011, in draft. To be released
imminently on PODAAC.
                                                   Gravity Field Spectrum

                                                            Full Signal

                                            Error before GRACE

                                             Error after GRACE

                                           GRACE Improved Mean Gravity Field
                                           Estimation Sensitivity

Mass Flux Estimation: Temporal changes in gravity field are
determined in monthly (or shorter time) solutions which are
recovered w.r.t. a multi-year mean gravity field (e.g. GGM02C)
                   Δmass flux = Nmonth - N
Accumulative Mass
Loss Measured by GRACE
GRACE to Support Continental Hydrology
GRACE vs Hydrology over North America
Example of Post Glacial Rebound


                         Hydrology (GLDAS)
GRACE vs Hydrology in the Amazon Basin
Reiterated Global Mascons
        Fast Dynamic Response of The Greenland Ice Sheet to
         Climate Change From The Melt-acceleration Effect
                                                                  Wei Li Wang, Jan. 2010

 The observations have shown that
a seasonal variation in ice flow
                                        Elevation Change (dH/dt) (2003-2006)
velocity is strongly associated with
seasonal surface melt which causes      ICESat observation       Model result
increased basal sliding.                  (total change)         (dynamic change)

 A 3-dimensional time-dependent
ice flow model is developed and
applied to the Greenland ice sheet to
investigate the dynamic response to
climate change from the melt-
acceleration effect.

 The model incorporates a seasonal
basal sliding parameterization that
depends on estimates of the
meltwater penetration to the bed.

 The surface meltwater production
is estimated using satellite observed
surface temperatures during the time
period of 1982 -2006.                                        <
                Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

SGT’s Mark Torrence leads the effort
to coordinate SLR transponder
tracking support for the LRO Mission
and is LOLA SOC Software and Test
                   Broad Mission Support
• Active Missions -- Terrestrial
   – Jason, OSTM, ENVISat – radar altimeter
   – ICESat, ICESat 2, LVIS , ICEBRIDGE – laser altimeter
• Future Terrestrial Missions
   – DESDynI (?)
   – ICESat II
• Active Missions – Solar System
   – LRO
   – DAWN
• Future Solar System Missions
   – GRAIL
Papers and Presentations
            Since December 2005:

            ◙ GGSG Staff Members have authored or co-
            authored 120 refereed papers in major journals
            including SCIENCE, Geophysical Research
            Letters, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience
            and Remote Sensing, Journal of
            Geophysical Research, Ocean Engineering,
            Annals of Glaciology, and Photogrammetric
            Engineering and Remote Sensing

            ◙ GGSG staff members have supported over
            175 papers and presentations at conferences,
            workshops, and science team meetings

            ◙ GGSG Staff Members have been conveners
            or co-conveners at 25 international meetings
               Technical Performance

• The average score based on our self-assessments is 97.1%.

• When sending out the self assessments to each ATR, a request
  was made to note any significant disagreements in our self
  assessment scores with their perceptions. None was received
  whereas many scores were confirmed.
                  Management Performance

    Tasks were staffed over the entire reporting period with 100% retention .
    Eleven new hires during Contract Year 5; 5 new PhDs
Task Management:
    Smooth process of getting Tasks in place at contract start for contract
    Focus on ensuring cost equity across team
    Focus on resource sharing
    Systematic information flow to ATRs on task technical and financial status

Management Value-Added:
    High level of technical involvement at all staffing levels

    Exceptional level of collaborative and cooperative research and
             Pursuit of Research Funding
SGT is on ROSES investigations for:
• ICESat 2.
• International Polar Year
• Global Sea Level
• Operation ICEBRIDGE
• Renewal of participation on GRACE Science Team
                   PM Activities

• Active as Group Manager for both ICESat and ICESat 2
• Supported proposal efforts, technical reviewer, and other
• Actively engaged in cryospheric research activities
• Leveraged capabilities of other SGT contracts to provide
  highly cost effective specialized skills in support of GGSG
        Special Employee Recognition
• Dr. Wei Li recognized as PI for Roses 2010 - Cryospheric
  Science: “Investigation Of Greenland Ice Sheet Mass
  Balance And Dynamics Using Numerical Modeling And
  Remote Sensing Data”

