Growing Up With Candies by altairlahad


Candies are part of everybody's growing up. It plays a significant role in our childhood and even way beyond that. It is not surprising to find full-grown adults still going ga-ga over a Snickers bar or a package of M&Ms.

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									                           Growing Up with Candies
Candies are part of our growing up. It is difficult to imagine life without it, especially during
childhood when your teeth constantly longs to be dipped into sweet treats. There are a variety
of candies available in the market. Since it was introduced many thousands of years ago, the
industry never stopped evolving. For as long as there are kids, candies would remain the
number one treat. They are even quite popular to those who remain kids-at-heart no matter
how many years were added to their age.

Who Invented Candy

There were very early records of the history of candy. However, it is not clear who invented
candy. What is clear is that when it was introduced to the market, people never stopped raving
about it. That’s why the industry continued to flourish and became the huge thing in the
business world as it is now.

1700-1800 is a period that is considered a milestone for the candy industry. This is when the
confection made out of concentrated mixture of sugar and water went full circle. Prior to that
period, candies were manufactured as drugs and were sold as such. They are also high priced
because during the Middle Age and beyond, sugar is priced way too high. But when the
supply of sugar increased, making the price competitive and the machinery involved to make
it were introduced, candy started making waves.

Candies of all Sorts

Candies are classified according to many factors and standards. There are hard and soft
candies. There are fruit flavored, chocolate, toffee, coffee, and different colored candies.

Through the years, there have been many candy names known for the products that they offer
the market. Each name stands for a specific part of child in us. The following candies ring a
bell in our mind, for sure, it will, too, in yours:

* Toblerone
* Tootsie Roll
* Skittles
* M&Ms
* Twix
* Snickers
* Milky Way
* Juicy Fruit
* Reese’s
* Hersheys
* Smartees
* 3 Musketeers
* Starburst Chews
* Kit Kat
* Milky Way
* Milk Duds
* Mentos
* Baby Ruth
* Whatchamacallit
* Nestle Crunch
* Fun Dip
* Mr. Goodbar
* Ring Pops
* Ricola
* Wispa
* Orangeheads

The candy names listed above are just some of the most popular. There are many other brands
that are known not just in the United States but also worldwide. It is easy to spot why those
names came on top of our minds. M&Ms are known for that plain chocolate goodness
wrapped in a sugary shell. Hershey’s was first produced in the 1900s and was known as the
first candy in America. Snickers is known for containing more nutrients than fats, something
that is not common for such a treat.


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