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					                            How Hair Bows are Made

It is really easy to learn how to make hair bows. Try these different bows to give yourself a
unique sense of style.

Pony Bow

Step 1

Hold some hair in the middle of your ribbon. Make one knot to fasten it.

Step 2

Create a couple of loops. One loop should cross the other. Pull the loop above the loop hole
you made.

Step 3

After straightening the ends, secure the loops so two tails are at the bottom and two are at the

How to Create a Headband Bow

Step 1

Run a ribbon by your hairline. Pull the ends over your head.

Step 2

Make a knot and secure a bow using the same technique as the pony bow.

Step 3

Change the loops so the tails are shorter and the bow is wider. Pull the bow a bit so it is not in
the center.

How to Make Hair Bows for Children

Required Materials

Metal or plastic hair clip
Craft glue
Baking sheet
1/4-inch wide heat resistant wooden dowels
Heatproof clips
Ribbon (1/4 inch wide)

Step 1
Slice the 1/4 inch ribbon so there are 20 pieces, each 16 inches long.GEt more ribbons if you
want longer pieces.

Step 2

Pin the ribbon end at the wood dowel’s top. Join the dowel and ribbon together with the clip.

Step 3

Coil every ribbon on the dowel. Use the heatproof clip to pin the other ribbons end.

Step 4

Put all the wood dowels on a baking sheet. Bake at 275 F for 25 minutes. Allow the ribbons to
cool and reach room temperature.

Step 5

Take the ribbons off the dowels. Let the clips go and pull the ribbons up slowly. The ribbons
should not be uncoiled yet. Collect all of them. Put a string around the middle of the ribbons.

Step 6

Pull the string and secure the string. Tug the ribbons. This will produce a shape that is similar
to a circle. Apply a generous amount of glue over the hair clip. Press one side of the bows on
it. Allow them to dry. They can be used now.

There are a lot of other designs you can experiment with. You can use different colors and
styles. Take care when “baking” the ribbons. It should be at the temperature specified. Allow
them to cool properly so they will not curl or break down. Once you practice with the samples
given, you will have a lot more confidence trying out other designs.


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Description: Hair bows are very popular nowadays and they can be designed in different ways. Some of the styles you can use are the pony and the headband types. Whip up your own bows and impress friends with your creativity.