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									           New Age Anti-Phishing Software for a Networked Enterprise

Technological innovation over the years has provided organizations with the best tools to drive their
business operations. Topping to the list of technology innovation that is most used in today's techno
savvy business environment is the Internet which has given a business houses a world wide access to
enter newer markets. Further, the concept of the world wide web has slowly but steadily moved into
the enterprises to form a widely networked global organization.

However, the internet has become indispensable today. Though it plays a major role in providing
a fast and easy method of electronic communication in both day-to-day business and the social
circles, it also challenges the internet user with security threats, frauds and phishing attacks.
Thus organizations need to do away with ineffective security measures and cater advanced tools
to protect the people and process to ensure safety of the business operations. Sophisticated
technology alone cannot withstand the pressures from malicious attacks, but require proactive
initiatives and timely implementation to control the phishing attacks.

The phishing attacks are ways and means to extract critical information from the unsuspecting
internet or network end users. With the information extracted in the form of passwords, user name
or other basic critical information either personal or professional, these fraudsters then extend their
operations to dig out deeper information vital for the organization, leading to security breaches. The
standard phishing protection solutions used by most of the organizations address the technology
and the process used and some solutions also addresses the people risk factor. However, today's
technology based highly networked business organizations need effective anti-phishing software
that will cover all aspects of phishing protection.

Enterprises today use anti-phishing tools to          provide organizations with estimates of security
awareness among the employees, identifies data leakage and evaluates data loss and prevention.
Further, eminent service providers deploy simulated phishing attacks to prepare the employees
with the necessary knowledge to handle real-time attacks. The anti-phishing software also benefits
organizations to -

  ●   assess their employees awareness level on social engineering and its side effects.
  ●   Estimate the probable hazards associated with phishing
  ●   provides a “road map" solution for ensuring security awareness within the enterprise
  ●   recognize s the weak links from among the people, method and technology
  ●   prioritizes remedial action by benchmarking and maturity analysis

Such effective diagnostic anti-phishing software will help to increase employee awareness against
phishing attacks and safeguard business critical information from the hands of the malicious

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