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      Supervisors - Helping them Play a Key Role in Safety

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     Thursday, September 20,
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     Duration: 60 Minutes            Instructor: Don Dressler

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                                                                                          Instructor Profile:

                                                                                                        Don Dressler
                                                                                                    Director, Don Dressler
    A supervisor has many responsibilities. in many organizations, the                                    Consulting
    supervisor is responsible not only for supervisory responsibilities, but
    also for production responsibilities, that is, to get a product or                    Don Dressler has 40 years
    service out the door. A Supervisor – under OSHA – is responsible for                  experience in safety, workers'
    knowing the work hazards his employees face, to make sure they                        compensation and human resources.
    are trained, to enforce safety rules. in short - to fulfill the employer's            He is a Consultant on insurance and
    General Duty to provide a safe workplace.                                             risk management issues for private
                                                                                          companies on workers compensation
                                                                                          insurance and safety. Mr. Dressler is
    Work injuries are expensive- in human suffering and real dollars.
                                                                                          also an Attorney focusing on
    These costs directly impact a company’s bottom line profitability. The                employment and human resources
    average cost of a "lost time" injury in California in 2011 is $66,922 in              issues, accident investigations and
    direct workers' compensation claims dollars!                                          OSHA compliance and workers'
                                                                                          compensation defense. A former
    A trained supervisor, watching for hazards, training his or her                       CEO of a workers' compensation
    employees, following up on problems, is the employer's best                           insurer, he is admitted to the
                                                                                          California Bar and the Federal
    investment to prevent injures.
                                                                                          Courts. A graduate of Stanford Law
                                                                                          School has an MBA from Pepperdine
                                                                                          University and a BA from Kansas
     Areas Covered in the Session:
                                                                                          State University. He is author of
                                                                                          California Office Safety and How to
                                                                                          Write Your Company's Safety Plan.
        l   OSHA requirements and the role of supervisors or managers
                                                                                          He is Safety Group Manager for
        l   Responsibilities of supervisors in general and for safety
                                                                                          3,500 legal and financial firms in
        l   The cost of injuries and their impact on workers' compensation                California and also advises individual
            costs - how a supervisor can help                                             clients. He is founding partner in the
        l   OSHA reporting requirements and OSHA inspection process                       human resources firm, Workforce
        l   Importance of hazard identification and how to do it                          Consultants. ...more
        l   Accident investigations - why and how
        l   Specific techniques supervisors can use to promote safety
        l   Resources for you                                                            Suggest a Topic       More Webinars

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     Who Will Benefit:

        l   Owners of companies, Safety managers, Human Resources,                                          
            Chief Operations Officers,
        l   Safety Committee members, trainers
        l   Foremen and Supervisors
        l   Office and Plant managers
        l   Division and Department managers and heads
        l   Anyone with employees

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