SGT provided over $35,000 in performance bonuses for
 individuals supporting GGSG in FY10. These bonuses are
 paid out of SGT funds.
 Cost Performance and Reporting

• Past 12 months delivered highly accurate reporting
   – All 533 reports submitted on time and contained
     accurate subcontracting costs; elimination of
     trailing teammate invoices
   – Reports were accurate and complete
   – Maintained timely postings to Surveillance
     System of pertinent reports
• SGT instructed to extend all tasks for 6 month
                          Cost Summary by Task
               Task                                              %
   Task     Expenditure    Task Ceiling     Variance          Variance                       Comment
                                                                          As promised, travel related expenses and time
                                                                          supporting this task at international meetings have
                                                                          brought this task closer to spending profile. There
05-453-01       $113,681         $144,146        $30,465          21.1%   is upcoming travel.
                                                                          Unchanged: One person task; ATR wants funds in
                                                                          reserve for unanticipated travel to support field
05-555-01       $114,677         $154,466        $39,788          25.8%   activities
                                                                          One person task. Variance is within limits at this
05-613-01       $133,522         $135,957         $2,435           1.8%   time
                                                                          Fraction of one person task supported by
05-613-02        $67,807         $113,733        $45,926          40.4%   subcontractor; INNOVIM
                                                                          No travel or field work has occurred; variance is
05-614-01       $284,374         $325,793        $41,419          12.7%   holding steady
                                                                          Unchanged: Level of effort addressing ICESat
                                                                          mission close out and ICESat II planning have
05-614-02       $125,035         $125,296              $261        0.2%   temporarily increased charges to this task
                                                                          Same personnel support other tasks --
                                                                          05-614-06 and 05-614-13. All are ICESat
                                                                          and ICESat II related. Spending should
                                                                          even out; accumulated expenditures
                                                                          across these three tasks are within
05-614-03     $341,298          $429,771        $88,473          20.6%    budget
                                                                          Staff will be transitioning to 614-13 as
                                                                          ICESat II activity ramps up; as a result
05-614-06    $2,690,931       $2,790,406        $99,476           3.6%    underrun seen in 614-13
05-614-07     $209,314          $209,193          ($121)                  Task has ended.
05-614-08       $44,201          $41,989        ($2,212)         -5.3%
05-614-09     $130,421          $135,678         $5,257           3.9%    Acceptable variance

05-614-10     $103,616          $105,897         $2,281           2.2%    Acceptable variance
                                                                          Variance is acceptable at this time. New
05-614-12     $172,581          $197,191        $24,610          12.5%    large CMS task will balance expenditures
                          Cost Summary by Task
               Task                                          %
  Task      Expenditure    Task Ceiling    Variance       Variance                   Comment
                                                                     ATR has requested time to ramp up; very
                                                                     busy time for formulation of mission
05-614-13     $524,715          $659,001      $134,286       20.4%   concept; staff will be moving from 614-06
05-614-14       $38,852          $47,175        $8,323       17.6%   Task extended through 12/31/10
05-614-15     $138,241          $190,151       $51,909       27.3%   Task extended through 12/31/10
                                                                     Web development work will increase
                                                                     significantly soon with ECHO standards
05-690-01     $293,074          $385,796       $92,722       24.0%   defined.
                                                                     Additional funding will likely be needed to
                                                                     handle large amount of LOLA processing.
05-690-02     $510,173          $490,721      ($19,452)      -4.0%   ATR is aware of preplanning.
05-694-01     $483,673          $515,061       $31,388        6.1%
05-694-03     $210,448          $178,014      ($32,434)     -18.2%
05-694-04     $167,675          $217,468       $49,793       22.9%   Variance has significantly reduced
                                                                     85% of FTE task supported by
                                                                     subcontractor; Raytheon provided the
                                                                     following input: Dr. Purucker continues
05-698-01     $126,140          $213,270       $87,130       40.9%   charging more than usual to his Grants
05-698-02     $119,787          $194,015       $74,228       38.3%   Task supported by subcontractor
                                                                     Improved: Variance is reducing with Dr.
                                                                     Weiyuan Jiang now supporting task one
05-698-03       $56,854          $68,817       $11,963       17.4%   day per week
05-698-04       $95,156         $107,059       $11,903       11.1%   Variance is acceptable
                          Cost Summary by Task
  Task      Expenditure    Task Ceiling    Variance       % Variance                  Comment

