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      Salivary Diagnostics in General Practice

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     Thursday, September 6,
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                                      Instructor: Herb Bader, DDS, FACD,
     Duration: 60 Minutes
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                                                                                                Herb Bader, DDS, FACD,
                                                                                                Scientific Advisor, OralDNA
    The increasing presence of salivary diagnostics, as an aid in                                           Labs
    diagnosis and management of periodontal disease, in the current
    literature makes it imperative that dental professionals become                      Dr. Bader is a graduate of New York
    familiar with the concept, and its availability, as part of practice.                University Dental School, and
                                                                                         Harvard School of Dental Medicine
    The commercial availability of simple salivary collection to identify the            postdoctoral program in
    nature of the pathogenic bacterial load in periodontal patients is                   periodontology in 1966. He is a
                                                                                         Fellow of both the American and
    being used today by thousands of dental practices. Add to this the
                                                                                         International Colleges of Dentistry,
    salivary test for the genetic predisposition to periodontal disease,
                                                                                         Omicron Kappa Upsilon honor
    and the important link to systemic entities such as diabetes,                        society, and a Diplomate of the
    familiarity with salivary diagnostics takes on a whole new meaning.                  American Academy of
    We have, in addition, a salivary diagnostic test for HPV (human                      Osseointegration.
    Papilloma virus) which is the most rapidly increasing cause of
    oropharyngeal cancer, actually changing the face of the typical                      He has lectured throughout the
    patient from the older concept of elderly, smoking, and heavy                        United States and Canada for a
                                                                                         number of years on the subjects of
    drinkers to younger, sexually active individuals with no other risk
                                                                                         inflammatory suppression, diagnosis
                                                                                         and adjunctive oral cancer
                                                                                         screening, and is now very much
    Dentistry is gradually becoming more of a medically oriented                         involved with the development of
    specialty, and the introduction of salivary diagnostics, as a medical                salivary diagnostics, as a key to
    laboratory, series of tests, is allowing us to become more targeted in               management of the periodontal
    our approach to the adjunctive use of antibiotics, gain insight into                 patient.
    the underlying biologic phenotype of our patients for better
                                                                                         Dr. Bader is widely recognized as
    management, and provide a very sensitive and specific test for
                                                                                         one of today’s leaders in dental
    patients who are at risk for HPV oropharyngeal carcinoma.
                                                                                         education. He has been nominated
                                                                                         as one of the top one hundred
                                                                                         clinician/educators by Dentistry
     Areas Covered in the Session:                                                       Today for 2007-2010, and most
                                                                                         recently, 2011-2013. ...more

        l   Inflammation and its pathogenesis
        l   The bacterial load concept, and the inflammatory burden
        l   Periodontal disease causation                                               Suggest a Topic       More Webinars
        l   Pathogen testing reports
                                                                                          Your Necessity is our Priority
        l   Adjunctive antibiotic treatment
        l   Genetic predisposition
        l   Oral cancer statistics
        l   HPV oropharyngeal carcinoma

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     Who Will Benefit:

        l   Hygienists
        l   Dentists

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