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					The Smart Strip saves energy by eliminating the idle wattage that peripherals draw when not in use. In
order to evaluate the energy savings of a Smart Strip, we need to know the total amount of watts the
peripheral devices consume while on but not in use as well as the amount of time that they are not in

                     For the ease of calculation, we ask for the usage time per week.
                      If you spend 4 hours per week day, using the control device and it's
                     peripherals, and 6 hours a day on the weekends, that would be a total
                     of 32 hours of usage per week.

                     Number of hours in a week                168
                     Weekly Hours of Use                       32
                     Hours not in use                         136

                     To find the total amount of power the Peripherals consume per hour
                     while not being used, you must measure and add together the watts per
                     hour of each peripheral using a Kill-A Watt Meter or another similar
                     For our Example, we are using the average wattages of peripheral
                     devices per computer that have been supplied to us from the various
                     institutions listed on the University Data page of this spread sheet.
                     Average Idle Wattage:                  56.04
                     So, if your peripheral devices consume a total of: 56.04 watts per hour while
                     not being used and the number of hour per week that those devices are not
                     being used is 136.
                     Then the amount of power being wasted by those devices
                     while not in use that would be saved by using a Smart
                     Strip is:
                                56.04 Watts/Hour x 136 Hours/Week
                     Which equals a total of :
                                 7621.44 Watts/Week or 7.62 Kilowatts/Week
                     On a per year basis that would be:
                                 7621.44 Watts/Week x 52 Weeks/Year
                     Which equals a total of :
                                 396,314.88 Watts/Year or 396.31 Kilowatts/Year
                     If you pay 0.18 Dollars per Kilowatt, that would be a savings of:
                                 396.31 Kilowatts/Year x 0.18 Dollars/Kilowatt
                     Which is a total of:             71.34 Dollars/Year
               Smart Strip Savings Calculator

                             Hours of use per week         32

                    Total idle wattage of peripherals    56.04

                                   Cost per Kilowatt      0.18

Amount of energy a Smart Strip would save per week:       7.62 Kw

Amount of money a Smart Strip would save per week:       $1.37

Amount of energy a Smart Strip would save per year:     396.31 Kw

Amount of money a Smart Strip would save per year:      $71.34
                                                                     Smart Strip Energy Savings Worksheet

                          TOTAL Watts of
                          peripherals while the
                          peripherals are in their
                          default low power
                          state (these were
Computer                  totaled per PC )         Institution
PC-1                                           50 UC Berkeley
PC-2                                           35 UC Berkeley
PC-3                                           30 UC Berkeley
PC-4                                           37 UC Berkeley
PC-5                                           83 UC Berkeley
PC-6                                           35 UC Berkeley
PC-7                                           51 UC Berkeley
PC-8                                           31 CSU San Bernardino
PC-9                                           39 CSU San Bernardino
PC-10                                          41 CSU San Bernardino
PC-11                                          59 CSU San Bernardino
PC-12                                         128 CSU San Bernardino
PC-13                                          28 CSU San Bernardino
PC-14                                          70 CSU San Bernardino
PC-15                                          23 Cal Poly Pomona
PC-16                                          46 UC San Diego
PC-17                                          46 UC Santa Cruz
PC-18                                          52 UC Santa Cruz
PC-19                                          46 UC Santa Cruz
PC-20                                          60 Cal Poly Pomona
PC-21                                          60 Humboldt State
PC-22                                          65 Humboldt State
PC-23                                         130 Humboldt State
PC-24                                          60 Humboldt State
PC-25                                          96 CSU Montery Bay
PC-26                                           7 Cal Poly Pomona
PC-27                                          10 Cal Poly Pomona
PC-28                                           5 CSUM, Trentin Prather
PC-29                                           5 CSUM, Trentin Prather
PC-30                                           8 CSUM, Trentin Prather
  Average Idle Wattage:                     56.04
Peripheral Device Average Wattages Based
             on Device Type                   Peripheral Device      Idle Wattage

    CRT Monitors                     6.67
                                              AOC CRT Monitor              4
                                            SRC1702P CRT Monitor           0
                                            eMachine CRT Monitor          16

    Ink Jet Printers                   13
                                               Lexmark X6150              13

    Laser Printers                     14
                                            KM Magicolor 5530DL           14

    LCD Monitors                     1.50
                                            VA721 17" LCD Monitor         1
                                            Acer AL1917W Monitor          2

       Scanners                        10
                                               HP Scanjet 5590            10

                                             Average Idle Wattage:       7.5
            In Use Wattage                 Off Wattage

              40-60 watts                       0
               20 watts                         0
               61 watts                         4

         23-24 watts (Printing)                 8

Ranges from 50+ to 800+ watts (Printing)        0

               28 watts                         1
               30 watts                         2

             ?? (Scanning)                      6

         Average Off Wattage:                 2.625

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