05-698-05     $427,208          $452,888       $25,680          5.7%   Variance is acceptable
05-698-06       $35,204          $51,122       $15,917         31.1%   Further actions will be evaluated
                                                                       Variance has increased due to
                                                                       temporary redirection of staff to another
05-698-08       $29,259          $60,282       $31,023         51.5%   task at ATR request
                                                                       New Principal Engineer priced at 50%
05-698-09     $284,819          $361,393       $76,573         21.2%   FTE on Task Plan
                                                                       Staff contributing on tasks 698-06 and
05-698-10       $96,269         $116,400       $20,132         17.3%   698-08 to return to this task
05-698-12     $496,231          $476,884      ($19,347)        -4.1%   Variance is acceptable.
05-698-13     $178,624          $187,806        $9,182          4.9%   Variance is acceptable.
                                                                       Task plan calls for hiring 2.5 additional
                                                                       people; one candidate hired; to work on
                                                                       this task 50%; sub asked to work on
05-698-14     $213,827          $635,833      $422,006         66.4%   finding additional support
                                                                       Overrun due to product release in early
                                                                       July; intense effort delivering
                                                                       MEASURES product to PODAAC;
                                                                       charges will significantly reduce once
05-698-15     $323,767          $297,793      ($25,974)        -8.7%   accomplished
05-698-17       $43,468          $43,875          $407          0.9%   Variance is acceptable in dollar value

05-698-18     $105,745          $108,195        $2,450          2.3%   Variance is acceptable in dollar value
                                                                       Task started late; monthly charges in
05-698-19     $115,567          $180,591       $65,024         36.0%   line with plan
CY5 ITD                       $9,646,235   $11,149,124    $1,502,889
         Comments on Cost Performance
• Large influx of “Soft Money” and Tier One Project Funding
   – Efficient use of ICESat staff allowed both ICESat missions to
     be supported at significant cost savings (task 614-03,614-06,
   – DESDynI funds arrived with anticipated staffing increase.
     Obviously this will not happen. (task 698-06, 698-08, 698-09,
   These Tier One Tasks account for $868k of underrun

• Focus on meeting technical commitments and delivering
  maximum effort at least cost to Project Funding
Small Business Participation

  GSFC is getting small business credit for 87%
    of the work being performed on GGSG.
SGT ICE (Integrity, Customers, Employees) has delivered

• High morale
• 100% employee retention
• Exceptional levels of Satisfaction
• A focus on our customers
• Badgeless Team
• Providing a safe working environment for its
  employees has always been a priority for SGT.
• No reportable incidents this reporting period
• Program Manager is a permanent member of
  SGT’s Corporate Safety Committee
• Deploying AED device for SGT HQ facility.
  There are currently 4 GGSG employees trained
  to use the AED in the HQ facility.
• Continuing our policy of requiring all new
  employees to view the GSFC Occupation Safety
  and Health video as part of their orientation.
• Sexual Harassment Prevention Training has
  been provided to the SGT Team during 2010.
                       Management Summary
In our proposal to compete for the GGSG contract, we made the following
   management promises:

•   We would deliver a high level of technical participation at all staffing levels
•   We would reward technical excellence through a robust bonus program
•   We would significantly lower indirect costs
•   We would provide a single point-of-contact for NASA customers
•   We would integrate all subcontractor employees into a seamless team
•   We would provide comprehensive contract surveillance (and stand up robust surveillance
•   We would provide the Government with timely decision making, program autonomy to
    ensure a focus on GGSG performance, and rapidly address programmatic problems
•   We would infuse new personnel to meet conflicts for resources
•   We would operate as one company, not four by
     – Flowing down all contract requirements to our teammates
     – Use common policies and procedures
     – Integrate teammates into GGSG program organization
•   We would meet our Small Business subcontracting plan despite being a small
    disadvantaged business ourselves, and provide an “Big Tent” to bring the talents of new,
    small businesses to GSFC

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