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    Live Webinar          on
      The Effective Infection Prevention Program in LTCFs

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     Tuesday, September 11,
                                      10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT                             Register Now                          

     Duration: 75 Minutes             Instructor: Gail Bennett

     Location: Online                 Price : $195.00   (for one participant)
                                                                                         Instructor Profile:

     Overview:                                                                                          Gail Bennett
                                                                                                  President, ICP Associates
    CMS' regulations (F441) require that long term care facilities have a
    comprehensive Infection Prevention program. National standards of
    practice for infection prevention must be the foundation for the                     Gail Bennett has been involved in
                                                                                         Infection Prevention for over 30
    program in each facility.
                                                                                         years. She has a Master's Degree in
                                                                                         Adult Health Nursing with a sub-
    This program will present the major components of a comprehensive                    specialty in Adult Education. She is
    program based on national standards of practice and in compliance                    certified in Infection Control. She is
    with F441.                                                                           President of ICP Associates and
                                                                                         serves as a consultant to over 500
                                                                                         nursing homes throughout the U.S.
     Areas Covered in the Session:                                                       Gail has served on the APIC National
                                                                                         Board of Directors, the Board of
    This program will review seven essential elements of an effective                    Directors and Treasurer for the
    infection prevention program including:                                              National Center for Clinical
                                                                                         Epidemiology, and President of APIC
        l   Surveillance of Healthcare Associated Infections in LTCFs                    Atlanta. She has authored multiple
        l   Education of Healthcare Workers for Infection Prevention                     chapters, articles, and books. She
                                                                                         started and has coordinated for 24
        l   Outbreak Investigation
                                                                                         years the ICP Associates' three day
        l   Infection Prevention Consultation
                                                                                         basic training program for infection
        l   Policies and Procedures                                                      control which is held in Atlanta each
        l   Committee Management                                                         year. In addition, she started and
        l   Performance Improvement/Compliance Monitoring                                presents a two day training ...more

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     Who Will Benefit:
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        l   Infection Control Staff
        l   Directors of Nursing
        l   Administrators/CEOs
        l   MDS Coordinators
        l   Nursing Supervisors

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